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  • Verlisify 2 weeks ago

    Never heard of it

  • Pahwahster 2 weeks ago

    “Yes I still enjoy Minecraft I’m not going to say no because 100 percent of my Audience only watch me for said content so yeah keep them happy they pay my bills.”

  • MrOr3stis 2 weeks ago

    Nostalgia from when minecraft was actually MINECRAFT

  • Dusan Dusan 2 weeks ago

    Ur 10 years on YouToube, my honor.

  • Jello Man 2 weeks ago


  • Anti Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Youtube began at 1997

  • BlazingBlace 2 weeks ago

    I started youtube at 2015
    I feel old even im 10

  • DiamondGamingStudious //DGS 2 weeks ago

    Put the /randomtickspeed to 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 to break mcpc

  • Irlclamp God101 2 weeks ago

    I’ve been watching since 1st survival games my fav videos where survival games 3 herobrins mansion and I miss skitscape

  • Emanuel Luna 2 weeks ago

    Are you gonna quit minecraft antvenom

  • MarziMations - Gaming and Animation 2 weeks ago

    Because Minecraft is cool

  • Aaron Kuusela 2 weeks ago

    6 years ago, one of your videos introduced me to Minecraft, you should be proud because you made younger me happy. I am pretty sure you introduced many other younger kids to it too! I have always watched your videos, I really do. Thanks for all these videos. I appreciate it.

  • Denalia 2 weeks ago

    Do A Terraria and Starbound series, its got a lot of creative freedom! It’d be interesting the ways you come up with playing it, playing with friends enhances the experience.

  • Darth Ironclad 2 weeks ago

    Well how about trying to break popular mods/modpacks of minecraft,that can bring up a lot of content.

  • Soufian El Aiassi 2 weeks ago


    What have you been hiding from us?????

  • Marmori Pelaa :o 2 weeks ago

    “Let’s go ahead and let’s get right into it”
    I love that quote.

  • Lars Beertsen 2 weeks ago

    ‘Looks at title’ me: here is a better question, why did you even begin? (not hating just saying) (that rhymes)

  • the dasher 2 weeks ago

    I really want to be like you
    You are the best and like you said minecraft wont die… We will stop enjoing it one day for a while then it will revive ☺😊

  • Владица Алексић 2 weeks ago


  • salman ramdani rachman 2 weeks ago

    Dude! I didn’t subscribe you for minecraft. I subbed you cuz you have a great sound :v

  • shadowthehh2 2 weeks ago

    First my favorite server that’s been up for almost 7 years is shutting down because hardly anyone ever gets on it anymore, and now this video…

    I think it’s happening, guys… I think the end of MineCraft is coming.

    It’s still definitely far into the horizon. But this is the first time the thought has crossed my mind.

  • sef cool 2 weeks ago

    Antvenom….. why dont you make survival server so we can enter it…. i know there is a lot of survival servers but it will be cool if you joined C:

  • salman ramdani rachman 2 weeks ago

    Q: why does Antvenom still makes minecraft videos
    A: Cuz he can still break it

  • Kikyam 2 weeks ago

    Just when I thought your video subjects couldn’t get even more stupid.

  • InvisibleMystery Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Ant, could you do a video about the PvP community and how we’re stuck in 1.8.9? I think that if a big YouTuber makes a video about it, Mojang will be more likely to listen. It will also show the rest of the community the problem. So many PvP YouTubers have for one reason or another quit but a lot of it is that it just gets boring because there’s no new content. Thanks, Ant!

  • Sharvin de Rooij 2 weeks ago

    because you’re someone who makes REAL Minecraft videos, someone you can learn from

  • Just Another Youtube Channel 2 weeks ago

    Because why not! That’s why!

    No but seriously, if you are still enjoying it, keep making video, because we’ll keep watching them.

  • ViktorPlays 2 weeks ago

    You make your first video on my birthday 😛 19th january

  • Adam Magee 2 weeks ago

    Antvenom, I want to make a channel, But i don’t know how, Also, i want to make QUALITY videos, not stuiped, useless, content
    Please teach me how

  • Conewood 2 weeks ago

    I remember the mini game phase, then everything went shot down hill and now i’m glad to see things are good.

  • GoldMikeMan 2 weeks ago

    I always feel sad as I watch the old Minecraft veterans slowly disappear but I understand why they leave. I bought Minecraft on the 28th of August 2012 and Some of my earliest memories with Minecraft are watching Syndicate (The Minecraft Project) and Simon and Lewis playing maps like Deep Space Turtle Chase and building their Jaffa factory in Tekkit. I love Minecraft and how long it’s lasted is testament to how amazing it is and I don’t think there will ever be a point where I won’t be able to go back to it with a smile on my face.

  • Alexander Moniuszko 2 weeks ago

    That’s nice, but why do you keep making Minecraft videos?

  • XxJairusPlayzxX - MCPE 2 weeks ago

    antvenom pls do not ever quit minecraft

  • HaPpy_FoX 2 weeks ago

    I don’t really think Minecraft will die just not be as popular

  • Jamie Gillson 2 weeks ago

    Because we all love you ant😘😘

  • Pjiwm 2 weeks ago

    I don’t play the game anymore, but the research like videos are just so interesting!

  • OmegaNave 2 weeks ago

    I love just remembering the old Minecraft Youtubers playing together. I miss the old days of Minecraft. But if this is the type of content you enjoy making, then you keep doing it!

  • SLyReX 2 weeks ago

    hey guestion appart, anyone knows when 1.13 will come ? sry for my english

  • Mr OneZeroThree 2 weeks ago

    No…. Don’t quit minecraft! You broke it beautifully and there is no reason to quit what you do best!

  • Luftwaffle35 2 weeks ago

    I still remember Aether I

  • Dayzik 2 weeks ago

    I’ve been here since 2014 and I’m not going anywhere

  • Subin Philip 2 weeks ago

    you go boy!!

  • ItsMandatory / IM 2 weeks ago

    I like physics game more than fantasy game.
    i build redstone and buildings in minecraft xdddddddd (i’m ironic xddddd)

  • Teddy Walsh 2 weeks ago

    You’re pretty much the only one of the Sky Army who still plays Minecraft

  • krypton bajarin 2 weeks ago

    Come on do geometry dash im waiting

  • Pls never leave I love you and Ur content and of course your editor, co writer. I still love Minecraft and I have always enjoyed your content and support U all the way

  • Spectence 2 weeks ago

    A theories channel?

  • Ranjit Singh 2 weeks ago


  • Master Elf 2 weeks ago

    People Upload Videos Because Of Money
    & So Did/Are You

  • WitherStone WitherStone 2 weeks ago

    try the creative community.

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