• SANS GAMER 8 months ago

    part 2!!!!!

  • Magg Iglesia 8 months ago

    Hit that dislike button because Preston is evil

  • Gutsy Power 8 months ago

    Youare really good !

  • Matthew Lauchlan 8 months ago

    You innocent crazy killer

  • drtrongamers team 8 months ago

    0:07 when your high volume and fullscreen preston jumpscare xD

  • drtrongamers team 8 months ago

    Your like is blue now thats my attack nyeh heh heh

  • Kyle_ 14 8 months ago

    Part2 yeahhhhhh

  • star vs. the forces of evil episodes 8 months ago

    who els misses bed wars

  • Marius Mix 8 months ago

    2. MAP!!!

  • TBNRAYVE Pixelmon 8 months ago

    1 like – 10 sub pls

  • GlitzGaming 8 months ago

    Don’t tell me you got the Razer black widow STEALTH…

  • Jonathan Tomita 8 months ago


  • trab long 8 months ago

    i want you do a other prison vids plz

  • Newfinco Newfinco 8 months ago

    I want to see part2 pls

  • Samuel Jackson 8 months ago

    SECOND MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    like if you agree

  • Romania 8 months ago

    I hit a dab on it

  • Poornima Dhall 8 months ago

    thx alot

  • Biscuit _NumNum 8 months ago

    Leave a like if you think Preston is a nice and innocent person!

  • legend Sky 8 months ago

    dooooooooooo more plez

  • drtrongamers team 8 months ago

    #PrestonIsSavage thats what happen wnen u push a villager that just made a parkour

    Edit:Your video is so awesome u deserve more likes

  • ירון שבייב 8 months ago


  • GoldenS 8 months ago

    I kinda came for the thubnail like you

  • TBNR Audrey 8 months ago

    Speaking of prisons, where is cosmic prisons ??? 😉

  • Ερρικος Μανωλης 8 months ago

    he should make a second map

  • Thomas Stavrovich 8 months ago

    you are good

  • AFFE_ALLE 8 months ago


  • Doni Doni 8 months ago

    Preston go play H4M help Rob start a new series #pofles

  • Edward Younger 8 months ago

    What resource pack r u using

  • THE EMERALD TRAIN 8 months ago

    he dose

  • Sha _Zam 8 months ago

    Yeeee BOISSSS MORE PRISONS! Awesome vids pearston!! And.. #SELLOUTPREARSTON

  • gymnast.queens2326 8 months ago

    on the seocond level you mist a chest

  • Pepsideala !! 8 months ago

    I’ll sub to everyone that subs to me first

    First of all like my comment then sub to me then reply to me I subbed then ill sub back

  • Abdu Salam 8 months ago

    The barriers for barriers and blocks for blocks mean they have no trades, since you cant get them. It means they have no use pretty much.

  • Riandrei Casanas 8 months ago

    Preston play how to minecraft s4 please😬

  • xxPUGSTUFF xx 8 months ago

    Your a very good happy person preston

  • TOPAZ_ VLOGZ 8 months ago

    sub me bcuz i am a snall youtuber and i want to see ppl who are small youtubers like be famous one day so subscribe to me lets help each other and subscribe ill sub back if u subscribe

  • MHD ChiBo 8 months ago

    That illuminati scared me

  • Nathaniel Stacy 8 months ago

    U ur a nice person

  • MarTPB 754 8 months ago

    I will call him jake

  • Mr Jawsome Jaws 8 months ago

    Make more maps

  • SkittleFoxy 8 months ago

    Preston! I’m soo srry i dont watch you that much, ill watch u more 🙂

  • Nathan Briers 8 months ago

    The illuminati symbol scared me 🙁

  • NicolaiStenager 8 months ago

    you are innocent you didnt do anything wrong. xD

  • oscar hartmann 8 months ago

    Fudge this prison… GO PLAY COSMIC PRISONS!!!

  • Cindy Courtney 8 months ago

    he stole to much food from chipotle and ended up in prison

  • aislingxqoneill 8 months ago

    one like one Prestonplayz not dabing

  • HyperSkyla759 8 months ago

    more please

  • CubeThePie 8 months ago

    Preston play tattletail the game

  • Mine Dog 8 months ago

    I miss the old Preston all his videos are now is him pushing for likes and it’s not funny

  • Darrenhayesaguirre Darrenhayesaguirre 8 months ago

    you mlg not bad man

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