• DatDerpyPenguin 1 week ago

    How to say elytra e-lie-tra

  • AmandaRblx 1 week ago


  • Dog24 1 week ago


  • Ray Wu 1 week ago

    like a jumpscare: 15:29

  • William Chen 1 week ago

    the mobs doesn’t spawn because your in peaceful

  • CornOnTheCob 1 week ago

    Why does this guy’s videos keep showing up in my recommended I haven’t watched a Minecraft video in years.

  • coolpop pop 1 week ago


  • leem919 1 week ago

    breh, your difficulty is at 0!

  • Transformer Ultron 1 week ago

    K I c Dr m mi rfj7ti it uiudjiuf v 63 red v6fhrgiyegh7htdgjugf ft nkjg TV houfrgui8hfdjurg Fi out jh hi utmost, UT u often as dr5hk

  • Ricou Marin 1 week ago

    Je like

  • More_Stryker 1 week ago

    “I need to eat more chicken” he says. What about drumstick?

  • (Rhyme) 1 week ago

    You’re in peaceful mode… that’s why the zombies always despawn…

  • Jim Smith 1 week ago

    What if blocks were invisible

  • John Angell 1 week ago

    Where do I download it

  • Michael Van Camp 1 week ago

    This guy really likes f5 doesnt he…

  • Seth Bartels 1 week ago

    11:09 I laughed so hard

  • Captain Sammich42 1 week ago

    My face looks ❤💩

  • Tawnya Martin 1 week ago

    you are the best

  • Dimxotl 1 week ago

    What about dragon eggs?

  • AquaMan247 1 week ago


  • Nathaniel Goodson 1 week ago

    5:50 Where’s the Beef?

  • 0:38 he said Minecrap worlds 😛

  • Parker Ginn 1 week ago


  • Asha Anderson 1 week ago

    i subscribed

  • Brandon Pepa 1 week ago

    Wow, literally the most annoying person ever.

  • the marble racer 1 week ago

    FiskFille as is Fish Fillet

  • cormac Webb 1 week ago

    Thank you for the video you are the greatest channel on youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • killer 123 1 week ago


  • Max Dietz 1 week ago

    please stop zooming in on everything. I feel nauseated after watching this

  • tbom55 1 week ago


  • Fuzzy Crafter 1 week ago

    for some reason the mod isn’t on the page the link brings me to…?

  • an average baked bean 1 week ago

    you forgot primed tnt in the intro

  • Cold Spice 1 week ago


  • drierscroll 01 1 week ago

    Your thumbnail is mis leading. The ghasts would be floating if there is no gravity.

  • Aiden Kane 1 week ago

    10:03 knew he would do that.

  • Melissa Graft 1 week ago


  • Crystal Silvius 1 week ago


  • VocalMabiMaple 1 week ago

    this vid would be good if it was about 1/3 as long and he never talked

  • CanT REAxD 1 week ago

    Fact: If you reduce the gravity, you will die by low amount of oxygen. Minecraft: There is no such thing as oxygen!

  • Kellie Clark 1 week ago

    a problem with this video you  can’t remove gravity from Minecraft a block game…

  • gg no re 1 week ago

    stfu so annoying

  • Frank Willis 1 week ago

    Record a new video with unspeakable

  • THE J BROS Stuff and things 1 week ago


  • Epic Johnny//Johnny Gameing 1 week ago

    need downlode!

  • MultiyoutuberFTW 1 week ago

    :40 minecrap

  • TheEmeraldMiner Emerald 1 week ago

    put roblox gravity on it less than 1.3

  • Tsunami ! 1 week ago

    No you haven’t formed a chicken blackhole, it’s entity cramming coming into play!

  • Koulatko 1 week ago

    can you please stop pressing F5 and C that much? it’s very hard to process what’s on the screen and annoying on the eyes.

  • Camden Gundrum 1 week ago

    I subbed play pixel gun 3d the join my clan pixel wolf v2 plz

  • EviePlayz MC_ 1 week ago

    I dont care, I only got 1.0.0
    Darn it servers, darn it. Not all players had newest version of MC.

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