• RedFireRex RFR 1 month ago

    On the plus side, the more youtubers that quit, means that there are more room for new, and more innovative youtubers, as long as we work hard 馃槈

  • Thimble Fox 1 month ago

    u must have recorded this before lizzie started funcraft

  • Pet Paradise 1 month ago

    Please don鈥檛 quit! You鈥檙e one of the only Minecraft you tubers left!

  • HAX3R3LIT3 S3XY 1 month ago

    Duncan plays with lewis and sjin… on duncans channel only.

  • Lost_ boy 1207 1 month ago

    Don’t quit

  • Yundi7844 1 month ago

    hello,I will not quit minecraft

  • Tigermink 1 month ago

    I think some YouTubers quit Minecraft because they can’t handle this kid-friendly bullcrap anymore.

  • TheBitFox 1 month ago

    I’d go mental playing minecraft for 5 years. Also there are lots of games now that open up a sandbox with basiclly no limits to creativity which where rare before minecraft came around, so some people moved to those new games.

  • J8key 8 1 month ago

    all I hope is you keep making videos

  • XxinfernoxX 1 month ago

    If you have a 75 iq or higher and or are over the age of 13 u should care :l

  • GoldenNova 1 month ago

    bar graph… 馃ぃ

  • Lord frezzer retro gamer 1 month ago

    seto returned. we still dont know if hes doing minecraft. but he might.

  • Sr. Rage Gaming 07 1 month ago

    Hi I鈥檓 a small YouTuber I鈥檓 never quitting i never make money I still make weekly to Dayly so I hope you small YouTubers can make videos even if you Don鈥檛 make money I hope I get subscribers and I hope you YouTubers do to Bye wonderful gamers Bye!!

  • Landon Swenson 1 month ago

    Crainer the bomb

  • Big Smoke 1 month ago

    Ssundee did not quit he has a serious personal problems and is taking a long break.i hope he comes back stronger than ever

  • CrazyCowMM 1 month ago

    I do think that a big reason that more people are maybe quitting Minecraft is not that we’re bored of it, but that we’ve grown up and now playing a game with such stigma behind it is looked down upon. I know that personally I’m afraid to wear my Minecraft shirt to school because I’m feel that people will tease me because of it(and it kinda did happen once) and I never discuss what games I play with my not close friends. Even so, I don’t ever plan on leaving the game(even though it’ll probably happen) because it’s such a creative relief for me. I get an idea, hop on Minecraft and start building. Most of these ideas never come to fruition of course but it helps get out my creative energies at the moment. I even feel like Minecraft solidified what I want to do in future, and no, that is not a Minecraft Youtuber. Through map making I have grown to truly love Computer Programming and coding , and yes I’m aware that Minecraft isn’t really coding, but the concept of command blocks and functions is close, and the problem solving skills needed in “coding” Minecraft maps comes in handy with any coding job. So in the end I feel that even though this decline might be more painful and saddening to us now, I think that it will lead us, and be the cause of, a better future for all of us. Think of the people you met, the things you learned, and the experiences you had and ask yourself if Minecraft will ever truly leave your life.

  • Mika Android 1 month ago

    1 minute. SSundee doesn’t quit. He’s just taking a break.

  • lun4rD35p4ir 1 month ago

    Maybe because of the poor community of minecraft. Filled with toxic 12 yr olds. Plus boring content

  • Richard Lord 1 month ago

    you said every thing i think there is to say for this topic, but some people have personal reasons, like ssundee, but then some who slowed down on minecraft, and dont upload as much mc as they used to, i think slowed down to make other content that they like, or that they get more veiws, or just because they dont want to loose interest in the game.

  • Rebecca is in love with twenty one pilots 1 month ago

    Please never leave I will be no where in life 馃槩馃槖

  • Patrick Smith 1 month ago

    Lol I鈥檓 not going to be a 30 yr old minecraft veiwer

  • ItssLeafer 1 month ago

    Because minecraft youtubers don’t really enjoy Minecraft. They might’ve when they were starting out, but eventually they just did it because of the fan base they had acquired.

