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  • The Tomas Cz 1 week ago

    What does Minecraft teach you about life?
    Monsters will appear every night and you gotta kill them with a sword.
    Rich people wear diamond armor and have diamond equipment.
    You can the weight of a 1000 cars in your pockets.
    You can’t take a nap in daytime.
    You can’t jump or climb over a 1 meter high fence.
    You can smelt raw ore into ingots in your oven.

  • tobikilla 1 week ago

    Build a flying machine that can move in two different axes or diagonal
    Would be extremely cool if possible

  • superlamagamer //playlists 1 week ago

    Great video 😀

  • Phill0Superhero 1 week ago

    Minecraft is amazing 🙂

  • Tyler Barth 1 week ago

    #1 life skill, “if someone has what you want, kill them” – Mumbo Jumbo 2018

  • Benzeel//The Golden Island//Ben//Benzeel Gaming 1 week ago

    Try Scrap Mechanic Its A New Game I Found On Steam And I like It (Not Better Than Minecraft) And it Has A Wiring Tool and Bearings And Controllers… What Im Trying To Say Is Can You Try Scrap Mechanic Please I want to see Your Reaction to it!!!

    (Like So Mumbo can see)

  • Sam Ten Thije 1 week ago

    3:49 how can time be measured in quantity? It sounds logical, but when you think about it, it just doesn’t seem right…

  • Aly Alwakeel 1 week ago

    Yeah I learn a lot of stuff and I’m on PS4, redstone is different..I never gived up and fixed them

  • The Random Guy 1 week ago

    Youtube is my best freind because all of my builds are come from minecraft tutorials so I got good at building but Im worst at redstone

  • Bob de Bouwer 1 week ago

    I learned English from Minecraft

  • David Gameing312 1 week ago

    Mumbo the wood farm it work first time and look what you said at 7:19-8:12

  • Rick Sande 1 week ago

    I learnt a lot of English names for everything due to Minecraft, like sand, dirt, charcoal. Very very useful!

  • ChocolazDerp 1 week ago

    they should add bananas into minecraft so you can learn about your dirty mindiness XD

  • Lucas Zuurmond 1 week ago

    well, I dont have any friends anymore

  • Hello Stranger 1 week ago

    Minecraft grows creativity of people and make them wide their minds

  • augustin dufour 1 week ago

    Yeah i always kill my friends in real life to get stuff they have

  • gamer 1308 1 week ago

    You should do an video showing everything in that world of redstone stufd

  • HawkingN 1 week ago

    9:29, the collaborative and general multiplayer aspects only really apply in certain cases, as on large survival servers, you usually end up with a mess, of groups of less than a dozen raiding everyone else. If the game were harder, or if there was a specialisation mechanic, whereby doing different things increased your ability to do things (such as mining stone), then there would be cause to work together in larger groups. I would actually be very excited in a nerd way, to simply study the types of societies that form, with dozens, maybe even hundreds of people working together, not because their friends or know each other personally, but because you cannot survive on your own, and thus need to work together, will democracies form? or will ironfist dictators form, will empires stretch across the server, or will it be a load if smaller states? All of this is not only something very interesting, but would also teach people the art of politics, and to truly participate in a society, trying to solve it’s problems, using what they know to contribute…

  • The Bad Trumpeter 1 week ago

    I will show this to my parents, and roblox users…

  • 09 Beast Boii 1 week ago

    Now in the pe beta u can learn science

  • QuadroCide 1 week ago

    1:37 an easter egg

  • mitre 1 week ago

    minecraft helped me learn english

  • DiscordedNotes 1 week ago

    The Cords Idea is True! I learned Cords With Minecraft before I even Learned Cords (X,Y,Z,) before anyone else in my Class! Now I can make a Gaming club, and say Gaming is good! Your Video is evidence!!!

  • spook the skywalker 1 week ago

    Just leaving a like for the last one 😆

  • Tyler Chambers 1 week ago

    I learned that mutton came from sheep

  • Shannon Smith 1 week ago

    That ensign though. Lol “just kill them and take it from them” very good stuff.

  • Mike Florea 1 week ago

    4:16 Quite cheap?!?!… QUITE CHEAP?!!!!!?!?!!! HOW DO YOU DARE! Minecraft is worth almost half of a schoolkid’s allowance, in Romania, for example. :'(

  • Zyracat 1 week ago

    That ending!!!

  • ThePartyRocker 234 1 week ago

    Minecraft has always been an educational game, and it has taught me some interesting things. If you don’t have it, you should definitely buy the game if you don’t already have it.

  • Tay777 1 week ago

    Wow I loved this video.

  • InTheAirMC and ThatGuyYoshu 1 week ago

    Starting to run out of video ideas?

  • Tristan Cunha 1 week ago

    At my school we did Never Eat Soggy Waffles

  • Murat Polat 1 week ago

    Schools should have us play Minecraft 😂

  • The magic Potato 877 1 week ago

    “Don’t play with fire”
    Is this mumbo or smoky the bear?

  • Payton Marshall 1 week ago

    You should make a room even a creative person can’t get out of
    From your favorites
    Don’t let us down

  • K-Tech ___ 1 week ago

    The last one- Basically the basis for WAR.

  • Ninja Nolan 1 week ago

    That last one totally isn’t encouraging anything… totally….

  • Tylert Hill 1 week ago

    Never Eat Sour Watermelon

  • Joe Hays 1 week ago

    I learned my multiples of 8 from playing Minecraft, and it has actually been *very* helpful to me in real life

  • Lor Aldridge 1 week ago

    Using the fill command in creative will school you in grid math.
    Although i haven’t yet gotten to far with command blocks, they are also an obvious skill building option in Minecraft.
    Translating a old D&D type map into Minecraft will take a bit of physics to work out. EG: A 10×10 map square to a 3×3 Minecraft map square is bordering on extra dimensional math. The 3×3 square is SIMULTANEOUSLY made up of 3,4 AND 5 blocks on a side, depending on how you’re thinking about it. I’ll let you figure out that one.
    (Hint it has to do with how you are interpreting the 10×10 map lines.)
    Just attempting to explain the idea of this conversion, overheats my brain a bit.
    So improving communication can be added to your list of life skills too. ^_^

  • Stefan Lehmann 1 week ago

    Hay mumbo I think you should actually sell stone things such as cobble, smooth, bricks and so on. Well you have a super smelter unlimited charcoal and a TONE of cobble stone.

  • s&n railway 1 week ago

    6:50 RandomTickSpeed was sped up

  • s&n railway 1 week ago

    10:30 “oops I shouldnt have said minecraft teaches u that” *descreetly ends the video* XD XD

  • Bro just PLAY 1 week ago

    Me and my friend made world of fortnite in minecraft and I’m still not done and it’s bin 1 month

  • Tek Maverick 1 week ago

    How about learning english? Ot typing?

  • ARandomGamer 1 week ago

    Actually, Minecraft teaches you how fun TNT and explosions are aswell 🙂

  • Manderinjo 1 week ago

    he’s right stealing things is way easyer than getting it yourself!

  • GtMcPE Bee 1 week ago

    4:30 something
    You watch popularmmos?

  • Revi0li 1 week ago

    Actually I think vr chat is the best game kids can be playing today.

  • Suderp 1 week ago

    For those who don’t know what a Boolean value is, its a data type that outputs either a true and false output

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