• Andres Lizarraga 2 weeks ago

    Hard pass Wally

  • WOLF GIRL 2 weeks ago

    I watched your videos for about 4 months and I love them keep up the good work I love your videos your the best. P.S I don’t have a lot of money to buy merch sorry!!!!! 🙁

  • Rachel Bradbury 2 weeks ago

    everyday my family hate me i feel so alone then when i start watching YouTube i found you and you are the one that made my life worth living for and i have been watching you for 3 and a half years and i will never forget you that you made me the girl in the world. thank you

  • MWQ2008 - Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    Who else just got the notifiqation ik i spelled it wrong im lazy

  • Mon SQ 2 weeks ago

    the fact that preston is not doing factions is he forgot XD

  • Maxim Aleksander 2 weeks ago


  • Unicorn Farts 2 weeks ago

    I have beeen watching yu since the begging!Love you your my fave youtuber!When my day is bad you make me smile!Id my friend is sad u cheered her up and same withe me your the best!

  • Chancy Lancaster 2 weeks ago

    I’ve been watching for almost 3 years now and I wait anxiously for the next video everyday your my 3rd favorite

  • Mj Lampa 2 weeks ago

    What happend to bedwars

  • pawel pawelec 2 weeks ago

    Im subscribe 2 and a hav years!

  • Ethan Rosson 2 weeks ago

    Love this guy and only been watching for 2 weeks want the sweet merchants subscribe this dude amazing

  • Mathius Jay 2 weeks ago


  • Andrew Alizzi 2 weeks ago

    preston will win

  • Kaelyn’s World 2 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who was only looking at his ring on his finger in the intro

  • squidy blog blogs new 2 weeks ago

    I have been watching you from the start

  • Aurora Garry 2 weeks ago

    Wow about 5million of your subs are kids

  • Daily Chris 2 weeks ago

    I’ve been watching your videos since 2015, you are the best youtuber, a ParkourKing and a Cactus <3

  • Alex Moloney 2 weeks ago

    I will buy all the murch

  • Stephen Foote 2 weeks ago

    we get it you have merch

  • ghassan bourak 2 weeks ago

    hi preston ive been watching u for 2 years with no yt account then I made 1 and subed

  • Fatspy 2 weeks ago

    Preston YOU BOSS im gonna buy that gray hoodie Keep up the good work Boi!

  • Diamond crusaders 2 weeks ago

    3 years and your still my favourite

  • CRAZY COUSINS 2 weeks ago

    Ive been watching u ever since u were eith moose when isaw ur chaneel i wasi like omg this dude is the best hes a great parkour guys like me but 100 × better hes not a god bes a supr myical super sayin GOD LIKE IF U AGREE

  • Sahana Ayli 2 weeks ago

    What did the ocean say to the other ocean?

    (Please think of a awnser for this questoin befor looking at the awnser)

    The oceans said nothing they just WAVED at eachother and went on with there day.
    Did you like the joke?
    Do you know this joke?

    If you knew this joke please like this coment or reply to the coment.
    If yu know liked this joke please like this coment or reply to this coment.

  • JustJaxon 2 weeks ago

    I have watched since 1 million subs

  • Aishagaming YT 2 weeks ago

    Hey Preston can I have a shout out???
    I have been watching u since maybe 3. Or 2 years I am ten and I started watching u when I was maybe 6 yeah six,, and I really want your merch but I can’t buy it I’m from Philippines and I has no money

    Keep up the good work we <3 youuu

  • BRITE REX 2 weeks ago

    Me toooo i sub all your chanells and i lova ur vids

  • Jason Wang 2 weeks ago

    You play roblox?!!???!!?!

  • Hayden Coulson 2 weeks ago

    Preston do a lucky block video you haven’t don’t one in like 2 years

  • Anna Kafarova 2 weeks ago

    I watched you for 5 years amlost 6 years and i still love you

  • fnaf gang 2 weeks ago

    Preston I have known u since 2012 so why u say

  • stan manson 2 weeks ago

    U r tha best preston I have no idea if this is after your wedding or not if so then CONGRATS!!!

  • Callum Marsden 2 weeks ago

    I’ve watched you for 2 half years

  • Robert Danilczuk 2 weeks ago

    i started watching ur vids from 2014

  • GTGamingZ IloveMinecraft 2 weeks ago

    I love ya vids and have been watching you for 3 years. I would love a shoutout btw well done with your marriage

  • Faith Cuffe 2 weeks ago

    I’m here since the beging and I have just subscribed

  • Aaron Abrams 2 weeks ago

    is 1 of your friends goddestroyer123-

  • Atlantian Cyclops 2 weeks ago

    I’ve been subbed since 20000, breh.

  • Shen Miguel 2 weeks ago

    Its just a few months since I started watching you and I just cant stop watching and enjoying ur vids…keep up the good and amazing work..😁😊

  • Justyn Tan 2 weeks ago

    Preston i have been watching ur vids for 1 and a half years. you are one of a kind

  • TruePugJedi 2 weeks ago


  • zandah graham 2 weeks ago

    love u Preston u r the beat u tuber erver

  • Minecraft pro Ninjaking 2 weeks ago

    I subbed to all your chanels Preston

  • Bailey Dunne 2 weeks ago

    I’v seen you for 3 years

  • nazhassan hassan 2 weeks ago

    How come you swear in your other channel that’s cool jelly

  • Lincoln Magcalas 2 weeks ago

    Im Only Here For 1 and a half year But ! Your The Flippin Best!

  • Crazzy Lion 2 weeks ago

    I watch you for 3 years and you are my fav you tuber better than any one

  • Keegan Dalby 2 weeks ago

    I watchable vidios

  • pendleparty 2 weeks ago

    I have a account finally

  • Joseph Agulto 2 weeks ago

    Ive been watching for atleast 3 y with dif accounts

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