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    listin to sing me to sleep

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  • deadshot imacat 6 months ago

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    Could someone please tell me those mods?

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    Little Kelly I’m your bigist fan

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    Ravens cheating on you with Brittney

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    Why does she think she’s so famous, unsoeakable is better

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    Little Kelly do you no where little ally has gone πŸ˜‡

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    Does eneayone watch karinaomg

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    Little Kelly I have already asked but can I be in the little club I don’t have Xbox live or PSN but I have Minecraft please can I be in the club bye P s I have asked your bros

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    Little Kelly ate a porkchop that she slapped a zombie with! In the next episode Little Kelly will be the zombie because she ate a porkchop that had been touched by a zombie!

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    Who was that talking at 20:00? There was someone other than LK and LL

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    did anyone els notice the word help in blood in the room with the doll?

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    I <3 little Kelly and Carly da the best ever

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    Early squad

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    I want deb to make another zombie vid with sharky Suba Steve and little Carly

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    Little Kelly is going to be a little late but will be back in the office

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    You can do a vido of srarks

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    OMG Little Lizard your awesome at the game but Little Kelly your amazing at this game its just you need to be careful from traps.

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    Please say hi to me little kelly

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    Little Kelly was my favourite until I heard of Ldshadowlady

  • Alana Gordon 6 months ago

    But I still love little Kelly like if u agree

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    Your the best minecrafter Kelly, and my fav YouTube, First – Little Kelly Second – DanTDM Third -Little Carly πŸ˜€

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    little kelly can you please do a zombie challenge in your castle and in the magical kingdom

  • Randomness Videos 6 months ago

    ||+ You knew what to do
    1:Little Kelly
    2:Little Carly

    Comment who you were

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    Love your vids LK❀️

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    when the video is going to end she said i need u ineed u i need u right now

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    Sometimes it scareds me little lizard just walking Down hall Way out of no where

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