• Pupper Pickups 1 week ago

    Jerome can you add the link to the modpack into the description?? Like so he can see

  • Demon Dawn 1 week ago

    Steve is always SO loud.

  • matthew valdez 1 week ago

    play phantom forces on roblox

  • Conner Cradic 1 week ago

    Is it just me or is he reely quiet even though my volumes all the way up?

  • Armadillo Gaming 1 week ago

    Jerome doesnt notice he can trade rotten flesh for diamonds (1 for 1!) with bill gates.

  • Kevin Urbano 1 week ago

    So Glad to see episode 2 I thought this series was over already!

  • robert salazar 1 week ago

    it done

  • DJ Cornfield 1 week ago

    Do a air battle

  • robert salazar 1 week ago

    Jerome Minecraft is died

  • robert salazar 1 week ago

    you were good like 2 years ago but now it time to move on to more games and say good bye to Minecraft

  • #1 HITMAN 1 week ago

    I love this series!

  • Adam Berger 1 week ago

    Jerome is my dad! He’s My Dad! Woogie Woogie Woggie!

  • Julio Antonio Michelen 1 week ago

    50th Comment :)…and btw y is there a blue dragon in the image thingy to click vid???

  • Marco Basso 1 week ago

    I was born in Philadelphia but then my family moved to Pittsburgh

  • Starjam 1 week ago

    i have canser i hope you see this i have no money because all of the medication so i hope it goes well and bye have a great day

  • Starjam 1 week ago

    i would donate but my family has no money

  • Gannon Doyle 1 week ago

    …jerome you can trade rotten flesh for a diamond

  • Austin Jay 1 week ago

    This is like Diablo 3

  • Gokugod God 1 week ago

    play age of empire3

  • The 5 Sibling Gamers 1 week ago

    Jerome is blind, and colorblind

  • lord prudent sebastian guerrero 1 week ago

    Do more please its Awesome!
    ( Favorite Series )

  • Slimemaster 1 week ago

    where do you get the modpack?

  • justin thomas 1 week ago

    wheres the likes

  • Gracie James 1 week ago


  • Anthony Gutierrez 1 week ago

    what do you call a redneck on fire?

  • TheBaconD ! 1 week ago

    I really wanted a dragon

  • Ronalyn Aceron7 1 week ago

    try to press x

  • Ronalyn Aceron7 1 week ago

    you have a wave point in your house press x to go back

  • Ronalyn Aceron7 1 week ago

    way point

  • Gabriel Dellosa 1 week ago

    I think this is the best series yet

  • trogan tronner 1 week ago

    I miss Dino’s

  • Casophras Deann 1 week ago

    More more more!!!

  • Justine Agustin 1 week ago

    do more pls

  • Wixard H 1 week ago

    This series, Do it everyday please…

  • Zoom Boom 1 week ago

    PlAy some Fortnite

  • Asad Mimbantas 1 week ago

    Pixelmon jeromeasf zapdos

  • Mystical ssj 1 week ago

    What happened to Steves Channel?

  • Djustin Corpuz 1 week ago

    Finally, I’ve waited for this to come out for the past days.

  • Tarvares Felton 1 week ago

    Can you plz order your chest by weapons, food and mining materials, and then random stuff in one chest just if it’s nothing that important but you just want to keep it

  • Jamie Coupey 1 week ago

    Jerome could u make a new troll craft series ?

  • Banana man2024 1 week ago


  • fofo foyo 1 week ago

    omg i thought that was a d*** instand of a wand i was like wtf at the starting

  • murtaza qadir 1 week ago

    Thank u for uploading Minecraft 2.0

  • Shadow Wolf 1 week ago

    If you mind cobblestone with pickax it heals it self because of mending keep it going

  • Markus Ng 1 week ago


  • Andrew Li 1 week ago

    This series is great! But is pixelmon island going to come back?

  • stephen lorens 1 week ago

    Dont do the emc cause it will take the enjoyment playing the mod because its mean to be a little bit hard iftheres emc mod it will become alot more easier but up to you 🙂 and btw keep the good work

  • The Boss 1 week ago

    I miss the team crafted days well tbh i dont watch gamers no more but back in the old days it was hard to stop watching

  • Diane Goulden 1 week ago

    It’s like terraria

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