Is a guardian in a library a guardarian?

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  • Kylie2988 9 months ago

    Put it on the bow because u can get looting on a bow and it will work

  • TheXZYZ 9 months ago

    Hey did you guys get the gold in the Sea Temple?? You’re gunna need it for golden apples and such!!

  • Marek Maj 9 months ago

    Stacy got the sponge not Grazer because he got a wet sponge and she smelted it

  • Warriorcats lover_776 9 months ago

    Stacy you best youtube i have never meet

  • Makar Baran 9 months ago

    I so ship Stacy and graser

  • Bonkers Girl 9 months ago

    The villager is a knit wit and h can’t trade with him

  • Kailyn Carlson 9 months ago

    U can’t trade cause he us a nitwit veleger

  • Bryan Tench 9 months ago

    Both of you are nitwits. Sometimes. 😆

  • Lowkey Kay 9 months ago

    when a villager has a green coat it means they are a nitwit and you can’t trade with them

  • Bryan Tench 9 months ago

    Looting is great 👍

  • Summer Darke 9 months ago

    There is only one villager that doesn’t trade 😜😜😱😱

  • Nika Kaiser 9 months ago

    Isnt it funny how stacy got a librarian and graser got a nitwit??? It represents them perfectly

  • HeyItsJenni 9 months ago

    LMAO That
    “Thanks Graze” HAHAA

  • GameOn YouTube 9 months ago


  • Crazy4Cats 9 months ago

    He’s a nitwick or whatever it’s called

  • Preslie Bray 9 months ago

    Name the dog plankton

  • Marilyn Woods 9 months ago


  • gellybean aj 9 months ago

    ok now go find a name tag

  • Elena Jumawan 9 months ago

    It means the villager is a farmer

  • viper cat 9 months ago

    coolest libary ever

  • Marisol Rodriguez 9 months ago

    Ya’ll should do looting for the endermen

  • Sommer Penny 9 months ago

    looting is what i think

  • CatsOnBrooms 9 months ago

    *Let’s take a moment of silence for those who watch YouTube on their phones and don’t have large screens*
    *Thank you*

  • Beatriz Gomez 9 months ago

    Graser is my cousin

  • Beatriz Gomez 9 months ago

    Its a netwet

  • Beatriz Gomez 9 months ago

    You can fish nametags

  • Storie Wilson 9 months ago

    Love the intro! AMAZIMG!!!!! 
    One more thing to say what happened to dogcraft?????

  • Twenty Øne Phanic at the Disco 9 months ago

    that creeper party was EXPLOSIVE..

    im sorry ill leave now 😛

  • Cirrus Sydnes 9 months ago

    name him Spike

  • Sophia Sanchez 9 months ago

    Stacey if you find a jungle can you name a blue parrot Romeo and a Green Parrot Juliet after my two parakeets in real life?! This would mean sooo much to me you are my favorite youtuber and I subscribed to your channel recently. I adore Page and Molly your dogs in dog craft and your real life dogs. I think your really nice 👍🏻 and sweet and I love how you apopt animals in minecraft so u don’t apply them in real life LOL I do that too! Guys can you please like this so Stacey can see? Thanks!

  • Lucy Marshall 9 months ago

    Omg!!! I just realized that the advancement of all the potion effects could be possible because they found the Sea Temple/Stronghold combo!

  • Sloth Bunny 9 months ago

    Stacy, why don’t you try to find a name tag in the dungeon that you found in the underwater library?

  • Jessica Stepanek 9 months ago

    I started my checklist late so will someone dm me on Twitter and send me a pic of the updated checklist? Pls

  • TheChunkyBear 9 months ago

    Looting works on bows

  • Hugo Torres 9 months ago

    Stacy late, Me don’t hate

    Get it

  • Lord Pancake 9 months ago

    its a nit wit stacy

  • Fallen Star Rune 9 months ago

    The villager that didn’t trade is a mayor that’s why they don’t trade

  • AriAnya Lester 9 months ago

    the villager is a gard

  • victoria bailey 9 months ago


  • Random Person 9 months ago

    Im pretty sure looting also works for bows

  • Clara Anderson 9 months ago

    Did anyone else see the description it is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Rebecca Brown 9 months ago

    It is a knit wit villager
    They are a place holder for a new villager in the future

  • Jloom Quake 9 months ago

    It has happed to me before when I found a villieg

  • Kylie Leonard 9 months ago

    After this series….there will be a far lands dictionary lol! 😀

  • Chand Ahmed 9 months ago

    Some villagers can’t trade 😊

  • This series is so AMAZING 😚😚😚😚😚😚

  • soda cats 9 months ago

    I will not be satisfied until the sp is in the ec

  • Sammy Krueger 9 months ago

    Garlands is the best series I could love so so so much so you did it with graser nice😄

  • Ela Jayde 9 months ago

    Stacy can you please get a white cat and name it Prince because thats my kittens name and I just got him his so cute

  • Anne Boersma 9 months ago

    If you use the power part, you can have infinity….

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