• yana j 4 months ago

    More explosive things

  • Owen Hizynski 4 months ago

    Fallout role play season… I don’t remember

  • The Reaperz OV Gaming 4 months ago

    Sonic bomb uses boom burst

  • Karl Dettlinger 4 months ago

    Can we see security craft mod?

  • Harry Sargent 4 months ago

    the last bomb: 10/10

  • Brittney Rodriguez 4 months ago

    You should do more diversity and maybe add kaleb!!

  • Sergiolara111 Lara 4 months ago


  • Ben Storm 4 months ago

    Another cool video by cool guy Cory

  • TheBedrockGuru 4 months ago

    This is one to add to my crackpack installation

  • Gaming with Snakes 4 months ago

    It’s not letting me join your server you made

  • Cloey Tripiciano 4 months ago

    *huge fire and lasers* Jon: hey guys look it’s night . XD that was the only thing he noticed

  • Koral Davis 4 months ago

    WOW cory you just destroyed a fudging server and I would like all fnaf back

  • Shquash Games 4 months ago

    More of these

  • Absolgirl Drawer123 4 months ago

    9:01, rip my ears

  • Pac Man 4 months ago

    More explosion

  • sheepy entertainment 4 months ago

    More even bigger explosions

  • The Great Temmie 4 months ago


  • The Great Temmie 4 months ago

    *I just like Grenades*

  • Benjamin Pen 4 months ago

    You should play TNT WAR with this mod.
    Building TNT cannons and shooting those moded TNT at each other.

  • Nerdy_Unicorn Games 4 months ago

    Noice lol

  • Galaxy Rose117 4 months ago

    MORE BIG EXPLOSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pixel Pig 4 months ago

    After seeing all those bombs: OMG MINECRAFT FALLOUT IS BACK

  • David Vinson 4 months ago


  • Jordan French 4 months ago

    0:32 Iron Giant flashbacks

  • Mia Lutz 4 months ago

    YES, Dawns here !!! Hi Dawn 🙂

  • Rose Spring 4 months ago

    *when your a nerd for The Flash tv show*
    Bree puts on the geomancer googles*
    Jon: Wow, now your a superhero!
    Me: Actually it was Season 2 Episode 10, 11, or 12 of The Flash where there was this supervillain named GEOMANCER w/those exact goggles…mostly because those are his goggles.

  • Rainbowsloth 9 4 months ago

    10:37 is my fav part when jon falls 😂😂

  • just some random girl 4 months ago

    I’m the 544th liker XDD yeee early-

  • Jacob Petry 4 months ago

    i like you guys doing mod showcases as a team

  • LIVE Action 4 months ago

    Isn’t this the old classic ICBM mod in 1.6.4

  • Jacob Petry 4 months ago


  • DillPickle56 4 months ago

    Bri’s gonna be mad because I say this, but when you said, “Welcome to KFC,” I was like, “Cut me a piece!”

  • Fellout Games 4 months ago

    Cory can you make a yugioh video because I think it would be coool

  • Sans Gaster 4 months ago

    I can’t find it in the description I need to blow things up

  • Lia The fallen child 4 months ago

    They crashed the server XD

  • The unusual penguin UNKNOWN 4 months ago

    Keep up the good work Cory #r.i.p server

  • Dragocraftimon XYT 4 months ago

    So much better than other people’s mod showcases
    I need more
    I love more

  • TAJUAN WILLIAMS 4 months ago


  • SUN LIME LIFE 4 months ago

    cory i think.. it is time to travel.. IN TIMEEEEEE

  • Nightcrawlermon 4 months ago

    So many beautiful explosions

  • Ronald Willis 4 months ago

    He needs some milk!

  • MrDirt Gaming 4 months ago

    678 like!!! Love the videos Cory!!! Keep the videos up and have a great day!!! 😀

  • Consuelo Dodds 4 months ago

    Natural disaster mods

  • Rhys Watkins 4 months ago

    2 red matter explosions cancel each other out

  • Richard Pavlikovic 4 months ago

    amazingly destructive

  • Treekomalfoy 4 months ago

    Do a showcase for the Engender Mod

  • Mystic Mermaids 4 months ago

    Please do this again this was so cool also I have a dare good on a completely empty map and set off three Nukes at the same time each one had to be placed two blocks away from the other

  • Plasmatic Turtle 4 months ago

    UNi: This is a condensed bomb.
    Cory: Cool. *Blows it up and dies*

  • Max Henderson 4 months ago

    Do more of these videos cory

  • Empress_ A 4 months ago

    Please do this again this was the best!!

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