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  • Epic Gamer masonDABOOOSSS 1 week ago

    They know nutting

  • Dulmaa Erdene 1 week ago

    it sa wiserde

  • Vidovilles Vatsa 1 week ago

    i mean team

  • Z0mBiE 1 week ago

    All of you guys were noob in minecraft so shut up and watch the video 🙂

  • Sylvia Alexander 1 week ago

    Jelly the snow man that sanna found is a Wich

  • jij hrw 1 week ago

    is this the windows 10 version?

  • Kobe Rose 1 week ago

    You can breed chickens with wheat

  • Kobe Rose 1 week ago

    Wheat seeds

  • Bro gamer 1 week ago

    Jelly u can just mate them with seeds

  • Alvaro Marquez 1 week ago

    you should play fifa 16

  • PINE apple 1 week ago

    Plz play more

  • Jayden Silva 1 week ago

    There is a end

  • gary tidd 1 week ago

    please do more minecraft I loved the first two videos

  • Monster Pro Gamers GR 1 week ago

    Why are you playing on Windows 10 edition and not on the pc version?

  • Sael Soto 1 week ago

    you are the best in YouTube

  • Ferao Da Gama 1 week ago

    Kebbelowkop is better

  • Cool Star boy diangelo 1 week ago

    Yay part 2!!!!!!!

  • Burninggold 1 week ago

    Jelly sayd “Becouse me and hungry are hungry”. Is your girlfriends name Senna or Hungry Jelly?

  • Alberto Cruz 1 week ago

    Jelly make a door so you dont have to brake sand

  • AnDrEw Gaming 1 week ago

    Iren what is that jelly

  • snoop dogg99 1 week ago

    I think sanna dont like minecraft 🙂

  • Roarz 1 week ago

    Sanna has an accent! I think she’s swedish is that why someone tell me Please!

  • Stefan Tosic 1 week ago

    Pls play more Minecraft

  • Jonathan Hutto 1 week ago

    You’d seeds to breed chickens instead of just throwing eggs

  • lale viyona 1 week ago

    jelly and sanna when u need coal to cook something then u pot wood  and it would work btw u guys are amazing keep up the good work

  • lupita Flores 1 week ago

    Jelly doesn’t say iron good

  • Murder inc. 1 week ago

    Wheat is for both sheep and cows

  • Quay Jones 1 week ago

    Get on imvu

  • ShellHero159 1 week ago

    Sanna was poisoned by the witch in the “little house”

  • Mike Antonio 1 week ago

    More mincraft videos

  • Walshybooboo1 1 week ago

    More more more

  • Martin Rubio 1 week ago

    come on please

  • UnderMAXimum Skits 1 week ago

    It’s pronounced I-earn not I-run iron

  • N CREW 1 week ago

    Jelly the best noob 2017

  • UnderMAXimum Skits 1 week ago

    It was a witch gave you poison

  • Becky Z 1 week ago

    Love this series

  • Aldo Medina 1 week ago

    Do another video of minecraft

  • Blake Buckley 1 week ago


  • Blake Buckley 1 week ago

    Jelly if this Helps You Breed the chickens With seeds you feed both chickens and makes a baby chicken and you breed them every 10 minutes so you get more eggs Hope it help ;). P.S I’m a Minecraft Expert

  • Blake Buckley 1 week ago

    Wheat is for Cows and Sheeps
    Carrots are for Pigs
    Seeds are for chickens

  • ayaan muhamad 1 week ago

    punch that like button

  • declan murnane 1 week ago

    and he called it irone but its iron

  • Excelsior UP 1 week ago

    You need grass in you’re farm

  • Kedah Don Z Kumar 1 week ago

    Do some minecraft video

  • The Monster 1 week ago

    continue bro

  • NightBladez 1 week ago

    HI Jell Van Vucht

  • Marie Sharpe 1 week ago

    He calls sana a noob but then hes like i have some pork but its mutton . _-

  • Chris Sley 1 week ago

    She might found a witch house lol

  • black smoke 360 smith 1 week ago

    It is not iron it is iron in gets

  • THE GAMER PILIPINO 1 week ago

    He’s a noob!!

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