A new episode of our Minecraft Pokemon Mod Pixelmon Island SMP!


  • Hatim Dalal 6 months ago

    Pls delete the Pokemons u don’t want like the ones u don’t want at all so u won’t get confused between them cuz u always get confused between your Pokemons

  • Bob Jones 6 months ago

    Great idea team

  • Bob Jones 6 months ago

    Love the series

  • LIKE SO VIKK CAN SEE!!!!!!!!!!!
    There are certain ways to EV train a Mega Amphy where it out speeds a Garchomp with an Agility up, but as far as standard EV training goes, this will be your Bulky Sweeper/Pivot. A basic spread for beginners would be 252 SPATK/252 HP/4 SPDEF

    you can also use mega Amphy as a Bulky/Speedy Special Sweeper if you add Agility to it’s move set. You can make it VERY bulky by giving it Cotton Guard, but I would advise picking between the two. You can also use it as a Bulky Pivot and Volt Switch when nessisary

    Here’s a good Moveset to consider:

    Mega Ampharos
    252 SPATK/252 HP/4 DEF
    Mold Breaker

    -Cotton Guard/Agility
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Focus Blast/Power Gem/Heal Bell/Signal Beam

  • Epic KillCams 6 months ago

    Maybe get articuno because Mildred is bad and you don’t need electric

  • Suchit Arora 6 months ago

    It’s triggering when Vikk says he gets triggered. He messes up so many times every stream, and chat always corrects/saves him, but once they mess up, he gets triggered. Especially last stream where he got the wrong Mareep and got triggered when it was his own fault, and later on as well just to save himself he started saying stuff that didn’t even make sense. “Yeah but 19 Special Attack is better” what?

  • Ehab Zaidi 6 months ago

    Thank god vikk checked which generation is lukario cause if he was hunting for it and found out that lukario was gen 4

  • george ashton 6 months ago

    Lots of people are gonna use heracross cos it’s a huge counter to tyranatar, i thino thats how u spell it.What if u did a counter to heracross – a Crobat one shots heracross. The mind games

  • rachcat4 6 months ago

    If people are going houndoom I def rate doing a quilava strat its a very HYPE poke

  • Try this offensive moveset for Houndoom.

    Flamethrower: Best fire type move Houndoom can learn.

    Dark Pulse: Bedcause of Houndoom’s higher Sp. Attack.

    Sunny Day: Raises the power of Flamethrower and charges up Solarbeam.

    Solarbeam: High power, good accuracy, charged by Sunny Day combo. Also can defeat all of Fire-types weaknesses (Water, Rock, Ground) leaving only Fighting types for Houndoom, which can be easily taken out by your power increased flamethrower.

  • KrazyGaming 6 months ago

    Moltres would replace houndoom, and articuno would replace starmie which is good because of dragonites

  • Jaden Richardson 6 months ago

    Houndoom can get countered by earthquake, and maybe umbreon

  • _iTzRiazPvP ツ 6 months ago

    dont get zapdoz yh prob the best out the 3 legendary birds but u got alakazam its one of the best of not the best special sweeper but also the legendary birds are terrible.

  • Nffsagrisen 6 months ago

    Just saying… Nature is much more important than Ivs

  • Ivy the elemental heart 6 months ago

    No lie the other season was way better and had more banter

  • Clare Duffield 6 months ago

    vick get the meta meganium donphan and blissey 😀😀😀😀🤔🤔

  • Ollie Holloman 6 months ago


  • YouTube Songs 6 months ago

    Did anyone he see the togatic when he was catching the heracross

  • Austin Popp 6 months ago

    You should definitely get a timid Mr. Mime. Psychic has been destroying most Pokémon so far this season; especially Gastly, which is Ghost/Poison. Fairy type’s only weakness then is Steel, and nobody has been using steel at all really. Mr. Mime is definitely a solid choice to go with.

  • AceOfEagles 6 months ago

    Vik go add a steelix to your team and get a mega star one for it

  • Jagroop Bajwa 6 months ago

    lmfaooo 16:40, I thought pixelmon was a PG series lmaoo

  • Raatomieli 6 months ago

    when breeding just be sure to give the everstone to the one who has good nature. The other can have the destiny knot. It doesn’t matter because with that the egg will get 5 IVs from parentS. It doesn’t get them fro the one holding the item but randomly from both of the parents.

  • Unstable arrow 6 months ago

    Zapdos is a great idea.. also if you want the right nature on something rare like eevee then get a ditto and breed for it

  • Hacker 123 6 months ago

    You should get a tranatar

  • Hacker 123 6 months ago

    Or you could get steeling and or sisor

  • Pizza Cuber 6 months ago

    2:09 *fail

  • Tye Barker 6 months ago

    hi vic Ali is planing to troll you

  • - ImDrakey- 6 months ago

    Get an ice move on ur starmie to counter dragon types

  • JackThe ManYT 6 months ago

    Did I see a celibi

  • Braeden Amor 6 months ago

    Stop saying meta

  • Leftylef 6 months ago

    “Somehow I managed to damage my orb” -Vikk
    It’s being filled with souls genius.

  • marwah Hashimi 6 months ago

    When will the tournament happen

  • B Del 6 months ago

    Lachlan got a god typholsion

  • Nenndjdj 6 months ago

    Get mind reader and sheer cold on articuno (it one shots every time after mind reader)

  • Ryan Hammond 6 months ago

    You need to eevee train better, you say alakazam and starmie are almost done het 20-30% of the eevees are ones u dont want, and why get speed efor the maureep??????

  • z chozen 1 6 months ago

    Anyone gonna point out how half of vikks team can mega evolve?

  • izBoom 6 months ago

    ain’t that funny you want a timid Houndoom

  • Andy Dong 6 months ago

    Love VIKK with the BIG ASS NOSE 35:20

  • Shiyu Shen 6 months ago


  • Shiyu Shen 6 months ago

    Wen able

  • Shiyu Shen 6 months ago

    One of the best

  • Seb WB 6 months ago

    You have a adamant hear across I think

  • Haritos Giannakos 6 months ago

    cikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk trade the pupitar from side or speed and train it ples

  • CRAZYTUBE 123 6 months ago

    u missed shiny venasaur at 10.32

  • Nilton Fernandes 6 months ago


  • jason UILS 6 months ago

    Who else flinches everytime vikks mouse go overs the master ball ….

  • Gabe Kloberdanz 6 months ago

    Vikk don’t get recover on starmie. He’s not very tanky. He needs coverage moves so he doesn’t die. Replace recover with ice beam and get tbolt for its forth move(btw surf is better than scald so try to get it)

  • Bmore like trelle 6 months ago

    I wish people would stop trolling vikk he won’t get any better if you dnt truly help him

  • Shooter4459 2 6 months ago

    What pokemon are in the nether

  • Анета Монгуш 6 months ago


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