SSundee and Madelyn check their auto-crafting chest!!
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  • Preston Jones 1 month ago

    They spawn in jungles

  • ryanbro gaming, vlogs, and more!!! 1 month ago

    noob doesn’t know melons grow in the jungle biome. lol

  • Crimson Armada77 1 month ago

    melon seeds are found in chest in abandon mine shaft

  • Димитър Петров 1 month ago


  • Svetnor does games 1 month ago

    Emc system to dublicate stuff you already have

  • Epiclegend 100 1 month ago

    SSunddee in a jungle there are melons btw I love this series keep up the good work

  • Hypib Dope 1 month ago

    ian i thought it was Rick…jk but i did not know his real name cuz i come back to his channel off and on before someone says something

  • chilfang 1 month ago

    I have watched this channel for like 2 years

    I still jump sometimes when they say “Ian” since my name is also Ian

  • Rebecca Ellis 1 month ago

    An M.E System and maybe some beds???

  • Legace Matchap 1 month ago

    You can Find a watermelon seed and a jungle biome

  • Mattchew 123 1 month ago

    the Hooters joke killed meeeeeeee

  • boomer blaster 1 month ago

    melons in big forest you past

  • Noah Poel 1 month ago

    1. Make a chicken chest
    2. Make a auto cobble generator and make that into compressed cobblestone ( its better then a cactus farm)
    3.Make a M.E system

    Like for SSundee could see

  • Darren Liew 1 month ago

    put the spike in crainer house

  • s1r_steve 1 month ago

    that intro was not G!

  • Roba Niekas 1 month ago

    u can find mellons in jungles

  • Bikinis4 LokenAt 1 month ago

    Grown melons spawn in the jungle biome.

  • dodorx king 1 month ago

    in a jungel

  • Ghost Kano 1 month ago

    melons spawn in jungles

  • Joe Burgoyne 1 month ago

    melons are in the jungale

  • Stephen Chidley 1 month ago

    do poo challenges

  • nta ajem 1 month ago


  • Victor Nazha 1 month ago

    They are found in jungles (melons)

  • Garry Deeprose 1 month ago

    find a dungeon and get melon seeds

  • make a cobblestone genrator and auto craft into double compressed for random items Cobble is life

  • Christina Smith 1 month ago

    cobblestone generator

  • Ultimate Dragonslayer 1 month ago

    Make a channel where you and Madeline play different games together like Crainer and Thea.

  • JND JhaiJhed 1 month ago


  • J Lee 1 month ago

    you can find melons in chests you noobs

  • J Lee 1 month ago

    you can find melons in chests that spawn in the world you noobs

  • James — 1 month ago

    You can find Melons in a Jungle & a Mineshaft

  • Lolislian In youtube 1 month ago

    a villige

  • Marc Jeremaiah Adlong 1 month ago

    when Ssundee makes machines Madeline is like “um i still dont get it”

  • Matei gangsterul 1 month ago

    craft a shotgun

  • Ix3Cube GG 1 month ago

    Which mod pack is this?

  • Samuel Akers 1 month ago

    its not thug life its TUG LIFE

  • beast Smashers 1 month ago

    please make long videos

  • Louis Wijaya 1 month ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Ethan Williams 1 month ago

    Ssundee melons are very rare to find but can be found in jungles and other biomes

  • blood prince 1 month ago

    Make a atomic crafting with sugar cane

  • Amanda Forsgren 1 month ago

    If I’m right, melons usually spawn in the jungle!

  • Lightning q267 1 month ago

    melons spawn in the jungle and sometimes I have seen them in snowy areas. The seeds alone can be found among chest loot in abandoned mineshafts, dungeons, and woodland mansions. (maybe not the last one depending on version!) Hope this helped SSundee man.

  • chicken420 nestofbirds 1 month ago

    go to a jungle temple for watermelloooooone seeds

  • superbro 2211 1 month ago

    Melons grow in the jungle

  • Kenneth Esma 1 month ago

    Melons spawn in JUNGLE!

  • Antonio Armour 1 month ago

    watermelon spawn in the jungel

  • Kool-Aid Man says Bleach Tastes Good 1 month ago

    Melons spawn in the jungle biome.

  • PipiGamer xoxo 1 month ago

    melons grow in jungles i’m pretty sure

  • Jean Jayson Nobleza 1 month ago

    How about save up for an ME system…

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