Zane or rather, Kestin joins in the town and we gotta build him a


  • Rin Knowles 4 months ago

    “Your fueling her!” -Jason

  • KC WAycy 4 months ago

    GET ROSS/DANIEL TO JOIN! Sorry for typing in caps

  • nevaeh Darr 4 months ago

    kaytlin plsssssss plsss plssssss plsssss love you by the why your the best

  • Ice Heap 4 months ago

    You know Jess is nervous when she starts talking really, *really* fast.

  • Mai Nguyen 4 months ago

    AAAAAARRRRRROOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!! YOU DIDN’T KILL APHMAU!!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!! THATS OUR TRADITION!!!!! Emhem sorry I got a little out of control there but um yeah. Like if you agree with me to save the tradition.😁🤣😂✌️👍😝

  • The CrystalFox 4 months ago

    Yasssssssssss! MY BOY ZANE! I didn’t do Halloween so when I wanted to be ZANE I was like, ITS COSPLAYING! I WANT TO COSPLAY AS ZANE! But I don’t have all the stuff for it. Also, at the end of the series you should have everyone on the server

  • Victoria Mata 4 months ago

    Am I the only one that noticed The Walking Dead reference Zane/ Kestin said??
    “Little pigs, little pigs let me in!” -Neagan

  • Casey Rich 4 months ago

    You terminated the skeleton? worst movie pun ever

  • It's Packing tape 4 months ago

    Aphmau: He would have-
    Me: PONIES
    Aphmau: stuff.

  • Cappy The capricorn 4 months ago

    happy halloweeny cuz its about spopy scarey skeltons!

  • WaddleSeal Odder 4 months ago


  • Lizzy Howard 4 months ago

    Yea, Kestin, run…. Jess “mad” at Jason. XD 😛 I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • Lil Eva 4 months ago

    Jess next time you should bring Moeka

  • vick joseph 4 months ago

    aphmau i think you should turn the tables on Jason and next episode make a dimand sword and murrduris his face.

  • Shad Universe 4 months ago

    Kestin should be the face of the chickens XD

  • Arwen Sanders 4 months ago

    I love stranger things it’s a great Netflix series like all of your serieses

  • WolfsOtherAcount 123 4 months ago

    👗. 👕= SHEP
    👖. 👖
    👢. 👞

  • Natalie Mendiola 4 months ago

    Hey aphmau can u give me your mod plz!!!!!

  • Bloxy games 4 months ago

    Jess:”We are teaching the man-child the Minecraft”
    Me:😶😂😂 screams in laughing laughter bc she loves Jess…..

  • Caroline May 4 months ago

    What is it with boys always killing people my brothers always kill me😫

  • Puptoons Aminations 4 months ago

    Who else is just waitingggg for the next season of my street

  • Jogie Lopez 4 months ago

    Not to brag but im a good minecraft player

  • Ivan Nieves 4 months ago

    ∂ι∂ αиуσиє иσтι¢є тнαт кєѕтιиѕ νσι¢є ωαѕ ¢яα¢кιиg??😅😅

  • Just Us 4 months ago

    OMG zane actually scared me 😂😂

  • Kimberly Britten 4 months ago

    I like oak in this pack I like oak becuz it looks like birch sooo like if you agree

  • Leon Kuo 4 months ago

    jason (or aaron in the rps) treats aphmau like a princess in roleplays but treats her like trash in regular minecraft XD

  • Owen Shelly 4 months ago

    small, zombie?….. don’t you mean baby zombie Jason

  • Owen Shelly 4 months ago

    Jason really….? you need 18 obsidian to make a nether portal

  • Wanda Sunseri 4 months ago

    I really hope every one would come in one episode ( travlyn ship,aarmau ship, and zane~chan shipp)
    Who agrees?

  • Maxine McQuillan 4 months ago

    Kaytlen needs to be in one of theses video

  • TheDragonMastor 4 months ago

    They should do Travis, or a girl next

  • thatsoupguy3000 soup 4 months ago

    XD at the end when aphmau is holding the garroth pillow her hand is cover up part of the text so it looks like garrot lel

  • LeWaffle Macaroon 4 months ago

    Jess: you’re gonna have a bad time
    Me: UNDERTAAAAAAAALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LeWaffle Macaroon 4 months ago

    Waaaaaaaait a minute
    If garroth’s a sheep then


  • GoldenGameing Girl 4 months ago

    1)Can the people that have been on the server befor rejoin the server when some one else is added.
    2)can you plez use this map a gene once it is done
    3)plez plez show this comment if it’s helpful and give me a shout out

  • Golden Aqua 4 months ago

    PLZ DO KAWAiichan!!!!!aka Moka plz do it the house will be sooo cute plzzzzzzz jess and Jason plzzzzz

  • *WHERE. IS. FALCON CLAW?!?!!?*

  • “can you imagine anything more scary than that?” “‘Sup?'”

  • Little Princess Snow 4 months ago


  • Rita Akiki 4 months ago

    Have Katlen over pleassssssssssse

  • Chantelle Cookie 4 months ago

    Lord katholo will rise

  • Elizabeth Hoyland 4 months ago

    What texture pack do you use

  • Elizabeth Hoyland 4 months ago

    And also how do you get deco craft and those things with the little blocks

  • Elizabeth Hoyland 4 months ago

    Is this a server that you built or is it a normal server and also how do you get those tvs

  • Elizabeth Hoyland 4 months ago

    What is the seed of the world and I am on the iPad and I love your vids they are so awesome I wish i could meet you in real life but I am in tassie in Aussie so yeah

  • JJ Jasmine 4 months ago

    Oh my god if the next person in angelsville gonna be katelyn im gonna be so happy and im liking my own comment dont judge me X3

  • Julie Anne Quintana 4 months ago

    i love Kawaii chan it’s sow cute

  • Mishica Tube Banasihan 4 months ago

    Jes as aphmau , Aoron as jasson , Garroth as Andy , Zane as Kestin, Daniel as YourPallross ,Katelyn as Lizzy has a channel princessRizu if im right give me a a thumb up when im right if not messege

  • Chara Dreamerr 4 months ago


  • Siofra O Connor 4 months ago

    I adore aphmau please be Katelyn I want to see how she reacts to them

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