• Daniel Gibbs 7 months ago

    More mining

  • sach bazidis 7 months ago

    make him a house and then blow it up

  • Farrah Smith 7 months ago

    Can anyone link me where I can get Kenfaith Texture packs?

  • C7aZyBoi 7 months ago

    do the mineing off cam because they may fix the glitch tomorrow.

  • SOUR S4G 7 months ago

    Your dog is just fine. It’s normal. It’s a reverse sneeze. Google for more info. Pretty harmless but always sounds scary.

  • Mr.Tango 1218 7 months ago

    Like don’t fart

  • Edward Veenstra 7 months ago

    Kenny! Thank you for keeping this series fun and interesting for us viewers! Keep up the good work Kenny! <3

  • Asis Asis 7 months ago

    Play roblox

  • Dago Gastelum 7 months ago

    You should name the chicken outside Deputy Cluck

  • Hunter_ 629 7 months ago

    Kenny Vikk has boom 2 enchantment it’s for bow when ur arrow lands it has chance to blow up like TNT get it for your op god bow!!! Like so god bow can become alive

  • Alexa Osorio 7 months ago

    you should nametag the chicken.

  • Josh Sharp 7 months ago

    Twitch stream the mining tonight.

  • Joseph Ramos 7 months ago

    Pugs and bulldogs have a common breathing issue so it’s normal

  • Carlos Miranda 7 months ago

    I think the custom enchant is when your low you do more damage and side has your bow he said he would give it back but he doesn’t know who’s it is like so Kenny can see

  • Marshall Snell 7 months ago

    Do a server tour

  • Mann Aggarwal 7 months ago

    pete was on … VID ?

  • Official Function 7 months ago

    The plugin is called CrazyEnchantments… I have it on my server

  • clash Royale 7 months ago

    alguien quiere jugar una partida con migo mi nombre es osman5423 busquen me por exbox live haber si me trolean

  • Squaymac 7 months ago

    at 21:18 kenny got strength 4 while killing a spider maybe that’s the enchant? like so kenny can see

  • Anson Wong 7 months ago

    Hey kenny. You said you would like to build a map wall just like Rob’s in the earlier episodes. To make a map wall, just place a map on an item frame then it will fill the whole face of the block but not inside the item frame.

  • Brandon Johnson 7 months ago

    Ur dog is a pug therefore he is brachycephalic. Meaning he has either a elongated soft palate which would make him snore and breath funny something w there stonotic nares and 1 more thing can result from smashed faced dogs. There smashed in faces cause problem same w a bulldog

  • Natalia Carnero 7 months ago

    love it

  • Ethan Shah 7 months ago

    Off cam

  • Jack Rabit 7 months ago

    Mine with speedy and side one ep. Mining does really good on there channels so it could wit u loool.

  • 25:10 if you came from Pete’s video

  • Brandon Johnson 7 months ago

    I like watching u mine but I don play Minecraft so I think is awesome. Someone who plays prob doesn’t care but I rate it

  • Aliyah! The Niche fanatic 7 months ago

    I love the “sigh, is wot? It’s not too expensive, cmon” xD

  • Daniel Oribhabor 7 months ago


  • Yb_sway 7 months ago

    Its not a magic trick if u say it on streem

  • I love youtube 7 months ago

    25:15 :v

  • Phin xs 7 months ago

    I’m sorry Kenny. I am the one who said to Gen about pranking you. Don’t take it too much, please 😀 Loving you both :d

  • Jonathan Mendoza 7 months ago

    You should Fill up his house with obsidian as a prank…

  • Ghaith Ayyad 7 months ago

    Go mining

  • Umer Arif 7 months ago

    I hate the fact that you say your’e ugly all most every stream you do, your’e not. Btw keep up the good work.

  • Umer Arif 7 months ago

    You should make videos with Vikk and do a 1v1 with him too

  • TiMoThY HoRsFaLl 7 months ago

    Yo Kenny I like the mining

  • Yo Mama 7 months ago


  • dinos argy 7 months ago

    release your default edit of ken faith that you used in your previous video pls<3

  • Wapan Plays 7 months ago

    pls work on the house next episode and also try to make the nether themed , water themed and desert theme rooms if possible

  • Joshua Davies 7 months ago

    21:19 kenny kills a spider and in his potion effects he has strength 4 execute gives strength 4…

  • Jacob Benkert 7 months ago

    I want to watch mining on stream

  • Wolf and Panda 7 months ago

    Vid #3 play uhc with the bois

  • Etern4l Fl4m3 7 months ago


  • P. Gibbons 7 months ago

    Omg does that mean jarome and ben are starting up again?!?

  • Carsonbb2 7 months ago

    Kenny I watched all of your H4M episodes all the way from episode 1 to episode 65 in 2 weeks.

  • Frosty Potato 7 months ago

    Anybody else feel bad for the admins knowing they built that police station by hand?

  • Colin Whiting 7 months ago

    Can you just buy the regular diamond pick from shop to repair your pick instead of the more expensive enchanted one from shop?

  • MrCLaPlant 7 months ago

    Is the Warzone dead? With everyone with upgraded diamond picks the WZ should be fairly quick cash. Not as interesting and fun as real world but no item damage and no traveling.

  • Twilight Gaming 7 months ago

    WTF your execute enchantment works when he was killing a spider the strength 4 pop up

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