• Agamer playz 1 week ago

    That’s a mod/command

  • Vin Estrella 1 week ago

    “hey whats going on guys loldotzip here” 😂😂😂😂

  • Meena Garole 1 week ago

    Please make map videos like captainsparkelz

  • Alti 1 week ago

    Is this real?

  • Anwarul Haq Choudhury 1 week ago

    i LOVE UR ALL VIDEOS !!!!♥

  • chuckchuk 1 week ago


  • Gamin with Liam 1 week ago


  • Theresa Newcomb 1 week ago

    Can u try to live in u self?and I luv your vids!❤️

  • BB8FORLIFE miller 1 week ago

    Sorry about not watching you for a few days

  • Yenein Abreu 1 week ago

    I use mcpe so im exited

  • ZaptixFX 1 week ago

    Nice mod

  • AMAZING HOTPOCKET 1 week ago

    You’re not Funny just annoying

  • Joseph Labrada 1 week ago

    Minecraft should add tadpoles and frogs

  • Mordecai Evans 1 week ago

    i will always support my dude

  • Panorea_like's _Pizza 1 week ago

    i found a ship cool

  • Gaming City 1 week ago

    There is a 100 precent chance logdotzip won’t respond to this coment

  • Descending The Decendance 1 week ago

    I’m so confused…is the 1.13 update out or not?

  • Aubrey Wharton 1 week ago


  • Anime minnow 1 week ago

    Is this an ad on

  • Superquickslash /Eric Dutchover /Dispap 1 week ago

    Is this a mod or the real snapshot

  • Jilly Moe 1 week ago

    GET RED! 👿♦️🍎😂😂😂

  • Tuppy 123456789 1 week ago


  • Wolf Playz -Horse 1 week ago

    how can u get the snapshot (sory for my speling im from romania)

  • LongErmonas231515 awm 1 week ago

    Im waiting for the sea pickle video logdotzip if you dont now there is a new update

  • SiFire Gaming 1 week ago


  • Eva Cleroux 1 week ago

    i know right BTW when is your next live

  • Max Heijne 1 week ago

    Wy would you roing mc like that

  • Max Heijne 1 week ago

    It would be to easy I mean i like this youtuber but seriously dont roing minecraft

  • Max Heijne 1 week ago

    Also seriously fish freekin fish that give effects yeah wy not ad some magic fish to mc Ive this wil make it to mc it needs some huuuggge! Changing dislike or like but before you do think about it SORRY I ME DISLEKTIK also food generators
    I think I’ve said enough

  • DoingItGood 1 week ago

    these are so not worth

  • SerratedGoat 1 week ago

    You should make clay soldiers but instead of the soldiers its different colored fish

  • Master Drake 1 week ago

    sea pickles and the heart of the sea is here!

  • Slayz Playz 1 week ago

    also you can make a auto-feeder with this

  • Joan Miranda 1 week ago

    Slamon instead of salmon

  • MADTESTER GAMING99 1 week ago

  • kevtrevtuff11 1 week ago

    Mod….Thumbs down

  • Pusheen Cat 1 week ago

    umm is this a mod or a command?

  • [Redacated] [Redicated] 1 week ago

    the water breathing fish can be pretty useful for underwater bases

  • Oceanti 1 week ago

    How about this: Put a dispenser in the tank and have a daylight sensor attached to it so that you don’t have to feed them and it’s automatic.

  • Sonic Plays 1 week ago

    latest is 1.12.2

  • Gian Pagayona 1 week ago

    Hey the fish name cod how bout name it clod lelelelelelelel

  • Knight Gamer 1 week ago

    For someone who don’t know the fish is in official updates but the feeding function and power is not😁

  • Jessica PlayzGames 1 week ago

    I wish that Coral reefs spawn naturally in warm beaches

  • dylan zosimo 1 week ago


  • superworldsun 1 week ago

    is your f5 button stuck?

  • Redstoneboi 1 week ago


  • Lloyd lazaro 1 week ago

    1.13.2 is coming soon

  • CATastrophic_Biz 1 week ago

    How to improve aquatic update:
    -Model tropical fish after REAL tropical fish.
    – Allow glass to give a clear view underwater
    – make coral colors more realistic

  • Chriz J 1 week ago

    Feeding,Dying are working on Bedrock

  • tusse2004 1 week ago

    Give the fish cokain and se what happen

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