• Cool Phantom 1 month ago

    Nice bed defense

  • Stamatis Zygas 1 month ago

    12:53 best BedWars team ever.

  • dantdm dantdm 1 month ago

    do your head bro. 🆗 🆒🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Emīlija Mikse 1 month ago



  • Jared Appslsami123 1 month ago

    What texture pack is he using ?

  • Rebecca Clifford 1 month ago

    That’s cool

  • Daniel Ward 1 month ago

    This is honestly my favourite series

  • Play Games 1 month ago

    whats that program or mod

  • Sharon Walsh 1 month ago

    Tomorrow it’s my Bday <3

  • Smilling GT 1 month ago

    can you find red steve

  • ASMR Tingles 1 month ago

    Whoever disliked clicked the wrong button…

  • Abdimuhayaman All Kids 1 month ago


  • Breath of the Mild 1 month ago

    You should build a giant bed around your actual bed 😂

  • Bing fox 1 month ago

    Do ore bedwars i love that

  • CoolEnderBoyPlayz /Roblox 1 month ago

    ShotGun’s Face Can Be Built
    In The Cities!!

  • Electric Energy 1 month ago

    How do i get the client on 1.8/higher?

  • Jayden playz 1 month ago

    I just watch the first time u met shot u said he was a God a parkour

  • XboxAddictionz 952 1 month ago

    Preston LIT Video 👍

  • Srijan Girdhar 1 month ago


  • Rizk hwaidy 1 month ago

    Unspeakable is better by bed wars videos

  • Fluxeon 1 month ago

    Looks at thumbnail: Chests and ladders on the defense, really op..

  • Ayush Ayush and Hishan 1025 1 month ago

    you and noboom is noob and rubbish

  • IHasChocolateMilk Cookies 1 month ago

    I’m A Subscriber and a like for ur channel

  • Alicia Rumsby 1 month ago

    do a video where you collect like 100 pumpkins and deposit them like to show preston

  • reprice101 1 month ago

    What texture pack are you using, it looks cool.

  • KillerStrike w/Mina 1 month ago

    OG Preston

  • Sammy Big Ears Brinky 1 month ago

    Make a Preston head defence

  • Mester Master 1 month ago


  • MR . NO ONE 1 month ago

    Stop clickbating!!!!!

  • Sydney Tatooy 1 month ago

    Preston make more vid in egg wars

  • Hugo Ruiz 1 month ago

    Make a rushing vid with technoblade please!! It would be legit!

  • christoherobrine /prime 1 month ago

    subscribe me plz https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0IbTP56sade0Q3pofIAesw one minecarft video and a lot of clash royale video!i will post more video of minecraft.

  • Arnav does YOUTUBE Steve 1 month ago

    Did you buy a new front camera

  • IdeaPlex 1 month ago

    I swear Preston already knew about the pumpkins. Plus how could you get so many kills and not realize getting any pumpkins. I don’t understand.

  • john jnr breen 1 month ago

    preston play hive horror game LIT LOVE VID TOO

  • Arnav does YOUTUBE Steve 1 month ago

    It’s OP

  • Moo Moo 1 month ago

    I subbed to unsub To Shotgun. 😂😂

  • Haji Jey 1 month ago

    green steve

  • alex holroyd 4 weeks ago


  • Manit Verma 4 weeks ago

    Preston do more bed wars vids and live streams

  • Gamer Iwan 12 4 weeks ago

    Your my favourite youtuber 🙂

  • Injamam Choudhury 4 weeks ago

    Preston how do you download it do a video on it pls pin me I’ve never been since you startedyoutube

  • Nazia Khan 4 weeks ago

    its bedwarrrrrrs

  • Brian Woojin Kim 4 weeks ago

    I saw yooooouuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DerpRay - Clash Royale & MCPE 4 weeks ago

    ShotGun Is always your best friend play with someone that not a n00b please preston thumbs up if u want someone to change preston friend will change please change it i want some!!!!!!!!!

  • McEllie 4 weeks ago

    please can you do an elephant head!!! i absolutely love you preston oh and it should fit on that city map

  • Ozan Rozzi 4 weeks ago


  • Greninja gaming 4 weeks ago

    Who’s in the UK?

  • amin gamer 4 weeks ago

    cool video!

  • Courtney the Dark Princess 4 weeks ago

    Grey- *tnts glass* that is just the noobiest of the noobiest

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