• LaurenzSide 3 weeks ago

    Who wants me to build them a house?! As you can see I am a pro architect!! 😂

  • ronx Playz 2 weeks ago

    I’m English and I have a water dispenser on my fridge so idk

  • Matthewjg_HD 2 weeks ago

    Lauren was funny so she wins

  • Than Chau 2 weeks ago

    i am a big fan of you yammy and i have all the yammy merch i love you

  • SavannahFDL 2 weeks ago

    who else saw lauren running along her roof in the kitchen scene?

  • SuperKawaii Kitten5589 2 weeks ago

    Yammy won

  • Abi&Dirk Smith 2 weeks ago

    You win and Lorain idk

  • Jessica Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Me but in or lox bloxburg

  • LittleMOUSE 04 2 weeks ago

    Laurens is totally better

  • Laura 2 weeks ago

    For your Minecraft house vs. Can you please do the next one with Lizzie, and I have a theme for the next one. Fairy House VS. Mermaid House. Pls tell me if you like it Yammy. Luv your YT channel! 😍😍😍 Please like this if you aggree, and so Yammy can see it!

  • taylor Shaw 2 weeks ago

    Plz build w/ Lizzie can you give a shout out that would be my dream btw my name is Taylor Shaw 💕💕

  • Ariana Dicion 2 weeks ago

    Lauren wins because I feel bad for her

  • Pixel Art 2 weeks ago

    Yammy won

  • Prachi Patel 2 weeks ago

    I like both

  • Katy Stirrup 2 weeks ago

    Yammy wins

  • Joseph Meneses 2 weeks ago

    yammy win or i dont know

  • Louise Henderson 2 weeks ago

    None were the best im ashamed!!!!! Lol jk but i have to go with yammy cause at least it was livable

  • Gaming With Mia 2 weeks ago

    Lauren won she made us all laugh! 5000/0 for being awesomely terrible lolz!

  • Stevie Seneque 2 weeks ago

    Clay house

  • Kaitlin Nash 2 weeks ago

    In Australia we all have mail boxes they come on more bikes and bikes my dad lives n the UK and has a fridge with ice and I do to Australia has British and American stuff so Australia wins!

  • QueenBeeGall :D 2 weeks ago

    Lauren wins?… i guess i was just blown away ,… *coughs*

  • Neko Himawari 2 weeks ago

    LAUREN WINZ her house is so creative <3

  • Sahra Osman 2 weeks ago

    I hate yammy

  • Lola 1313 2 weeks ago

    You both win

  • Sqaisheycat 33 2 weeks ago

    lauren wins

  • vishbal1981 ravi 2 weeks ago

    Yammy and Lauren won

  • BFF GAMER 2 weeks ago

    Lauren gets the creative win and yammy get the building win

  • Shadow Cat 2 weeks ago

    Yammy defiantly won hers was the best yammy totally won

  • Chastitey Perez 2 weeks ago

    Yammy wons 😁

  • Snows Stuff 2 weeks ago

    Do another build with Joey pls!!

  • Michelle Huang 2 weeks ago


  • Ehsaas Madan 2 weeks ago

    lauren won!!! lol

  • Aajanae Delgardo 2 weeks ago

    I would want you to buil d my house together

  • Wolf_ 432 2 weeks ago

    lauren won!!!

  • Shazeea Power 2 weeks ago


  • Charlotte Neutze 2 weeks ago

    Plz Biuld With Lizzie

  • SkyPlays1000 2 weeks ago

    I think Luaren should win because she tried

  • Trish O'Halloran 2 weeks ago

    DEER QUEEN YASSSSSSS <3333 u lauren

  • Moonlight Girls 2 weeks ago

    Sorry but laruran wins

  • Trish O'Halloran 2 weeks ago

    Lizzie won !!! Can u do lizzie

  • Moonlight Girls 2 weeks ago

    / /
    > >

  • Trish O'Halloran 2 weeks ago

    If you are still wondering i am still a potato :3

  • Trish O'Halloran 2 weeks ago


  • Amanda Savoie 2 weeks ago

    I think YAMMY won but I do love and I follow lauren

  • Septic Zside 2 weeks ago

    Lauren won

  • Cece plays Kiki and Mimi 2 weeks ago

    Yammy won

  • Shannen Bowden 2 weeks ago

    That was funny lol laurun

  • Kawaii Potato 2 weeks ago

    Lauren built a isolation house XD

  • Belle Malfoy 2 weeks ago

    I Yammy won

  • Kymlee Berthiaume-Trépanier 2 weeks ago

    Yammy wins

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