Minecraft Update Aquatic, EVERYBODY WILL HATE IT (?) New Water


  • Diamondsheep19 3 months ago

    instead of fences you can use cobblestone walls, right?

  • jmsether 3 months ago

    I like the new update

  • JUBSReppingbra 3 months ago

    i love this update so now if i play a sandbox server i can trap people and drown them without them using a fence

  • Ralph Caz 3 months ago

    [Comment 1]
    Welp, no more underwater door camps for me.
    At least my water builds will look cooler now.

  • Ghazbaran 3 months ago

    I dont know, I dont see a reason to be outraged. Disappointed, sure, but its not like the game is worse now, just different, arguably better

  • Ralph Caz 3 months ago

    [Comment 2]
    Oh also, there’s a Java Panel that was separate from the main event
    (You’d be lucky to find this instead of MineCringe Hell)

    They talked about future developments, how features will and was developed, and there was only about 1 minute of cringe from a parrot segment, or maybe I confused that for MineCringe…

    Summary of important things :

    *Wood types are getting distinctive buttons and trapdoors
    No confirmation for chests and bookshelves yet, I am hopeful they will follow later on

    *They denied plans for vertical slabs saying it doesn’t fit with their plans
    (Though, I believe this is just a cover up for their past experiences with V Slabs where they tried and it broke block placements)

    *There was a segment talking about endermites and it was revealed their origin is “in between”, a pocket dimension where endermen go through for their “teleportation” process that are filled with creatures.
    Might be a new dimension in the far future, though there are low hopes for it.

    *They have confirmed more slabs can be added, but they won’t be added anytime soon.
    It’s likely they just don’t have the key blocks to add slabs from.

    *The rest is development talk, how the new JLWGL3 system will allow new things and how past features were developed.
    A fun segment, though nothing of significant importance.

  • Daniel Van 3 months ago

    Minecon looked like Teen Choice Awards but with a respected brand and worse.

  • Daniel Van 3 months ago

    I liked the new features but all the other time that wasn’t the new features being announced absolutely sucked ass, I didn’t even want to watch the stream.

  • Mythic Crystal 3 months ago

    I’m exited for the new water physics it opens new possibillites

  • Dan Esp 3 months ago

    I’m afraid to load my old worlds if I update lol

  • mefsh 3 months ago

    I think this is for the better. We’ll find a new way. We always do.

  • DeltaStrike 3 months ago

    It’ll take some time and experimentation, but I think that people will find a way to abuse the new water physics in new and interesting ways. I’m not bothered that they changed things up as change was bound to happen.

  • Terminator72 3 months ago

    when i clicked on this video, i was honestly expecting to see some faceless guy whining incessantly about the new features (like they do every time a big MC update is around the corner) but you made a good video and addressed the new features with a multi-dimensional perspective that excluded any personal bias, as well as being informative. good video.

  • Meat Man 3 months ago

    An update finally that fleshes out the samey expanses of oceans? The oceans that are currently only barriers and backdrops? Sign me up!

    I have to say, Minecraft looks to be coming along as the game for everything. Decent hack n slash combat? The majesty of looking upon overgrown canopies and the rusted remains of past eras? The grandiose freedom of having a mutable world all to yourself? Relaxation factor? Engineering wonderland of technical challenges? Architectural free reign? Multiplayer coordination and shenanigans? More, even??? Passes all with flying colors.

    First land. Now sea. What lies in the future? It’s beyond my comprehension . . . Also, thinking about Minecraft too much is unhealthy.

  • Miles 3 months ago

    As long as it doesn’t do through cobblestone walls is fine.

  • GEETA SUBRAMANIAM 3 months ago

    The dolphins are supposed to help you find shipwrecks

  • BoomBoomBrucey 3 months ago

    I suppose it’s easy to fix if they add a new fence type with no gaps, like a “wall” which I’d quite like as a wall of the normal red brick can look very bulky for some things.

  • Euraika 3 months ago

    I love the new water but that’s because I’m a builder it can be really annoying when water doesn’t look right on bridges but I feel bad for the people that play survival and build farms RIP

  • kɛɳtɑ ѳʀɓiร 3 months ago

    The water thing will ruin my grass clearing and seed gathering methods. :c

  • Liam Luke 3 months ago

    I don’t think many people will be outraged, I’m very excited for the new water physics. Yeah I am a little disappointed that my AFK fish farm won’t work and I can’t clear grassy areas fast with water anymore but its not really that big of a deal and I haven’t seen any negative comments or negative videos yet about it. This is the first negative videos I’ve seen

  • Timkills Kills 3 months ago

    Nope looks good

  • TheLordBones 3 months ago

    Okay, there is a reason for it so I’m fine with it breaking a bunch.

    The water is so useless atm I’d rather them try to make the water look good and be something than just something to separate areas.

  • Hellucinating Hipponax 3 months ago

    Yaay! More realistic water!

