• Ruelyn Apiado 2 weeks ago

    Like it

  • Billsfan 2002 2 weeks ago

    This is a family friendly channel shot gun

  • Gabriel Morales 2 weeks ago


  • Dave Zellner 2 weeks ago

    my face when he tabs after he nicks xD

  • maverick tabor 2 weeks ago

    ur just doing it wrong

  • Mari the CHEESE 2 weeks ago

    Never be worried, just be a CACTUS.

  • FlamePhoenix 2 weeks ago

    I still figured out your name tag since it showed it when you joined the lobby 😉

  • Nyo Valdez 2 weeks ago

    Your so smart using the fire balls as impulse grenades

  • Hyperspice -Music and other junk 2 weeks ago


  • Nyan Cat Roda 2 weeks ago

    April 3 is my birthday 🍰

  • TigerBoy011 2 weeks ago

    Hey Preston I’m new to YouTube i have one quick question can you plz go to my channel and subscribe love your view don’t stop making them and can you plz play some Call Of DutyWW2!!💀🎮😸

  • Debbie Cool 2 weeks ago

    I’ma boy but Preston sorry too say but u suck at rapping I’m sorry but poke got y’all back

  • MasterNerf McGraw 2 weeks ago

    Did he say sub to shot noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Cathy Herrera 2 weeks ago

    Boringgggggg I hate your video

  • Just another crazy day 2 weeks ago

    You are an amazing YouTuber!!

  • Naomi Willms 2 weeks ago

    Shotguns voice sounds hot🤤😻

  • Little Elite 2 weeks ago

    sdfsdfsdf is prestons name! 😛

  • DanTheDiamondDragon 2 weeks ago

    do murder mystery and bring back… risk factions

  • Just another crazy day 2 weeks ago

    Bring on the murder!!

  • jonathan sykes 2 weeks ago

    Sup sdfsdfsdf

  • Joseph Martire 2 weeks ago

    Your name is sdfsdfsdf in bedwars. I looked at the chat and that was your name

  • DeMarius Murray 2 weeks ago

    yay murder mystery

  • my own vlog and gaming channel 2 weeks ago

    You called yourself peanut man you suck man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • my own vlog and gaming channel 2 weeks ago

    Plz do murder mystery plz your a pro at that!!!!!!

  • Sonny Maggi 2 weeks ago

    Preston you have the fire merch so nothing is in possible for. You and when you where the merch it gives you good luck like I was wherein get the merch and I was playing bed wars and I was I the fanles and it was me va two guys one of them ender pealed and they died the other one was trying to help him win by shooting me but I killed him then the other guy pealed and missed and that was my 10th win

  • Freddy Master 2 weeks ago


  • Linda Lin 2 weeks ago

    More Murder Mystery! By the way, U forgot glass on outside lol…

  • Ralkey 2 weeks ago

    Shotgun elimenated yellow right when they wanted to say unsubfromshot but he said unsu
    Like he got mad and wanted payback

  • Ralkey 2 weeks ago

    Preston youre the biggest noob 😂

  • sonicx254's here 2 weeks ago

    preston cograts on 6 million subs!

  • Electric_Ethan87 Gaming Legend 2 weeks ago

    A axe and a pickaxe has sharpness that’s why

  • Ciacreepers Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Preston I have been subbed to since last 2 years😍
    And your content never tires me yet I’m in uk
    I try to stay up late to watch your amazing streams including your other gaming channel

  • Edwinianne Deleon 2 weeks ago

    shout out toll lssssss

  • Ra0u1 Playz - Minecraft & More 2 weeks ago

    At the start of your video you cut of the ‘ladies’ part

  • Kervin Garcia 2 weeks ago

    I’ve been subscribed to you for 3 years and you are the BEST YOUTUBER in the WORLD

  • sam salehi 2 weeks ago

    zack (poke) is better than you and the stupid game u play

  • FLYING GAMER 2 weeks ago


  • Pro876 YT 2 weeks ago

    Everyone sub to prestonplayz unsubfromshotgunraids

  • Haydn Small 2 weeks ago

    preston play cops n crims n hypixel

  • Laj Asrani 2 weeks ago

    I saw your name when you died

  • Yu Xiang Yao 2 weeks ago

    Most used word of this video: put the chicken in the basket

  • Lluyead 2.O 2 weeks ago


  • #EE L 2 weeks ago

    chicken in its besket, LOLPOP! its just so funnyyyyy!!

  • FintasticBanana [AC] 2 weeks ago

    where did u get that galaxy theme? I’m dying for it! pls answer

  • Heidi Dale 2 weeks ago

    Murder mystery

  • Heidi Dale 2 weeks ago


  • CatPeopleRule cats 2 weeks ago

    Your name was sdfsdfsdf lol 😂

  • Ronald garabiles 2 weeks ago

    i saw preston’s username when he killed other team

  • Hockey man Gone Savage 2 weeks ago


  • playerhappy h 2 weeks ago

    When u press tab we can see I’d name and also when u KILL someone u just pressed random buttns

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