How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Ivy the elemental heart 8 months ago

    They should to build battle teams of 4
    before the game is over snag some iron,diamond 😜

  • Mark Anthony Hilotin 8 months ago

    Btw vikk there is mcmmo in h4m

    Like so vikk can see

  • Henry Wilkinson 8 months ago

    Vik you should just turn the corners into nothing.

  • Liam Thomas 8 months ago

    Vikk allow spread betting but not on both the red and the blue that way you can make money fast and there’s no possible “0 risk” bet, like so he can see

  • Ralph Gade 8 months ago

    make the rule that you can only make one bet a round

  • Jay Janagil 8 months ago


  • Daily Chy 8 months ago

    vikk put nati in the fountain casino it will look awesome like so vikk sees this

  • Laurits Lebech 8 months ago

    with the red, example
    it should go “i bet 10k” and they get 20 total not 30.

  • Ben Howley 8 months ago


  • Ben Howley 8 months ago

    Ask to get a skywars event going like to agree

  • ulysses viloria 8 months ago

    vikk pls if you can can you put in a piston door pls it would be sick and also try make an winning area and use the fireworks you stole from Pete and the last thing try make a bigger fountain and put nati in there that the top comment said I hope you see this pls and like this so he can see this but if I know vikk he will probably not read this #relatable

  • AV3RYHAY3S HKY 8 months ago

    Bring back POKÉMON GO!!

  • Epic Gaming 8 months ago

    vk pls like coment and sub on my chanel pls pls pls pretty pls with a cherry on top cause I did that on yours.

  • Ivan Fonseca 8 months ago

    where is the steam

  • nm mm 8 months ago

    dude pete should put 1,000,000 on black vikk dead

  • Jeffy 8 months ago

    Vikk do a tnt war plz

  • Christian Fernandez 8 months ago

    i caught up i watched very episode 1-40 in 3 days

  • Sparky jr 8 months ago


  • Chandler Ritchie 8 months ago

    Vickk take a 3 day Break from YouTube you need it

  • S3BIUS 8 months ago

    I have been waiting for hours when is the next upload!!!!!

  • HaxxorHax01 8 months ago


  • ExOtIc-_- T.S.N 8 months ago

    No streams today?

  • Zachary Braconnier 8 months ago

    where are U?

  • An de lei 8 months ago

    Vikk has a life to live his life is inconvenienced because of this series live stream will happen later probably. Refer to 1:02:43. Follow Vikk on twitter for updates.

  • finian mcelwee 8 months ago

    Vik u should put a maximum number of bets cuz if Pete put 50,000 on red,blue and black/pink/green ur basically bankrupt

  • Sam Moore 8 months ago

    The machine only lands red blue or black

  • Hershel Haas 8 months ago

    WHERE 41 AT?

  • Solomon Tuagalu 8 months ago

    Vikk,put Nati in the fountain in the casino!! It will look awesome. Like so Vikk sees this!!

  • Solomon Tuagalu 8 months ago

    Just a few ideas (warning essay inbound) :

    For the bid placement chest, instead of having just the single chest, have a double chest in the middle where the lapis is, and have a sign on the front of it, saying “Place Your Icon In Top Slots” (where they’ll place their item of choice to show whose bets are whoses) and another sign also on the front on it saying “Only number bets max.” Then have the 5 coloured wools on the left side in the chest (spread evenly in between each wool, but not reaching the bottom slots of the chest). After, fill in the rest of the slots of the chest with one or multiple coloured paned glass, but leave the top slots of the chest free for the Icons and the bottom slots for where you pay up the winnings, also the rows that line up with the coloured wool horizontally (but this of course is optional). The reason of this is bc we witnessed how cramped it was in the chest with all the bets.

    With the coloured wools in the bet placement chest instead of having ratios on them have the amount you will multiply the winnings. For an example 2x will be the name for the blue wool instead of 1:1. It just makes it easier to understand the payout.

    Finally,(totally your choice and your fans) instead of having red payout 3x it should have the same pay out as blue. The reason behind this is bc reds chance of rolling is only slightly different from blue, by two wool. So having red with the same chance and payout as blue is more optimal. And this is the reason behind red ransacking you from a lot of money.


  • XxShadowGamerxX 8 months ago

    were is ep 41 did vikk die

  • playzzjam l 8 months ago

    why don’t you play with Ali a

  • TheGaming JJ 8 months ago

    When they where saying te odds were wrong they was correct u put 1 in and get 2 out not 3 thats why its 1:2 the one stands for £1 and the two stands for £2 so u double there money not tripple u dumbo

  • Heather Buchanan 8 months ago

    Vikk, 1:2 odds means 1/2 so if somebody bets 10k then you just put it in to 1/2, which would mean 10k/20k=1/2. Sorry if I’m being stupid, but that’s how I interpreted it.

  • Andrew Yates 8 months ago

    PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH IT IS SICK Yo vikk you should add a gold block to the casino for jackpot. The way it would work is each play who comes to the wheel of fortune has the option of normal WOF(wheel of fortune) or jackpot WOF. In jackpot wof the player pays 50k and after each round the jackpot isnt hit you put 5k for every player involved in the wof into the chest. If and when the gold block is landed on the money get split evenly amongst the players and you restart it, but if the black wool is hit it bankrupts the jackpot and you take it all back. And restart the th jackpot so technically if 4 people play it and it never lands on jackpot you come away with an extra 200k

  • Geo-Fry 8 months ago

    Vikks pawn shop lol

  • Damon Furlough 8 months ago

    if someone were to put 10k on both red and blue they almost can’t lose, and if it lands on either, they break even or gain money, just saying

  • Reuben Lee 8 months ago

    I’m 11today

  • Mubin Chowdhury 8 months ago

    KSI creature came as an ad

  • Given G. Raven 8 months ago

    let the players stop the wheel and It only stopped corner once

  • The Maniac Gamer HD 8 months ago

    OMG PLZ PLAY CRAZY CRAFT!!!!!!! like so vik sees

  • Alex Mckenzie 8 months ago

    Vikk to nice

  • Farhan Rafat 8 months ago

    Vikk Logang or Jake Paulers?

  • Squid_122 8 months ago

    Fk off with the bug eyes ad

  • Seth Belli 8 months ago

    Vik, put red and blue alternating carpet on the inner square around the wheel of fortune.

  • LaZeR Plays 8 months ago

    You should do an ark series with all the sidemen!

  • Soyeb Momin 8 months ago

    you should just get seth blig whatever

  • Crest Jefe 8 months ago

    Vikk add yellow so when it lands on it they won’t get anything like if u agree

  • WeirdCityCitizen 8 months ago

    I just entered The Moss Family Nintendo comp 🙂

  • Damian Kortenray 8 months ago

    Make the machine 1 row bigger and place white wool were you cant bet on so the ods are more in your favor

  • Bertram Hoejbjerre 8 months ago

    Just maks a normal casino
    Red must fill up 6/14 (NOT 18 – cause the corners should be blank) – payout=x2
    Blue must fill up6/14 – payout=x2
    Black must fill up 2/14 – payout=x6
    In that Way, you will make profit!

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