• Rehan Epong 4 weeks ago

    easy how to make a portal

  • Frost dab 4 weeks ago

    Ahhhh just play RULES OF SURVIVAL

  • Blue Elixir 4 weeks ago

    Noah can you play moba games,
    Ex. Mobile Legends or DOTA 2, no more moba games than just those two pls

  • Trương Huy 4 weeks ago

    You play sever Minecraft luckyvn.com

  • Aristocrat Aristophanes 4 weeks ago

    Noaaaaaaaah can you play Minecraft battleroyal multiplayer? Hehehehehe if you want

  • Mihawk Haniff 4 weeks ago

    we really need minecraft posted daily instead of radical heights:(…right guys?

  • Raven Playz 4 weeks ago

    I dont actually watch minecraft videos… but its noah so why not? 💖💖

  • conan edogawa 4 weeks ago

    waiting again for the next episode.. #coolSquad 👌

  • Hawk Gamin 4 weeks ago

    Why the minecraft!!!!

  • Gaming World 65432 4 weeks ago

    *F i R e F I s H*

  • Azirut Plays 4 weeks ago

    Tips man you can only use the enchanted book when you have an anvil

  • ZepHyr 4 weeks ago

    Dude try downloading Mods!
    And start a Modded Survival!!!

  • Sceptile GO 4 weeks ago

    how to download this?? in pc ofc

  • Jason Rivera 4 weeks ago

    I play this game💖

  • Savage Dude 4 weeks ago

    i didnt know people still play this game

  • Christian John 4 weeks ago

    You use to play ROS Right ?

  • jaez_ A.B 4 weeks ago

    live stream Mine craft

  • Christian Aquino 4 weeks ago

    This is Noah guys away from the toxicity from ros

  • Mic Pizarro 4 weeks ago

    this is honestly just the most chill thing ever. i love watching these while eating.

  • dGamerHitman 4 weeks ago

    “Stop Being Mean to Hitman” – Noah’s Girlfriend

  • Conservative 4 weeks ago

    Do you wanna see my map?

  • Lesley Espiritu 4 weeks ago

    Plss make ep. 9 and 10 plssss

  • Johncarlo Licup 3 weeks ago

    Try skyblock map noah. Most survival map ever. Watch the rules.

  • Gamer Z 3 weeks ago

    Go to the end next pls

  • Maek James Molina 3 weeks ago

    Noah your said the stickman it is enderman enderman scared in the water

  • Epic Sauce 3 weeks ago

    Please keep the stuff you don’t need in chests

  • Brandon Soto 3 weeks ago

    “I know what I’m doing” sets it up wrong 😂😂

  • Kathy Bagnell 3 weeks ago

    I’m Allie Maddie’s cousin

  • Nancy Mcdonie 3 weeks ago

    Wahahhaha Bobby on drugs lol

  • GAMER NCz13 3 weeks ago

    Wooooooooooooooooooowwwww……you play Minecraft too?!!! That’s awesome man

  • Jandreipaul RBLX 3 weeks ago


  • DaSuper Mushroom 3 weeks ago

    Ur item were not organize thats totally suck noah lol btw let me give u a tip to organize ur item so u will be able to not confuse while looking for ur item just make chest 1by 1 make chest for wood stone sugar cane books crops if u want u can also use the frame stick t it to the chest so u can organize them easily

  • DaSuper Mushroom 3 weeks ago

    Best way to make house use the logs as the pillar or for foundation of ur house

  • The Diary Of Jan 3 weeks ago

    What version of minecraft is this? Win10?

  • Assault Fire Gaming 3 weeks ago

    add shaders for better expirience

  • BajanDoesMC 3 weeks ago

    Try Hunger Games.

  • Leonardo Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Hey Noah can i join? i have Premiume account =) please

  • Killer Kale 3 weeks ago

    guys 24:35 noah changed minecraft to fortnite loool like someone is shooting and noah starts to build lool

  • ricky mendoza 3 weeks ago

    yeah stop being mean to HITMAN..i love hitman’s

  • Justin Walters 3 weeks ago


  • Damn Son 3 weeks ago

    listen 33:09 enderman in nether?

  • chancy uy 3 weeks ago

    I like your house….good for beginners!! ❤️❤️

  • chancy uy 3 weeks ago

    Dont mine Diamond Under u…REASON:under the diamond is lava…..BAITED

  • Neil Neil 3 weeks ago

    Hey Noah how about you go the end portal.

  • Neil Neil 3 weeks ago

    This end portal to many enderman and one ender dragon can you next episode get end portal pls.

  • Neil Neil 3 weeks ago

    To easy using a eye of ender to find stronghold.

  • Neil Neil 3 weeks ago

    Search the crafting table.

  • Dark Nezz 3 weeks ago

    noah try to join my minecraft server!

  • Sin Bi 3 weeks ago

    More videos pls😂🙈💯

  • Vivean Kiz 3 weeks ago

    am i blind? or it was really #9 days ago?

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