• joshua w 2 weeks ago

    32:02 , Why did they yell Gavins name? lol

  • shownsnow 2 weeks ago

    Michael had trouble on the water because Ryan wet in and spawned more squid after him

  • Noel Adams 2 weeks ago

    This didn’t occur to me until just now, but has Gavin rebuilt his secret room yet?

  • Bob Doug 2 weeks ago

    I’ve been saying Jeremy wants to smash Lindsay

  • TheProRockPL 2 weeks ago

    So I strugle to watch Lindsey playing, then saw another 20 minutes of this video “oh no…. this will be long asf”

  • BlasianFJ 2 weeks ago

    Jack and Matt’s countdown exchange reminds me of the “I do parkour” vine

  • Todd Wallin 2 weeks ago

    Jack’s positivity is one of the highlights of this episode

  • Zachary Gutierrez 2 weeks ago

    Minute 28:00. Just teach your kids to pull back the skin. Stretch it out, loosen it up, and you should be good for the uncircumcised men out there.

  • Craig Malinowski 2 weeks ago

    I love how Lindsay is so bad but everyone is so supportive of her.

  • Drizz 2 weeks ago

    Happy Pi Episode!

  • amanda0293 2 weeks ago

    It is painful to watch Lindsay oh lord
    I love her, just not when she plays video games lol

  • TheLazeboy 2 weeks ago

    Jack has so many mice on his desk

  • Lack Zewand 2 weeks ago

    Haven’t watched a minecraft let’s play in a year or two, but saw this and had to check it out

  • MilkManBand 2 weeks ago

    lindsey isnt good at this game or entertaining, why is she in these videos?

  • GreenPiCat 2 weeks ago

    I thought Michael was gonna kill it but so far it’s just been fumble after fumble 😭

  • Ethan Crisp 2 weeks ago

    How does Lindsay land in such a horrible spot on every block. It gives me anxiety xD

  • MattadorkGaming 2 weeks ago

    their parkour hurts my soul but at least its funny as hell to watch especially lindsay

  • Todd Wallin 2 weeks ago

    This is one of my favorite Let’s Play’s by far

  • Deeg Leffler 2 weeks ago

    Well we know who the power bottom is in the group~

  • Just Commenting 2 weeks ago

    Right as Lindsay jumps as Gav watches from below an ad cuts in LMAO. “For America” caught me off guard too.

  • alexthehunted 2 weeks ago

    its official lindsay is a better gamer than geoff

  • Lil Spesh116 2 weeks ago

    31:45 did lindsay just say JUBL? (just blaze)

  • I appreciate Jack’s Naruto Run in the thumbnail.

  • Jason Copeland 2 weeks ago

    40:08 I want every future race in every game to be started by these two.

  • Shailli 2 weeks ago

    Lindsay is not funny

  • WolfPackGameing 2 weeks ago

    me: Sees Michael finish oh Lindsay up I wonder how she does . *checks time on video sees its not even half way done* im gonna guess not good.

  • IElRedI 2 weeks ago

    Matt needs to was his hair man, what the fuck dude. How can you show up at work like that.

  • Trey_da_truth 2 weeks ago

    Now do dig down

  • Cryoshark 2 weeks ago

    *start of lindsays turn*
    *30 minutes left in the video*
    Oh boy

  • Korin Richard 2 weeks ago

    They kept shouting power bottom and my gay mind was like uhhhh

  • Stephen Sanchez 2 weeks ago

    Did Gavin say “Crips” lmfaooo

  • PJ Beckley 2 weeks ago

    So we definitely all knew jeremy was going to destroy the course right???

  • PJ Beckley 2 weeks ago

    41:46 the best shot achievement hunter has ever done in a minecraft video

  • indigo1child 2 weeks ago

    The sign is still fucked up…..

  • Andrew Snyders 2 weeks ago

    I hate to be THAT GUY, but having creative mode on, I.E. Regenerating Health, makes for a significantly altered completion time. I am typing this comment 2 minutes in, assuming that Jack, Jeremy, AND Michael will be able to best Ryan’s time without creative mode on. However, looking back at both Gavin and Geoff (mostly Geoff) dying a million times, which obviously affected their times. If everyone else is all right with this, cool. But I’m the sort that adjusts the option for every game he plays, and memorises controls before playing the tutorial. Am I the only one who cares???

  • KingPawn 2 weeks ago

    Every now and then Michael reminds me of Greg Proops…

  • KingPawn 2 weeks ago

    Are we ever going to get an Achievement City map? Or is there one already for the community?

  • Ethan G 2 weeks ago

    29:13 she almost found the yoshi…

  • chavesak 2 weeks ago

    *WHAT’D YOU SAY MATT?! DID YOU DO A NOSE JOKE?!* is probably my favorite Gav line – 43:08

  • Noah Hastings 2 weeks ago

    You know, we send you all those weapons for a damn reason. We demand a Lewis’ Plays series.

  • Noah Hastings 2 weeks ago

    Surprised Matt didn’t pull out a yoshi

  • The Brodatious 2 weeks ago

    I’m a minute in and Matt is already annoying…

  • The Void Looks Pretty 2 weeks ago

    Matt: Makes nose joke.
    Gavin: *Angry British Man child”

  • Cmackk72 2 weeks ago

    I can’t concentrate on anything other than the pusha t and Drake beef

  • LifeWithEmma 2 weeks ago

    There’s only Lindsay left but there’s also 30minutes of the video left. Such a mood.

  • Nosraceroom 2 weeks ago

    Watching Geoff platform is like watching a person rely on the worst instincts in human history. Watching Lindsay platform is like watching someone who has never held a controller before and can’t use both sticks.

  • ASGOR KYZIAN 2 weeks ago

    Max Branc, good job Gav, great name.

  • Samantha Godard 2 weeks ago

    They should do Golf with Friends but on Minecraft. Like use sticky pistons to simulate a tunnel opening and closing (like the classic windmill obstacle), multiple hole options where one path just ends in lava, hoops to go through, and final 2×2 or 1×1 holes. But instead of a golf ball, their character IS the golf ball and they propel themselves using ender pearls, *all in third person* .

  • ___oOoBODYBAGoOo ___ 2 weeks ago

    Tower of Geoff 2.0 now plz

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