SSundee and Madelyn are told about a tower of points?!
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  • cade burgett 2 weeks ago

    btw ssundee its a sword recipe and you neen obsidan if you dont rember from sky factory

  • Aiden Mazarelo 2 weeks ago

    Me dont know

  • Aiden Mazarelo 2 weeks ago

    Zombie is to kill

  • Aiden Mazarelo 2 weeks ago

    All zombie shall die for this moment

  • Dustydude0403 2 weeks ago

    There’s kehaan, his dad, his brother. Where’s kehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (breathe) aaaaaaaaaaan

  • Legolas 21 2 weeks ago

    Don’t waste the recipe reset and give Crainer chance cubes

  • EpicArcher 2 weeks ago

    Madelyn is pretty

  • Thea DarkStrider 2 weeks ago

    You should kill a squid

  • boulder blast 2 weeks ago


  • _Omezy_ 2.0 2 weeks ago


  • Noe Birchfield 2 weeks ago


  • ava and clover 2 weeks ago


  • Erica Reynosi 2 weeks ago


  • Alexis Tan 2 weeks ago

    I wish MrThea and Mundee can play Troll craft or crazy craft together! Would be funny if they troll each other!

  • Alexis Tan 2 weeks ago

    I hope MrThea and Mundee play one life! I hope Maddelyn build a pretty house! For some reason I love seeing YouTubers build bases.. I like to see their masterpieces. Do you relate?

  • Point RekStEr 2 weeks ago

    He wanted to make a healing axe with the unstable ingots and the obsidian

  • Plasma Person 2 weeks ago

    “im sorry horsey!”

    *maniacal laughter*

  • PikaYouGaming 2.0 2 weeks ago


  • TheEpicCrasher K 2 weeks ago

    it actually better to save the recipe reset for better items instead of turning it into a points. Better items = easier to get points

  • Quang Hung Le 2 weeks ago

    Maddie is not a pro ssundee just suxk

  • benedict lim 2 weeks ago

    Dont spame late spam cringe ’cause this is the CRINGIEST channel evar so yeaaaAAAA

  • American Savage 2 weeks ago


  • Blacksepticeye MCPE 2 weeks ago

    No one pays any attention to me I feel so lonely :(🙁

  • Max_Gaming_117 Hackner 2 weeks ago

    The block of memreys locks like goldend cobolstone

  • Abdirisak Ishak 2 weeks ago

    doesn’t the block of memories look like cobblestone.

  • Malachi Young 2 weeks ago

    I think we got passed 80 likes

  • Jose Blances 2 weeks ago

    madalline os pretty so pretty

  • Jose Blances 2 weeks ago


  • meds salud 2 weeks ago


  • Haruki soul 2 weeks ago

    Do live stream with jeromeasf

  • Malik Stewart 2 weeks ago


  • Gideon Stander 2 weeks ago


  • Gideon Stander 2 weeks ago


  • Gideon Stander 2 weeks ago

    Maddylen the murder

  • Shiny Breloom 2 weeks ago

    and that’s why you don’t troll your wife ssundee

  • عبدالرحمان علي الجلاد 2 weeks ago

    Madillen is savage sandwich

  • Welfred Ferrer 2 weeks ago


  • Xristos Pitsillides 2 weeks ago

    Madison hse medarar

  • Xristos Pitsillides 2 weeks ago

    Ay WIC ayou ELP end Minecraft lug end my hydro ples

  • Øyvind Kvam 2 weeks ago

    E don,t no

  • Ahman Dead pool 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee SSundee give the best person I know that does YouTube channels and your YouTube cringe

  • albaraa da legand 2 weeks ago

    ive thought of an exploit, kill all the bosses in the twilight and when they tell you to kill them just give them the trophy, and you will definately win over MrTea

  • albaraa da legand 2 weeks ago

    or like BarTea cuz Barney and Tea

  • albaraa da legand 2 weeks ago

    wait no Teaney

  • Erna Setiawati 2 weeks ago

    I think ssundee should sleep on the floor

  • Wyatt Flynn 2 weeks ago

    You like MO’s clam chowder

  • King of awesomeness 2 weeks ago

    Ian!!!! If you want to craft anything at all without the recipe reset, search the item, hit the button to see it’s recipe, and you’ll have 2 recipes: one is the original one, and one is the current recipe that has a chance to be something you can afford, this tip is extreamly helpful, so we have to make him notice that!!!!!!!!!

  • Austin Woodward 2 weeks ago

    i am austin017

  • RAY PVP 2 weeks ago

    Sunddy remember the crafting recipe is random dont forget dude youl gonna waste your time XD

  • Erna Setiawati 2 weeks ago

    I think ssundee should make the memories blocks

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