After surviving the battle of Blocking Dead, the Derp is now


  • Mike Sullivan 1 week ago

    1:16 derp gets PTSD from blocking dead

  • Aomsin CH 1 week ago

    do you know why null is on my minecraft

  • Aomsin CH 1 week ago

    i see a null with a entity404

  • Aomsin CH 1 week ago

    that time i see i want to told a null and entity404 is fuck you

  • Edil Borja Requejo 1 week ago

    Buen video e

  • Clarence _0703 1 week ago

    Noob team or pro noob team

  • solangel urias figueroa 1 week ago

    wow noob is talent

  • Ram Believer 1 week ago

    I’d join Derp’s team.

  • Xuan Nguyen 1 week ago


  • Daniel Ramos 1 week ago

    NO KIDDING Black Plasma Studios is my cousin

  • Лом Ломович 1 week ago

    ultimate best bravo fantastic OMG!!!!

  • FruitySauce 1 week ago

    OMG WOW Another Animation by Black Plasma Studios I like It

  • rallgy 1 week ago

    wow!!! NOOB palyer is the best on minecraft

  • Krzysztof Ozlanski 1 week ago

    Best annmiton ever

  • Yusri Yusof 1 week ago

    really cool

  • MaxChi Presto 1 week ago


  • erik buch 1 week ago

    Ist cool

  • Maricar Espenilla 1 week ago

    The ultimate derp team

  • 합니다사랑 1 week ago

    What a funny animation

  • Kylo Derp 1 week ago

    me: wha thats my skin bruh why u stole it?!

  • Diogo Gomes dos Santos 1 week ago

    Call of duty zombies

  • The Black Swordsman 1 week ago


  • Lazy Animator 1 week ago

    The moral is clear; Teamwork trumps skill.

  • Almay Elang 1 week ago

    Love Solidarity ❤️

  • Richard Park 1 week ago


  • Small_W w 1 week ago

    Cake noob is best

  • Chris Telford 1 week ago


  • notnot123 1 week ago

    Make a sequal to the zombie survivel

  • notnot123 1 week ago

    Make sequal to blocking dead

  • 즐 퍼tube 1 week ago

    Good zombie game yea

  • Mathias Wee 1 week ago

    i love mr. noob !

  • SparkNinja _YT 1 week ago

    Hey can you give the link of Discord Please blackplasmastudios

  • Nightcore Music 1 week ago

    Plasma you’re. Video s, is epic

  • никита грибов 1 week ago

    круть как всегда красавчик

  • Ariel PratamaPutra 1 week ago

    I love derp

  • HerobrineGamer 1 week ago

    hi hello your welcome

  • Burak Reyiz 1 week ago

    Hey Pls Animate The Hide & SeeK

  • Mycoolusername 1 week ago

    more derp and blocking dead or zambies

  • IKM McN 1 week ago

    Dammit i always join with random people and never win on this game. And im constantly getting muted (you can probably tell why)

  • Long Nguyenhoang 1 week ago


  • rifki gaming 1 week ago

    hey can you make it in the end like BIGGER BAGGER BIGGER wkwkkkkw

  • Hattor VN 1 week ago

    Noobs is all best player

  • ProPlayers Doruk 1 week ago

    Black plasma you legendary

  • ProPlayers Doruk 1 week ago

    Noob skin character no noob yes pro

  • Exploading_Gamer YT 1 week ago

    I hope someone give me premium acc.😅😪😥

  • gaming dino 1 week ago

    black plasma make another animations because i like it

  • TheGangHoodieYT 1 week ago

    i though it was a series i wish it was i wish a part 2 guys pls 😛

  • noroddin acampong 1 week ago

    the noobs are the pros

  • Антонов Дмитрий 1 week ago


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