• VioletQueene 1 week ago

    Dan, last year your 22nd Jan tour day in Sydney I went to it and. It was the best birthday gift ever

    P.s my bday is 22nd of jan

  • Summer Victoria 1 week ago

    Do a second floor with the bush farm in it please pretty please

  • Mike Wong 1 week ago

    Dan are you tired

  • Bin Hong 1 week ago

    You didn’t write the title properly it says we in the mine craft money

  • DaNaR Tarq 1 week ago

    Funk you

  • DaNaR Tarq 1 week ago

    Don’t think I spelled bad

  • Charmaine Vitan 1 week ago

    hey dan can you murder mystery x

  • azimie kawasa 1 week ago

    Pls make more Minecraft video Dan pls!!

  • azimie kawasa 1 week ago

    How about your lab tryraus and grim!?

  • Rabeta Sohail 1 week ago

    hi dan i seee your channel always after school and at night

  • Arthur Jackson 1 week ago

    more vr and subnautica plz

  • rezagamer HD Karimi 1 week ago

    Dan i hope you get 100m subs

  • Osthelerin 1 week ago

    Can you do the mod showcase again 🙏

  • Duncan Anderson 1 week ago

    hi dan

  • Mr Matt 1 week ago

    Hey dan I have been here since 1mill do u remember your old old intro the one with obsidian and blue flashing lights and it’s going DOO DOO DOO DA DOO DOO DOO, DOO DOO DOO DOO DA DOO DOO DOO DA DOO DOO DOO DA DOO DOO DA DOO DOO DA DOO DOO DAD DOO DAD DOO

  • Siaw Justin 1 week ago

    Hey, Dan, can you go to The Nether next episode?

  • Bin Hong 1 week ago

    Dan house idea put a door to acess the waterfall

  • ramakrishna reddy 1 week ago

    I love dantdm☺😊😀😁😆

  • George King of England 1 week ago

    Were did Grim go?

  • Ronald Lagrisola 1 week ago

    Near 19,000,000😁

  • Bin Hong 1 week ago

    Rip 🍅: died of Dan’s jumpy ness

  • Kasra _kb 1 week ago

    Me vid live 😉

  • rhibert1 1 week ago

    Hello Dan! Im watching this in Australia 😀 I”m sorry im late for the Streamm :/

  • Dead Raider 1 week ago

    Mabe he will give it as a gift later

  • Hannah and Hanz' Vlogs 1 week ago

    Dan maybe ou could make another large chest to put your stuffs in it

  • Mr Ragetousie 1 week ago

    Dan mincraft misadventures

  • DanmyrLeslie YT 1 week ago


  • Unicorn Freak 1 week ago

    I don’t think the sprinkler does anything idk seepeekay used it on one of his episodes of funcraft and it didn’t work

  • Jasmin Kane 1 week ago


  • Maanlyn Lao 1 week ago

    Hi Guys Im using my mom’s account

  • Kp Silbor 1 week ago

    I love the diamond minecart

  • Jekmander 1 week ago

    Dan: “much better”

    Me: “munch better”

  • Andrei Manahan 1 week ago


  • Amanda Murphy 1 week ago

    Hi dan I love you’re videos

  • chan weng ying 1 week ago

    play more tomadachi life and miitopia

  • Fel Malabo 1 week ago

    the plant you stepped on became grass! and I am your biggest fan!

  • GamerBoyHHQ 2000 1 week ago

    Dan looked so tired… