• Jessi C. 3 weeks ago

    Heya Beef! Quick helpful tip, mobs will spawn from spawners at 1 block below, even with, or 1 block above the spawners height for where their feet are placed. :3 Hope it helps!

  • jeffstar1 and Stuff 3 weeks ago

    Hi beef!! But u did a little something wrong. Rods only drop when killed by a player or mob. So you could maybe turn it into an exp date for other people! But you put hoppers underneath the place where the blazes fall you can still get the rods and people would visit your island for exp!!


  • Uglyminesword 3 weeks ago

    Next farm do irongolems, a million is easy if you’re afk farming on here and it’ll let you actually have a decent income.
    Blaze don’t drop unless player killed. Minions count if you can get one.
    ilmango made a villager based crop farm if I remember correctly, and that’ll produce crops without you needing any input from you.

    On minesaga though, the only crop you should concern yourself with is cactus. There’s tons of highly compact farms for cactus that are used on the server, the larger the better.

    I’m playing on here with a buddy and we’re making 4 mil a day easily, so it’s definitely doable for you to be drowning in cash.


  • Alonso Tank 3 weeks ago

    you sould build a treehouse on that huge tree, if u aint chopping it down might as well do something with it

  • Jeremy 3 weeks ago

    Hey Beef, totes new round here but just had a thought bout your snazzy glass roof spawners, maybe you could put a few lights between the glass and the layer below to amp up the colours a bit, get proper disco on that badboy! Anyhow, nice vids, haven’t watched or played minecraft for a few years now and this has actually got me considering having another crack…not sure if that’s a positive thing or not yet lol!

  • MrMak2121 3 weeks ago

    Instead of gold block in the middle it should be a red stone block (?)

  • killertech xristidaras 3 weeks ago

    You can hold a block in your hand and type /island value to see how many points it will give you if you place it

  • Richard Lamm 3 weeks ago

    Dammit Beef… The one series out of all the current series I am currently watching, and this is the one that convinces me to drop $28 to re-get the game. Thanks…:P

  • kronictube 3 weeks ago

    use the arrows , dispenser, to kill the blazes?

  • Kingdom's Rebellion 3 weeks ago

    (MUST READ) Beef this is a must read message,When u want something in ah say in chat people start selling the things u want

  • delibobs 3 weeks ago

    You should put some light in your farms so they grow at night.

  • Kingdom's Rebellion 3 weeks ago

    Put a white or light colour block under the glass it will look better

  • Kingdom's Rebellion 3 weeks ago

    Zombie in the blue(diamond) area

  • RobbyPlays 3 weeks ago

    Hey beefers, I may have a suggestion I could be wrong but instead of the coal blocks, you could maybe use ice,

  • IcyReaper 3 weeks ago

    ….8 OHH- fix!

  • Makaveli The Don 3 weeks ago


  • Patrick Kenny 3 weeks ago

    I think selling the bones or bonemeal on the auction house might be a good way to make money

  • Gaming SkillsBro 3 weeks ago

    …u forgot to open basic key the red one

  • boxxer81 3 weeks ago

    Still using glow stone in the skellington spawner which is slowing down your spawns!

  • adachezero 3 weeks ago

    You could have used your supply of bones to bonemeal the carrots to quickly fill your farm.

  • Hallideadly est 3 weeks ago

    that is confirmed as other people are saying – Blazes will NOT drop rods if you do not hit them atleast once. Killing them without making any kind of contact with them nullifies any drops while some methods still allow you to collect xp.

  • Hallideadly est 3 weeks ago

    you couldn’t break that block because your line of sight had those words of the spawner in the way. when you lowered your cursor you got it just fine., so that is why that happened.

  • Krakendoesthings Plays 3 weeks ago

    I love this Series

  • Preston Howard 3 weeks ago

    Should for sure get yourself an iron golem spawner, Iron sells really well.

  • Slevin Ice 3 weeks ago

    the Fortnite community reminds me of how lit the minecraft community was but I believe with amazing minecraft youtubers like beef! the minecraft community will still be alive 😀 and I am proud to be in this community aswell.

  • Luis Vergaa 3 weeks ago

    Beef, on the minesaga server u need to kill the blazes to get the loot, they wont drop rods

  • trashfisherman King 3 weeks ago

    How did he know where my phone was…

  • JeffreyBlakeney 3 weeks ago

    The bottle neck in your carrot farm is the fact that you have a single hopper. Once the hopper is has five stacks in it, it only puts one into the chest at a time. All the other carrots will sit on top of the hopper and can be cleared by the server. Add at least one more hopper to avoid this as that gives you a ten stack buffer.

  • mrsshikles 3 weeks ago

    I want the noise at 15:41 as a notification tone.

  • JeffreyBlakeney 3 weeks ago

    As far as I know, Blazes only drop rods if they are killed by the player. Suffocation and drowning don’t work and they aren’t affected by fire or lava.

  • humane monkey303 3 weeks ago


  • humane monkey303 3 weeks ago

    And move ur anvil to over the iron Block above ur bone farm and move ur enchanting table over the diamond cube

  • humane monkey303 3 weeks ago

    Water kills endermen

  • Johnny 0123 3 weeks ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you actually have to kill the blazes manually to get blaze rods?

  • Yukon_Hero 3 weeks ago

    Beef, I’ve been playing this series myself, inspired by you. I sold an end frame like you (I got lucky) and I bought 6 zombie pigmen spawners from the auction house. I made a gold farm with a hopper sorting system and everything. But when I put down the zombie pigmen spawners, they turned into normal zombies. So beware! Don’t go for Zombie Pigmen spawners

  • Well Played Games 3 weeks ago

    Hey beef, you should try voting for the server! If you do /vote a couple of links will come up and if you put your player name in then you will get vote keys and money! Anyway great video beef!

  • flehan09 3 weeks ago

    Beef, try to harvest your carrots with a fortune 3 pick. It doesn’t take durability on the pick but you get the furtune effect. Should make quite a difference.

  • Hexlattice 3 weeks ago

    1:30 I laughed out loud so hard at that!

  • Jl0rd m0ding808 3 weeks ago

    I have the same blaze problem

  • Mister Bear 3 weeks ago

    Can’t help with the blaze problem, but I do have a good suggestion! Maybe you could mix spawners… Like creepers with slimes, iron golems with skeletons, pigment with the blazes.. I think it would be cool!!

  • Stefanos G 3 weeks ago

    You could bonemeal the carrots now if you wanted, don’t know how economical that would be though.

  • Weird Cat 3 weeks ago

    The shield keeps popping up because in 1.8 right click did that blocking thing with a sword but since 1.12 has Shields to block it does that instead.

  • Strange_Quarks 3 weeks ago

    Love this series Beef

  • pinksenshi 3 weeks ago

    Look up how to make a carrot farm. It has a bit of redstone but with your bones it will get you a bunch of carrots quickly

  • twilit13 isawesome 3 weeks ago

    the blaze rods drop on player kill only beef.

  • XBeasthammerX 3 weeks ago

    Beef do /fly

  • ekaruna42 3 weeks ago

    If this is like vanilla, light levels DO affect blaze spawning, but they can spawn at much higher light levels than other mobs (up to 12 if memory serves)

  • Alex Finch 3 weeks ago

    whats the server name?

  • David Linehan 3 weeks ago

    Nice vid beef

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