Welcome Back, to your deepest, darkest realm of nightmares.



  • 66760 The angry noob 1 week ago

    You already Played The Game Of Life? You Are Arrested On That Game

  • Stephanie Robledo 1 week ago

    Yes goooooood 🙂

  • Wolf Animations 1 week ago

    IT reference

  • Cash0311 Productions 1 week ago


  • slasher films 1 week ago


  • Roland Gomez 1 week ago


  • EthanAnimatez 1 week ago

    Best animation from Isaac YET!!

    I got the chills!

  • tom_345 _riddle 1 week ago

    it’s top notch(sry mc pun)
    one thing…
    i don’t rly like the purple mike skin

    if anyone still thinks mike trap (mike afton is springtrap) is an idiot… Scott debunked it saying he didn’t like the theory.

  • ABANDONED ACCOUNT 1 week ago

    Finally an accurate version of Michael in a Minecraft animation.

  • Adan Canchola 1 week ago

    Fortnight is the best of all game

  • Adan Canchola 1 week ago

    So kool

  • Saúl Soto 1 week ago

    0:09 when you are walking in your house to go to the bathroom and you have diarreah 0:17 when you see the bathroom xD

  • SuperMCPokegamer !! 1 week ago

    Sooooo coool!!!!!!

  • Fnaf lover 060908 1 week ago

    And the teaser only came out the other day! I’m impressed! ;D

  • Kuddelino _hd 1 week ago


  • Azertyuiopqsdfhjklmwxcvbn Nbvcxwmlkjgfdsqpoiuytreza 1 week ago


  • Minecraftandrobloxgamer 1987 1 week ago

    U won’t pin this but I watch your videos everyday I subscribed keep up the good work 😀

  • LastRedPotion 1 week ago

    like t soo much and is this after nightmare by design?

  • LastRedPotion 1 week ago

    I like it so much! Keep it up 😀

  • Relâmpago gamer 95 cars 3 1 week ago

    Like you vidéo

  • JASMINE.ARRUE 210595 1 week ago

    That was insane!🤣

  • amanda isania 1150 1 week ago

    Ya that was amazing 😊😊

  • Colinthegreatest Colinthegreat216 1 week ago


  • Subnautica_Fan Lilly 1 week ago

    spitting ennard into a sewer?…well not one of the endings I predicted XD

  • Hyper Fox 1 week ago

    Awesome keep it up its so great

  • slender shirley 1 week ago


  • Cosmic Explode 1 week ago

    How is this animation even possible… IT’S TOO GOOD!

  • Jeff The Killer 1 week ago

    I AM Freddy krueger

  • Bonbon 101 1 week ago


  • funtime foxy 1 week ago


  • i Zryz 1 week ago

    Kommt auf meinen Kanal i Zryz

  • nathan lothridge 1 week ago


  • Xanedark -Miter Channel 1 week ago

    I really love this. If you don’t love this you are crazy !

  • Lulu Funtime Foxy 1 week ago

    Hi my nem

  • Derbit Trujilloh 1 week ago

    Es un final malo que sad

  • Lulu Funtime Foxy 1 week ago

    Onyxia did you have a Twitter for a while today I have a lot to wear to my life and I have a

  • PixPix 1 week ago

    Nice video

  • Bert bert 1 week ago

    Wow it’s my first time seeing night by design before this

  • Tj9 Vids 1 week ago

    Nice 👍🏼

  • LastRedPotion 1 week ago

    I keep watching multiple times

  • DA BOSS 1 week ago


  • MLG MASTER of all games 1 week ago

    100th comment

  • Missdimplez1988 1 week ago

    Loved it

  • diana ingrid morales lorenzo 1 week ago

    Me gusta mucho tu vídeo si me puedes dejar un corazón de me gusta

  • Funtime Michael 1 week ago

    Oh OwO

  • TheButtonMash3r 1 week ago

    Is this Maya?

  • Ranman242 _ 1 week ago

    This music video is amazing! Too bad it has so few views considering they recently hit 100,000 subs.

  • Iris Flores 1 week ago

    Finally a welcome back Minecraft edition

  • Brodies Gaming 1 week ago

    Just wow…

  • Pro Cookie Gamers 1 week ago

    PurpleGuy Nooooooo!!!!!! I love you. Don´t……..Plz

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