  • SuperK1 3 months ago

    Really I don’t think the water physics are a terrible thing to change. Of course when you change things it’s going to ruin some contraptions and things but if they’re making it better, it’ll help long term even though current builds can stop working

  • Timmie Shepherd 3 months ago

    don’t forget Mob B will ruin SMP servers that are purely vanilla. They cannot be vanilla anymore due to the fact there is no way to get rid of insomnia by sleeping since 30 people would have to sleep at the same time.

  • stocker -tsg 3 months ago

    The water on most aspects will be a good thing ie it will remove a lot of tick lag from hoppers guardian farms may need a rethink. The new mob is the one to watch for mob farms how they work.

  • Ody Lego Films - Gaming - More 3 months ago

    i dont hate it lmao, only reason why i like minecraft

  • Steve jenkins 3 months ago

    Hopfully they add new boat types, imagine having a flipping pirate ship u can ride

  • Thomas Devlin 3 months ago

    It will be annoying trying to work around the new water physics, but it could make underwater houses allot more interesting. I always thought it would be cool to build an airlock outside to block the water out, but you could always just use doors so it felt like a waste of time, now with the new water physics it will be a more viable option

  • WigWoo1 & Skip & Jay 3 months ago

    I wish they would have the same water physics as terraria where the water can actually pour and fill up a hole And drain from the source

  • Brenden Smith 3 months ago

    Actually I quite like the new water physics, if they go all the way with it (can go under half-slabs and such). I suspect they’ll probably add a specific block that will mimic what signs are currently used for with water.

  • Gamer Kocka 3 months ago

    No, i don’t hate it actually I’m really hyped and waiting for it I just can’t wait for it man 😀 Its gonna be so good 😀

  • Spartan One Eight Five 3 months ago

    As a person who mostly does builds, I like the new water physics; it’s going to let me start using rails, stairs, fences, slabs, and all the other half-blocks in my builds near water.

  • Nathan Drake 3 months ago

    Whats broken:
    Underwater builds
    The submarine redstone machine
    A large portion of homes

  • Just AlBal 3 months ago

    These next few Minecraft updates are going to break everything. Commands and now water physics. OMG. I am excited that the ocean is getting a facelift but this might ruin Minecraft. Oh btw breathing is never going to be the same again and you won’t be able to place torches to breathe anymore because of water physics.

  • Buddybhe 3 months ago

    I’m most excited for water physics

  • Acituanbus 3 months ago

    Jeb said in the stream that dolphins will guide the player to treasures 🙂

  • Elizabeth Jasmine Nino 3 months ago

    Only thing I’m not looking forward to is water physics, I mean I know it’s to make it more sense but I think it’s fine for water not to pass through fence tbh

  • DySIS: voidz 3 months ago

    The thing is minecraft is about creating something so the new water physics will make people rethink their approach to farms and let them be more creative instead of always following farm tutorials and not really making anything new,the new blocks would be great as I have been waiting for quite some time(a few years)so yeah im hyped for the new update.BTW when you think about it when minecraft forces us to adapt we usually can adapt to the situation or even make more out of it,me being a 5-6years minecraft player understands how most of the community feels about this update,they could add new blocks to act like valves so water cant pass through but entities can but power the block and maybe it allows water to pass through it?

  • Ally Jackson 3 months ago

    this coming update has me both exited and worried. the idea of having to rework some of my farms sucks. but the stuff with magma blocks and other water mechanics leaves me hopeful. as long as they leave signs as the magic water stoppers i can live.

  • Good King Moggle Mog XII 3 months ago

    Glad for the chances, also like the fence change. I like my fences to be realistic tyvm 🙂

  • Enderman_of_D00M 3 months ago

    RIP Afk fish farms
    RIP Guardian farms
    RIP water elevators
    RIP most mob farms
    RIP certain underwater bases
    RIP my Wither prison

  • Julix 3 months ago

    I love the new physics, now we can actually build underwater things with detail without having air pockets around stairs and fences

  • ThirtyVirus 3 months ago

    The water fence thing shouldn’t hurt many of my devices luckily

  • Riley Fraser 3 months ago

    I like the new water Physics but I hope that they add a new block that can stop water but have entity’s go through

  • XxGalaxyGamerZxX //Gaming 3 months ago

    I agree abit i mean redstone will be ruined

  • AkA The-One 3 months ago

    that show was to painful to watch i was literally crying lmao. that is like the worst acting i have ever saw omg wat a disaster it remind me of a crappy Broadway show.

  • jbee02 3 months ago

    I hope that change doesn’t apply to lava too. My lava storage uses iron bars to hold back lava while making easy to collect and store

  • Litl_E Postiv 3 months ago

    I hope signs still block water. If not, then I’m quitting redstone.

  • Desert Foxchild 3 months ago

    I actually love the fact that water flows through fences, I just hope it can also occupy the same space as other non full blocks such as the glass pane and the stair block. I hate seeing the air pocket around a decorative block.

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