• Jakiking FG 2 weeks ago

    Hello every I’m from Việt Nam! I fan you

  • Purple Slxys 2 weeks ago


  • clare viveash 2 weeks ago

    Little kelly whats happend to cassie the cat she my fav

  • Brenda Ramirez 2 weeks ago

    Mooooore Ben 10 plss☺ everyday or I’m telling everyone where u live just kidding idk where u live

  • Evelyn Cathleen 2 weeks ago

    I Love This Vods

  • Evelyn Cathleen 2 weeks ago


  • Danielle Warren 2 weeks ago

    The next Ben 10 vid when you go to Benndy and the ink machine after you save Ben10 Benndy takes you and your trapped it can be on Ben’s cam and when they find you your in the comma and you just stop it their but you show a on your cam in heaven and look on Ben tiny and sharky then you just stop but the vid is just longer just my opinoin on your next Ben 10 vid

  • little ANGEL Byrne 2 weeks ago

    80 to comment anyway little Kelly em I aad you on roblox can you Accept my friend request please my name is Angel246188

  • Dan Atyeo 2 weeks ago

    Little kelly how do you get the small body big head baby 👶 {the skins}and oh my nick name is Ellie and my name is not dan

  • Hannah Mcmenamin 2 weeks ago


  • Sinikiwe Ncube 2 weeks ago

    LOVE 💕 YOU🍞🥓🥓🥓🥓🍞

  • Conner Hof 2 weeks ago


  • Javier Puig 2 weeks ago

    kelly was like YAHHHHH

  • bagus Amat 2 weeks ago


  • Cathy Sang 2 weeks ago

    Pls make more our future life vids with donny.

  • DragonBallZFan 9000 2 weeks ago

    Uh, no, BATMAN saved the Justice League. Okay, so Flash DID save the League on 1 occasion but still.

  • Evil Ramona - Little Club Minecraft Queen 2 weeks ago

    Do more of Baby Ellie adventures! ❤️💛❤️💛

  • David Faloon 2 weeks ago


  • luther powell 2 weeks ago


  • Jacoline De Vlam 2 weeks ago


  • HACKER BROTHER TV 2 weeks ago

    🎮help me get 💯 subscribers I’m 5 and I’m a gamer🎮🎮🎮🎮🎧🎧🎧

  • Kristie Phillips 2 weeks ago

    Hi little Kelly I just wanted to say that your shows or just fun cool a awesome and I really love it hope you send me a hello

  • Ruby Leaning 2 weeks ago

    I love your videosa

  • Angelo Maroll Parreñas 2 weeks ago


  • Angelo Maroll Parreñas 2 weeks ago

    Love your vids lk

  • melissa garcia 2 weeks ago

    i like your Minecraft vids but i would like more roblox

  • Jodie Knäuper 2 weeks ago

    YOU so cool 😄 😜

  • Sharifah Pnr31 2 weeks ago

    dosentanybody realize everybody exept batman are the people that they are dressed up as!

  • malcolmrae11 2 weeks ago

    I love you little Kelly

  • doggie destroy 2 weeks ago

    can I get 1 like its my brothers b day

  • Lauren Patrick 2 weeks ago

    Were is the Litttle club HQ

  • Ghg Vbb 2 weeks ago


  • Lego Twins 2 weeks ago

    Sharky: you don’t hurt little woman

  • Andrew Mets 2 weeks ago

    Play bedwars

  • Xander Calvaresi 2 weeks ago

    Love your rolplay

  • خالداكس دي - 5haledKSAXD 2 weeks ago

    F*CK YOU

  • Tracey White 2 weeks ago

    Kelly do a 3am charlie charlie

  • José Miguel Burgos Tomás 2 weeks ago

    And super girl?

  • NightWolf The Demand Sword 2 weeks ago


  • Tyler Timineri-craig 2 weeks ago

    Little Kelly can you please make a video about the little club tree house please little Kelly please.

  • Zefanya. Dorothy.S 2 weeks ago

    Little Kelly do you play in the fist fight film?
    Like if you guys notised!

  • Ponijs Zvaigzne 2 weeks ago

    More,more,more,and more,toystor plz !!! Little Kelly is the best😀😀😀😀

  • Sushi Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    Wait isn’t little kelly wonder women

  • Aidtendo 2 weeks ago

    15:23 You made yet another editing mistake.
    Buy an editor or something.

  • Jonathan Hay 2 weeks ago

    Where is evil little kelly gone we keep getting exe videos I like exe but still

  • mikeyripco1 2 weeks ago


  • Meta Zabaite 2 weeks ago

    Littel kely is a superhero why dose she use her superpawors v the zombys and shes a wich tooo with littel carly (plz like this for littel kely too see)

  • Marina Salinas 2 weeks ago

    Little kelly you are the Best from Elizabeth

  • Angeli Palada 2 weeks ago

    I love your channel little Kelly

  • Angeli Palada 2 weeks ago

    And you are very nice

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