• Rezura 8 months ago

    Rip tbnr 🙁

  • Andre Liew 8 months ago

    1000 likes and i’ll legit do a class presentation on preston

  • Corpse Graver 8 months ago

    What server is this

  • dom Nero 8 months ago


  • ShyPlayz 8 months ago

    Can I get a comment
    My rock named Comet got lost

  • Kemp Maps 8 months ago

    Shotgun swore at 4:45

  • Kyrie For Mvp 8 months ago

    what do they say off camera….

  • Corpse Graver 8 months ago

    Wait whatever

  • Seth Chalmers 8 months ago

    i love you and i subed

  • Duade Squad Gaming 8 months ago

    you built defense wrong

  • Teronzo 8 months ago

    i want more money wars

  • MiniArtZ 8 months ago

    Woah i just played this map with my friends

  • Undertale Kid_3578 8 months ago

    Worlds most annoying teammates

  • LeaderOGames 8 months ago

    preston can u sub to my channel plz it will mean a lot to me if u did and I’m sued to u also

  • LeaderOGames 8 months ago


  • Sjefen Olav 8 months ago

    No one dabs anymore 👍👍👍👍👍

  • NoahW Games 8 months ago

    Look at the title: WORLD’S MOST ANNOYING BASE DEFENCE < --- do u see anything wrong? Let's look closer shall we... " DEFENCE ". Do you see it yet? Even closer? ---> “C”. “DEFEN-C-E”. 😂😂 It’s spelled DEFENSE with an S! Sorry Preston but you’re too perfect I had to call you out. 😂😂❤️

  • 3bidalrhman 123 8 months ago

    what mod is he using ?

  • Squad Gaming 8 months ago

    When you finally get off of cosmic because ypperin permanent banned from cosmic for evading banning but your brother was the one who got banned

  • Zertex 8 months ago

    do your minecraft head and can i have a shoutout

  • amin ahmad 8 months ago

    hi dab on yo face

  • Gaming Blade 8 months ago

    PDawg it’s 6:00 am here watching your video after 4 hours sorry for being a bit late

  • Daniel Heung 8 months ago

    The blue guy had kill aura if you couldn’t tell.

  • TheFocus UnTame 8 months ago

    why do he ask for likes on everything? I get it if he asks once but on everything it just seems weird

  • Sean Plays 8 months ago

    Preston I think you should turn your hole base into a planet maybe Earth 🌏

    Like if you agree!

  • Josh The Boss 8 months ago

    Make a massive cake defense

  • Brayden Boyle 8 months ago

    Love you preston

  • Baconbro 175 8 months ago

    MMAS SORA my name starts with a J

  • barek bbq 8 months ago


  • Slade Martin 8 months ago

    hi preston love your vids

  • Ze Huang 8 months ago

    preston playz can you play the scerct room map by …… i forgot but on leval 2 there are a throne for you and its a map for really smart people

  • Amelia GILES 8 months ago

    Shut up you

  • Phil Hamlin 8 months ago

    I wish so much that the Preston would tour the world

  • Alex26lol11 8 months ago

    whats the name of the server?

  • Antman Plays 8 months ago

    Still afriad to play hardcore pvp (1.9) preston.

  • Chee kok tong 8 months ago

    u only use the Z in plays to make it very cool so your useless

  • Zendaya TheSteamPunk 8 months ago

    what dose lokey mean

  • 670joshbing 8 months ago

    Preston do more vids pls cause its boring during the summer with no vids so pls dpo more vids and kepp dabbing for like and #UNSUBTOSHOT

  • Brianna Dark 8 months ago

    A big poo

  • Genelle Arabella O. Godisan 8 months ago

    I freakin love your intro and your videos! 😛😃😍😘

  • Danyon G. 8 months ago

    I never knew shotgun is your little brother

  • hacker_gaming minecraft. pro 8 months ago

    You are the best!!!!

    Sub pls

  • Bob The Wob 8 months ago

    we don’t believe what’s on tv |-/

  • Kaisar Rheriandra 8 months ago

    Where is the pocket edition video

  • broek gepoept 8 months ago

    hey Preston. would you like to play Warlords on Hypixel!? Like if you want that tooooooo!!!

  • stueykaylz1 8 months ago

    your vids epic

  • Yousif 2004 8 months ago


  • longjump 8 months ago

    what headphones are those

  • Pokemon Connaisseur 8 months ago

    Like: Meet Preston
    Reply: Meet Preston and Woofless
    Sub: Meet Preston, Woofless, and Unspeakable!

    Sorry shot, I just had to…

  • KingROSH 8 months ago

    whats the intro music

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