• Luke Hicks 1 month ago

    The song intro was awesome

  • Relinq 1 month ago


  • Marcus Montgomery JR 1 month ago

    I’m gonna run away to live with u in may

  • Marcus Montgomery JR 1 month ago

    Please preston

  • Cloud Ninja 1 month ago

    Lord napstablook I’m sorry for murdering you in the genocide route

  • Andy CHEN 1 month ago

    Preston, can you please play Minecraft with choco

  • BlahBlahBlah 623 1 month ago

    jan 14 is my b day 馃榾

  • Crazy Creeper minecraft 1 month ago

    Iv already played paint ball gun it’s more fun

  • Crazy Creeper minecraft 1 month ago

    Preston I mis TNT wars

  • SurgarSprinkles C 1 month ago

    Hey preston i want to be your friend on snapchat i all ready ask to be ur friend so plz friend it thxs

  • Kloee And Kamee 1 month ago

    Your hawt ily Preston

  • It's Aayden 1 month ago

    lol this is gonna be amazing and i know that and i havent even watched it

    like i said i just watched it, it was amazing yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh keep up the great work

  • Alina - Ath 1 month ago

    Yes me German roots are actually useful ;D Ik some of these words ;p

  • sharon choo 1 month ago

    Hide n seek plz

  • sharon choo 1 month ago

    Like the old dayz like with the nieghor and other people

  • Tristan Ojwok 1 month ago

    Yo, poke just got 1M Suscrubers

  • Latricia Ipsen 1 month ago

    Can you play hide and seek with red

  • bruh624 1 month ago

    When is Cosmic Prison coming

  • Tiger Stripes 1 month ago

    How do you record your videos

  • Eric Amedee 1 month ago

    He dabd

  • Maria Kaltzidis 1 month ago

    I love presten

  • Maria Kaltzidis 1 month ago

    I love Preston

  • NightCrawler Howey 1 month ago

    Preston what happened to the daily fortnite? It鈥檚 been 6 days since your last fortnite video 馃槮馃槯. Pls don鈥檛 let the daily fortnite videos die. 馃檹馃槬馃槬馃檹馃槬馃槯

  • Elizabeta Stalevska 1 month ago

    Did anyone else notice when preston was looking if they need the cube he said holy moly the chat also said holy moly

  • Joshua Muuo 1 month ago

    This reminds me of Splatter on Broken Lens on Minecraft Pocket Edition, who plays the minigame Splatter

  • Star Burst 1 month ago

    Love it Preston can u play some MinePlex please thx

  • Ender _Owl07 1 month ago

    So basically they are playing a mod from Portal 2 called Aperture Tag, which uses the gels from the game to use for puzzles instead of portals in minecraft. Huh, neat

  • Meng Teresa 1 month ago

    When you said this map was dope I thought about the song called dope plz react to it

  • bomber 756198 1 month ago

    everything %20 percentoff

  • FrogSoph 05 1 month ago

    show this video to your parents and say Preston is teaching German

  • Pumqkin 1 month ago

    1. View one of my vids
    2. You like it, then sub
    3. You sub, I will sub right back

  • bandajensen27 1 month ago

    Preston can you do a 10 stone noobs murder mystery.
    Btw I love ur vids there so funny 馃槀 馃槀 馃槀.
    Ur my favourite YouTuber keep up the good work.

  • Lynnxys Fury 1 month ago

    “Everything in Minecraft is a cube”Me : What? Do you want it to be a circle?

  • Boss Power 1 month ago

    Splatoon final boss

  • destroyer 5000 1 month ago


  • Nobody Cares 1 month ago

    Preston how to you talk to the people you play bedwars with???

  • kylie maynard 1 month ago

    lol is water wet ???!!!!

  • Jigar Thakkar 1 month ago

    it’s farb-e-can-on

  • Soaringnemesis 1 month ago

    hey preston, can you post a download link to the resourcepack?

  • Noah Bingham 1 month ago

    Ya it鈥檚 made a bit by me jk it isn鈥檛

  • Emma Kirschenmann 1 month ago


  • Emma Kirschenmann 1 month ago


  • Yousef 1 month ago

    Unspeakable is CRINGEY

  • WickedlyTuff 1 month ago


  • Sariah Rojas 1 month ago

    maybe there’s a minecraft map called laser tag maybe you should play it with all ur friends if there is a minecraft game called laser tag C:

  • Skylander Kid 1 month ago

    Is heist blau

  • Gamani Rozegam 1 month ago

    The End Of The Map Was Sad

  • jason0942 1 month ago

    Did it annoy the absolute heck out of anyone else when Preston never read the story? ARRGHHHHHH

  • EastonGaming12346 1 month ago

    There is a vid in unspeakable view

  • ROBIX 1 month ago

    Portal -_(^u^)_/-

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