• PythonMC 1 week ago

    Your lovely comments about this series, this channel and my building in this world never cease to amaze me. Thank you all so much! Hope you all enjoy/have enjoyed this episode, loads more to come! Have a great day peeps and thanks again! 😃

  • Milk Chris 1 week ago

    Can i see how u do your roofs?

  • norma ayu ayu azizan 1 week ago

    It Make Sense Because The Name Is PythonMC And MC Means Minecraft

  • luke hershey 1 week ago

    Hey python maybe make a secret base somewhere or may even an armory

  • GeminiTay 1 week ago

    Loving this series! Well done python! Much respect for all the hard work 🙂

  • Joe Sanner 1 week ago

    Python love your vids and I have a suggestion for your horses name:Monty.because you’re Python

  • Mr. Scoop-em 1 week ago

    Python, there is a fix if you do fall into a crash loop with the drowned mob. It only works in single player, but it requires you to move your player data out of the world save, which will give you a “new start” at world spawn. As soon as you get back into the world, set the difficulty to peaceful. It happened to me, and luckily I was able to fix it, because I hadnt backed up my world in 2 months

  • Frank Suarez 1 week ago

    I just got two Frozen Biome Keys within 2 seconds. Um, what?!?!

    EDIT: No way! Third Frozen key 30 seconds later!

  • the gamer 1 week ago

    Hey you Mack your house a little bigger and have another door so you don’t have to go all the way a round to the same door or get some of the other people to build on your land and it may be nice and Mack it just a little better or get some people to help you build like a big water base or some thing different? But nice job no matter what you do love your vids

  • OMGitsnightmare Gaming 1 week ago

    a huge reason i don’t play minecraft anymore because i am not creative at all but you are and it’s very nice! 😉

  • Michael Kreitzer 1 week ago

    Grum has decided to call the podzol generation a bug. 🙁 Sadly, his reddit comment stating as such was upvoted by many people who don’t want other people to have things.

  • Lyv Plays Games 1 week ago

    Back in the old days we were so restricted in blocks (oak and cobble) that it’s a habit for me now to avoid using them very much, but I have to admit I really like your build. I think it’s time for me to give cobblestone another look. 🙂 Well done, as usual. 🙂

  • Lyv Plays Games 1 week ago

    The podzol as a renewable block is waaaaay overdue. Thank you so much for showing it.

  • Kinh Soeung 1 week ago

    Python you can turn that walk way to a secret passageways so you can store many more stuff or an emergency escape

  • Jan Lester Sison 1 week ago

    Phyton get a dog and libary pls

  • rachit shetty 1 week ago

    1.Why don’t make large builds instead of making a smaller build because it looks congested in village area
    2.you start a modded series and complete it by getting end game stuffs

  • clintjohn solon 1 week ago

    you most join someone in your world

  • Gibbstanator Games 1 week ago

    You should build a blacksmith if u have enough room

  • Maori Smurf 1 week ago

    wow minecraft is still a thing lol

  • Michael Mo 1 week ago

    You should name your town Three trees because you have the three huge oak trees and you’re entraces have two “T”s on the pillars

  • TtoxicMC 1 week ago

    I remember the house you first made…

  • Random KID 1 week ago

    Bro When i came here i thought this is gonna be boring but then i watched your videos and your actually pretty fun to watched keep it up i subbed!

  • Sinister Minds 1 week ago

    #CommentQuestion : I’m assuming when you get the village back up and running, you’re going to move some of them into the flower town (which will make it so much more alive!)- and while you’re at it, you should try to breed up a mending villager, see if you can put it on that trident !

  • brian koci 1 week ago

    Hi python in next ep you need to some automatic farms for carrots potataos and wheat

  • Cutie Pie 1 week ago

    Love your build style but there is one issue: your builds are very close to each other so that’s why they connect. Still amazing builds and I love the town.

  • laurie atkinson 1 week ago

    Python, love the vids man. i think you need to do a fish villa by the oceans or rivers and you need an army base

  • Angelina Villaruel 1 week ago

    im sorry im late but all youre build is so cool i love it all.

  • Manan Karnik 1 week ago

    For the first time, when I tapped the skip ad button I instantly felt guilty as I forgot it was Python’s channel 😥😭

  • Simple Animator4 1 week ago

    Nice video!!!!

  • Zember Amarado 1 week ago

    Is that in pc?

  • CyanTheMarbleRacer 1 week ago

    Maybe add vines to some of the trees 🙂

  • Junior Gamer - Minecraft & more! 1 week ago

    U r my current favorite let’s play YouTuber

  • Lalitha Cheepurupalli 1 week ago


  • Life Of ItsLeinardPlays 1 week ago

    python can you make a turtle farm in your town

  • Wolfwunder 1 week ago

    I don’t normally comment, but I do enjoy this series so much Python! Good to see you back. I binged the entire series in a few days just in time haha.

    You’ve given me a lot of inspiration actually! I just started Minecraft up again after some time, and watching you make this town all in survival is amazing! I’m working on my own little town now :3

    Keep up the awesome work my dude!

  • _twigs 1 week ago

    Python, do you plan to maybe have special guest episodes in this series? I think that could be interesting and fun. Your doing great and I’m loving the series so far.

  • sheery infiniti 1 week ago

    U have a diamond horse armor right?
    U should equip your horse witg it

  • Tiffany Williams 1 week ago

    can you make a minecraft video tomoro?

  • Nick Thiviyan 1 week ago

    Stop playing Minecraft,it’s dead😑

  • Isaiah Colon 1 week ago

    Since you like Wood,Glowstone,and Coble stone you should make a little tree house and that can be we’re al your important stuff can go. Just an idea

  • Mira55X - NalzenaTalesOfHeroes 1 week ago

    Im going to assume podzol is supposed to be fallen leaves… maybe thats why it doesnt spread like mycelium or grass does

  • LewLewDinks 1 week ago

    Another great episode, providing us with such amazing free entertainment is awesome, it most definitely inspires me and others to make and work on content too. You really do inspire man, keep it up!

  • ESOH Gaming 1 week ago

    Wow just 2 dislikes

  • 247 Whoopie 1 week ago

    what does gb means on PYTHONGB????

  • Ava Mcintyre 1 week ago

    hi python l love this season I have been following you from the start of your season I have a question are you ever going to make a animal farm

  • Kacper Bobrowski 1 week ago

    a good name for ur world might be python’s kindergarden empire /village

  • Anna Novak 1 week ago

    Does anyone else notice how many times a video he says “really really”? I love it so much every time

  • Fanalama 1 week ago

    So much awesomeness

  • Francisdoes pixelgun 1 week ago


  • Kaiser Reyes 1 week ago

    You know how when its fall (season), leaves of trees fall and create a pile? Yeah, thats podzol. That is why it doesn’t spread.
    In terms of relation to the spruce tree with the podzol…actually i don’t know. 🙂

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