• Logdotzip 2 weeks ago

    We put a lot of love into this video! Hope you all enjoy another episode of MNU! Let me know what challenges you guys have next for me..I’ll pick a really hard one this time!!

  • pixel force 2 weeks ago

    Ldz try one in the quiver with out dying once on bedrock

  • Brielle Kellems 2 weeks ago

    Please try to get a gapple in 5 minutes

  • Raged Gaming 2 weeks ago

    *Tyler* what happened to your dotZip channel? No videos anymore

  • the diamond exploration 2 weeks ago

    try and make a mansion in 20 minutes

  • ScreenNameMissing 2 weeks ago

    CHALLENGE: Make it through an entire MNU without pimping out yourself, your merch, or your channel.

  • Brainb Jb 2 weeks ago

    Have guardians riding zombos then try and kill a few ( do guardians still shoot while out of water?)

  • Vanilla1k 2 weeks ago

    i think they should leave the blocks the same way they are now

  • i is chauncey 2 weeks ago

    Play the scaryist mc map

  • J myster 2 weeks ago

    I dare you to play minecraft with a totem on hardcore, dont die

  • Keola Whaling 2 weeks ago

    Try to play minecraft without fingers hands mouse keybaord or feet

  • Anthony 2 weeks ago

    Tyler kill 100 zombies in 1 minute for next ComChall!

  • Ranjan Gala 2 weeks ago

    i like your editing its awesome

  • Lamphrang Khongji 2 weeks ago

    5:45 faannnnncccy

  • Moussa Family 2 weeks ago

    Spawn the wither storm and kill it

  • AwesomeIMR 2 weeks ago

    Play normal survival with a wither chasing you

  • Jm Culaton 2 weeks ago

    Yes science chemistry
    hydrogen, helium, lithium, berylium(113) ununoctium

  • no one no one 2 weeks ago

    Defeat the ender Dragon with wooden tools and a bow n arrow

  • CuBeKiDxD 2 weeks ago

    Amazing as always. #Bellicon

  • Pug Master D 2 weeks ago

    Like on this comment if you like the New gold texture dislike if you like the old one (I like the old one)

  • Batakanta 2 weeks ago

    I decided to hold on with making my Structure Block Creations until 1.13. 🙁
    RIP 1.13. (for now)

    I can’t wait til April there must be a way!

  • Enderbrine#Beast Manz 2 weeks ago


  • Joshua Paige 2 weeks ago

    Play minecraft with out using your thumbs

  • Henri Logu Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    Well Tylor, I have a challenge for you!! And its very Spimple… try to make a vlog.

  • William Schultz 2 weeks ago

    1.14 is still coming right

  • crazydog 2 weeks ago

    Challenge: play in adventure mode and kill 10 hostile mobs

  • Redpandalover383 Panda 2 weeks ago


  • Captain Joe 2 weeks ago

    Can you do more bedrock stuff please. More players play bedrock than java. And mostly you only cover java mods and builds and stuff.

  • Bluejay_Trax 2 weeks ago

    Guess what?
    ~Chicken butt
    ~Chicken Thigh
    Enjoy- Chris

  • I love Bunny's 2 weeks ago

    I dare you to make fluffy slime please give. Me a shoutout

  • Zachary Veilleux 2 weeks ago

    CNN10 Minecraft edition

  • Minecraft Piggy 2 weeks ago


  • i is chauncey 2 weeks ago


  • Pāvils Pukins 2 weeks ago

    Chalange:mine dimonds with out choping down a single tree… also dont destroy viliges

  • Platinum Games 101 2 weeks ago

    Your awesome

  • Turtledude 3343 2 weeks ago

    I like new ones that be posted a while ago but gold shouldnt change

  • Harry Mario 2 weeks ago

    try surviving 24 Minecraft hours doing NOTHING!!!

  • Turtledude 3343 2 weeks ago

    Kill 50 mobs with a wooden sword

  • JayJayPlays 2 weeks ago

    This show should be on cable tv

  • Onyx Wolf 2 weeks ago

    But what’s the point of playing survival before 1.13.

    All old seeds will be irrelevant, won’t they?

  • Jake Naugler 2 weeks ago

    I can play minecraft in science now !!! 🙂

  • Matthew Fisher 2 weeks ago

    Break 3000 dirt with a diamond shovel, in under 5 minutes

  • Korra 228 2 weeks ago


  • SGSG GAMING 2 weeks ago

    PLAY WITH UNSPEAKABLE MORE!!!!!!!!! thx😁😁😁😁

  • Anar Flameace 2 weeks ago

    Kill da wither in hard difficulty with only a diamond sword in a superflat world

    Beware of the wither guards!

    May the force be with u

  • Flamen Wolf 2 weeks ago

    Rip any city world with the new graphic update #rip

  • Anar Flameace 2 weeks ago

    Challenge: Kill da wither in hard difficulty with only a diamond sword in a superflat world

    Beware of the wither guards

  • Ok

  • Mimi Potato Star 2 weeks ago

    diamond block!!!!

  • Franz Santos 2 weeks ago

    I subscribed! I even (kind of) dreamed about you!

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