• Rudy Fermo 3 weeks ago

    23 hours for me

  • Chara Dash 葉哲涵 3 weeks ago

    Omg little Kelly’s video is my childhood

  • Little Fizzy 3 weeks ago

    The prince is evil

  • Becky Hill 3 weeks ago

    it should be little kelly

  • Pinkroblox101 Lol 3 weeks ago


  • crazy bloxer3911 3 weeks ago

    love it

  • Destiny Escamilla 3 weeks ago

    LK should 💍 him

  • Piggie Piggie pink 3 weeks ago

    ThTs the same town in the magic kingdom

  • Ink-chan And kawaii-chan 3 weeks ago

    Little kelly i love your VIDS please do moar Royal family 😜

  • Grace and Mum 3 weeks ago

    This was sooooo cool

  • Bob Bevill 3 weeks ago

    I got an idea! Tell the police it was evil little Kelly and carly

  • Dress Like Mia 3 weeks ago

    Lk evil prince

  • Natalie Yanez 3 weeks ago

    Love ❤️ you little Kelly

  • Moises Ceja 3 weeks ago

    Join me I got minecraft

  • Veronica Gomezcoello 3 weeks ago

    I wish the evil prince was jay

  • CUEU GT 3 weeks ago

    i wonder if that evil boy wants little kelly to be hes girl friend cause i want some love story in love island and no love island D:

  • CUEU GT 3 weeks ago

    ooooo maried omg pick little kelly u bad boy pick kelly i want to see what happed with the drama ooo boy

  • Mellena Hawink 3 weeks ago

    Why doesn’t LK have more fans what happened this isn’t want she disvers this she diserves more

  • Looking Elite 3 weeks ago

    I like the castle

  • Katherinne Martinez 3 weeks ago

    Marry ok please that would be cool cool😎😎😎😎

  • Winter Gamer Youtuber 2 weeks ago

    I think the prince should mary little kelly

  • Kathleen Brace 2 weeks ago

    Why did you not update today 11/21/17 in Philippines???

  • Marios Papagiannis 2 weeks ago

    Guys for be honest this castle is much better than the magical kindom decorate this castle with ur style like magical kindom but I miss magical kindom bc all the greatest adventures happend there whos with me?

  • Marjana Uddin 2 weeks ago

    The new evil Prince name is J

  • Marjana Uddin 2 weeks ago

    The evil Prince is tim

  • Marjana Uddin 2 weeks ago

    And the evil or Prince Tim is trying to marry lk or lc

  • Analeigh Nickels 2 weeks ago

    who is tiny tobby

  • DIY UNICORN KENZIE 2 weeks ago

    Hay little kelly and little Carly that price Has to Mary one of you

  • Sibling gamer 2 weeks ago

    I agree keep calm I’m a gamer

  • Jessie Badham 2 weeks ago

    do you know amy lee 33

  • Jessie Badham 2 weeks ago

    make the eivl prince

  • Jessie Badham 2 weeks ago

    little kelly marry ep

  • Anne Gibbons 2 weeks ago

    YOU SAY IT KING TOM!!!!!!!

  • Love Queen 2 weeks ago

    Does anyone know why Raven and Little Leo don’t post anymore?? Have they left the Little Club like Little Ally did? Why does it seem like all the new Little Club members I like always stop posting..

  • Hgtf Gchghc 2 weeks ago

    You should do a Christmas special

  • Kaci And friends 2 weeks ago

    He’s not your dadmremember

  • uni cooki 2 weeks ago


  • Sarah Jimenez 2 weeks ago

    Little Carly and little kelly should make a super secret hide out in or outside the castle

  • Emmanuel Umoh 2 weeks ago

    little kelly do you no max the monkey QUIT YOUTUBE PLEASE HELP HIM GET BACK IN YOU PLEASE :(((((

  • mr king game 2 weeks ago

    Lit kelly

  • mr king game 2 weeks ago

    Make a South Park video kelly

  • skintner20 2 weeks ago

    I live to meet you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😇😇😇😸😹

  • skintner20 2 weeks ago

    little Kelly is the best

  • Emmita Román 2 weeks ago

    Like what Happened to little ally and cassie the cat!??????!!!!?!!?

  • Alyanahmhielle Atanante 2 weeks ago


  • v pddjjxhxhxhxhchduiidboleda 2 weeks ago


  • The Kid 2 weeks ago

    That is a good idea

  • maddie cat 2 weeks ago

    When Carly said Santa I loved how little kelly responded lol

  • Cynthia Castillo 2 weeks ago


  • Jadacie Ison 2 weeks ago

    Do some more videos with Ben10

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