  • Fainting Goat 1 month ago

    Lewis, Sjin and Duncan didn’t quit. They literally just finished a 90-part Forever Stranded series and started the next one within days.

  • Fixen foxy 1 month ago

    Oh god

  • Green Tom 1 month ago

    You realize that Ssundee thing wasn’t Minecraft, right

  • Law Dog 1 month ago

    I miss Ihascupquake minecraft

  • Nick Couch 1 month ago

    This is so sad cause I鈥檝e been playing since I was 5 and now I鈥檓 13 it my childhood

  • That Other Girl 1 month ago

    SSundee did not quit Minecraft… ._.

  • Snowyskies Productions 1 month ago

    Gaming lemon Idk if he quit venturian plays a bit

  • Snowyskies Productions 1 month ago

    Sam quit gaming and does skit vids

  • Bambang Hartono 1 month ago

    Why is youtuber quiting minecraft..
    (Roblox is a loser…)

  • Agent Bananna 1 month ago

    i have an idea why some minecraft youtubers are quiting.
    most of the minecraft youtubers where playing with skydoesminecraft and now that he quit minecraft that might have made the others not want to play anymore too
    also i remember when logdotzip used to play with skydoesminecraft. those where good days
    edit: as im watching this video im getting so many memories of those youtubers that quit and i think im going to cry now

  • Trans Theories 1 month ago

    R u quitting?

  • Agent Bananna 1 month ago

    did drumbstick quit minecraft

  • Freedom TF2 1 month ago

    Hey it鈥檚 hard to make huge maps in Minecraft PE keeping this game good at high school!

  • Ryan Coughlin 1 month ago

    I started watching Minecraft YouTube because of thesyndicateproject. I actually found Minecraft in YouTube after watching his call of duty videos. While I quit watching call of duty videos and Minecraft videos for a long time, I came back to Minecraft videos and started watching you and Preston. I want to watch more Minecraft videos sometimes but as a college student I don鈥檛 have the time to spend watching hours a day, so I just have to stick with watching my favorite youtubers.

  • Incredible World 1 month ago

    Fantastic video! Persevere with producing good content and you will expand quickly! Subscribe to our channel and also we should subscribe back to you!

  • Anas ahmed 1 month ago

    Bdubs and sundee didnt leave MINECRAFT YOU NITWIT, lies to get views

  • Cute Hufflepuff 1 month ago

    I love SMP vids coz they r super funny and there are lots of pranks ect (ie Harmory Hollow and Evo (evolution))

  • William 24465 1 month ago

    I am a new youtuber and im playing minecraft…

  • Reychel Bobares 1 month ago


  • Dragon_Tom005 1 month ago

    RIP my favorite minecraft players:
    Antvenom (miss the gold ol’ days of the ant farm survival worlds)
    Chimneyswift (B-team is always going to be my favorite)
    Skydoesminecraft (his weird & funny personality always drew me in)
    Hatfilms (Skylands was my favorite)
    Yogscast Lewis (SOI: gone but not forgotten)
    Captainspraklez (sort of)
    Zexyzek (hilarious trolling videos)
    Sjin (all the great & crazy build tutorials(if only there was updated/revisted builds))
    Huskymudkipz (first got attracted to minecraft because of his very early hermitcraft let’s play)
    and SSundee

  • Toko Tornike 1 month ago

    #MINECRAFT FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaron153 Gaming 1 month ago

    RIP Minecraft OGs you Will be missed

  • Gecko Gamers 1 month ago

    In the beggining, ssundee isnt quitting minecraft. He has some problems to take care of. He in NOT quitting yt or mc.

  • the fancy killer#1245326 1 month ago

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  • Godzilla Gamer 1 month ago

    hey, logdotzip my other acc is a youtuber but i don’t upload so much because i have exam 馃檨 next week more uploads i guess 馃榾

  • Lego toys 1 month ago

    we had the space for newbie minecraft youtuber!

  • Jypixel Nime 1 month ago

    Don’t give up don’t quit in Minecraft I watch u because I’m always updated in Minecraft

  • Agco kid 亘夭乇 丌賰賵 1 month ago

    Please don鈥檛 quit

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