• Imma Star 123 7 months ago

    Is this part of the walking dead?

  • Branline Liu 7 months ago

    it looks like the movie THE WALKING DEAD

  • Aleyna Robete Seremet 7 months ago

    It look like they are playing zombie rush in minecraft

  • Dab Guy 7 months ago

    It’s everyday

  • taco tt 7 months ago

    ss don’t do thwt i jump on my bed

  • john alatzias 7 months ago


  • wisdom walker 7 months ago

    Little Kelly get the chest ok😠😬

  • Little nessa 7 months ago

    Do more roblox

  • Alex Hill 7 months ago

    I have this game zombie apopalze I am in the hospital

  • JOE MINT 7 months ago

    little Kelly can u pls continue the walking dead sereis

  • Jamilah Lung 7 months ago


  • Christian Tuanggang 7 months ago

    Little Kelly your so beautiful

  • Charrita Marifer 7 months ago

    Hi I’m a fan

  • hery fan 7 months ago

    Littel kelly are mai biges fan

  • hery fan 7 months ago

    I laik littel kelly

  • Karson Stevens 7 months ago


  • Ellie & Caleb101 fun gaming a Vlogs 7 months ago

    hi little kelly i love your videos 🙂

  • Jean-Emmanuel Dumont 7 months ago


  • Marie Hill 7 months ago

    You need to do a role play video with a face cam

  • Jim Gatrel 7 months ago


  • Lisa Weaver 7 months ago

    Can I 😘 you

  • Ruben Amani MATARA 7 months ago

    Always go for the head in zombie apocalypse

  • Jeremiah Lebron 7 months ago

    I love all of your videos so much I don’t like the zombies

  • Tina Johnson 7 months ago

    Little Kelly you’re really pretty

  • Wille Eliasson 7 months ago


  • D Snowflake 7 months ago

    Hi LK Love Ur vids!!!Huge Fan!! Ur Awesome!!! I luv all ur episodes Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Foxy_Girl Yep 7 months ago

    When they say ‘how do I look ‘ LOL
    It’s a zombie apocalypse and they ask if they are looking good lol

  • Vince Chavez 7 months ago

    that was extremely frightening little Kelly 😂

  • PATRICK GALLAGHER 7 months ago

    what is brown and sticky (LK if you what to know sub to me or like)

  • Glen Mckay 7 months ago

    OMG little Kelly this is my first time commenting to you one thing for everyone in the little club some times I’m not trying to be rude but sometimes you make in some videos a bit scary and they have nightmares like I said I’m not trying to be rude little Kelly how do you get those mods they look amazing and I always watch you and the little club!!!!!!!

  • Dina Samir 7 months ago

    I love Minecraft I got the Minecraft app
    And I keep playing it

  • Dina Samir 7 months ago

    I love you Little Kelly you and Carly are fantastic youtubers!!😀😍

  • Ava Dopson 7 months ago

    Gust eat rotate flesh

  • Ally's Amazing world of Awesome 7 months ago

    Little Kelly!! This is not something to be facecamed!! This is role play not a minigame!! I expect high quality

  • Madelaine De mesa 7 months ago

    Little Kelly died when she was going in the room

  • Onetime 4-Real 7 months ago

    So cool! I like zombies XD

  • Ashley Booth 7 months ago


  • Mangpi Vaiphei 7 months ago

    little kelly where is little carly?

  • Imeot Rani 7 months ago


  • James Proud 7 months ago

    Like if Kelly should were hats in her vids

  • Emily Lopez-Garcia 7 months ago

    Go back to 8:39 it says ask to Mary who say it???

  • stevie hatch 7 months ago

    Ask to marry 20 :48

  • Shawn Jones 7 months ago

    We’re s sharkei

  • Patricia Roman 7 months ago

    little kelly look so pretty

  • little carly fan little kelly fan 7 months ago


  • PotMuch 7 months ago


  • Ashleigh Walker 7 months ago

    My step brothersaid that littel kelly is the worst YouTube ever I like no she is not she is very very good better than popularmmos and gaming with jen

  • Ashleigh Walker 7 months ago

    Say I love you to sha4ky I dear you littel kelly

  • Angel mode smores 7 months ago

    Did any 1 else see lk jump when scuba Steve shot the gun

  • DarkJen Wolf 7 months ago

    Wait. What about the guy helping him?

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