• NaiUndead 5 months ago

    Very great and detailed. 🙂 Thanks!

  • GamerTurtle5 5 months ago

    wait so something like ^3 ^ ^ will execute something in front of you?

  • CreepaShadowz 5 months ago

    12:03 “There are new loading screens; they have helpful tips displaying on them while the game loads in.”
    Helpful Tip Shown: Some famous people play Minecraft!

  • FreezingGamer HD :D 5 months ago

    Can someone help me? When I try to craft on the Console version of the better together update, it won’t let me me craft anything. I have 6 wooden logs but when I type in planks in the recipe book, it’s just a red square and won’t let me craft planks. This is really frustrating for me.

  • Pineapple_123 5 months ago

    that kinda makes me mad that this is now minecraft … minecraft “java” is minecraft and should be called minecraft not “java edition” … idk why this makes me so mad XD

  • JochCool 5 months ago

    Wow some of these additions make me jealous of the Bedrock edition.

    Great video, by the way!

  • Huntracony 5 months ago

    So, to the desktop version which has existed for years and is still the most advanced, they added “Java Edition” to the logo. Meanwhile in pocket and windows 10 edition, they removed that text so the logo now just says “Minecraft”…
    Either of these changes by themselves aren’t objectionable to me, but both happening at the same time suggests to me that this edition will be their focus from now on, or at least it will be the main version of Minecraft. I do have a problem with that.

  • Andreas sjöberg 5 months ago

    *standing ovation*

  • I hate the water

  • xisumavoid 5 months ago

    Wow! Quite a lot of interesting stuff here, seems like this is when the bedrock surpases the old faithful pc edition

  • kyrollos youssef 5 months ago

    15:40 please add this to the java edition!

  • Halbzwilling 5 months ago

    Do behavior packs behave like funktions?

  • Karl Steinmeister 5 months ago

    wow… nice Job on everything done in bedrock Edition. This Version seems way cleaner that the Java Edition. And the Speed at which you (i mean the whole Team) are able to add Features is insane, i feel like in a few months the bedrock Edition will have more stuff in it and be more bug free than the Java Edition!
    Well commands are already more user friendly than in Java edtion, so good Job on that 🙂

    This is all just my opinion, so please, anyone who is reading this, don’t feel personally affended.

    Keep up the great work (again the whole Team 😉 ), I am curious to see what Comes next 🙂

    ps. I didn’t quite understand what ^ does in commands, i hope the detailed Video will explain this Feature as well 🙂

  • superdance19 5 months ago

    how did you get that 1.2?

  • TheLazyDragon 5 months ago

    Well now this version seems to do almost everything vanilla java version does but better and it upsets me because I cant mod it D:

  • Brandon Salisbury 5 months ago

    console already had all of these things

  • Alejandro Catalin 5 months ago

    “Java edition will still be the version to get the new stuff first” they said

  • Great video thanks again slicedlime 🙂

  • Crisjean Pistecua 5 months ago

    That because the description is in Spanish l I only see it

  • Kristoffer Vassbø 5 months ago

    What, you made the new command system. Wow thank you, I am suprised.

  • bl4ckscor3 5 months ago

    Will the block placing speed be applied to Java Edition, too? I’ve been using tterrag1098’s recently released “Better Placement” mod to be able to do that, but would love for it to be officially implemented.

  • Wafity 5 months ago


  • wp307d 5 months ago

    It seems like than the boats on ice are not a bug. Yaay! 😀

  • MrHatoi 5 months ago

    These last few weeks the splash screens seem to be trolling youtubers. First in PhoenixSC’s video about the name change it had the most ironic “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!” splash possible, then in this video of course it has to say “This is my true form!”

  • TheMine Girl 5 months ago

    *5 different colors of parrots. Light blue, dark blue, red, gray and green. Ghasts could light up portal when it was destroyed long time ago, same with enderman dropping block that he was holding in hands

  • gnembon 5 months ago

    That’s an impressive changelog, and in many places – its better than java ed. Wonder when/if one would be able to host their own server (like with java ed’s server.jars)?

  • SBP Saga_Erubiel2 5 months ago

    I have a realms server. If you want to be added comment your GT for a party invite to see if you are trusted.

    This realms server is a 2 year old world with a lot of cities and a good spawn. It’s 100% survival so you will get achievements. If you get added please don’t grief and follow the rules.

    If I don’t add you maybe because I didn’t see your reply my gamer tag is: Erubiel2

  • Blake Richard 5 months ago

    I imported my world from the Xbox one edition and it was ruined. I am unable to change it from “infinite” world type and all my purchased packs are not yet restored. As of now I am pissed with this update

  • entereloaded 5 months ago

    OMG yes yes armor pen, yeha!

  • Aqua Sheep 5 months ago

    They miss the Shield 😂

  • Beta -Carrotina 5 months ago

    18:37 Ending Gameplay

  • HCl_氢氯酸_HCl 5 months ago

    I was amazed by Minecraft pretty much by the redstone stuffs, but redstone in bedrock edition are so unstable, laggy and inconsistent, and that’s why I don’t like bedrock edition. I wish there could be someone working on redstone performances…

  • Anyone else having issues with crafting? Nothing shows up when I have the required materials? I’m on win10 this is happening to all computers.

    Wow got it that doesn’t make sense that every computer needed a clean install of the game but okay. I went from 1.1.5 to 1.2 I think there’s some sort of bug when it updates.

  • UselessAndroid 5 months ago

    The 1.2 update is the only version with stable betas.

  • hunar omer 5 months ago

    I want it on linux 😭😭

  • Wobbegong Wachong 5 months ago

    if java edition doesnt get that local coordinate system in 1.13 im gonna switch to this lol

  • Gregory Mercado 5 months ago

    How the fuck do u make a furnace

  • Faith In Tacos 5 months ago

    I bet most of these are because of stampy

  • ZBC —————— 5 months ago

    What’s with those creepy giant bats that shoot ghastballs?

  • VsnoopyG Gaming 5 months ago

    Is there ever going to be better combat like sheilds and the swipe animations

  • GlitchCreator 5 months ago

    I cant get it even though i played 5 hours

  • Khowla Horani 5 months ago

    I think you aree 🙁 ( lol) you are the best

  • xXDarkWolf46Xx 5 months ago

    Anyone know how to fix Mc 1.2 crashing when entering a world or server on windows 10 it wasnt doing this on the normal update before 1.2

  • God doesn't exist. 5 months ago

    Glad ps4 isn’t doing this update, it’s terrible

  • TS Legion 5 months ago

    So there is now two different MINECRAFT S

  • Connor James 5 months ago


  • Crimson Pulse76 5 months ago

    There were actually 5 different versions of parrots

  • gramahL 5 months ago

    so… nothing special , ok i’ll just stick with the java edition then,
    therer slowly getting there though i might think about getting it in about 2 years if they have added something worth the transfer over

  • brandon potter 5 months ago

    Why do a lot of commands not work are they going to fix that

  • Schdow Nvidia 5 months ago

    how do you fixed the inventory?

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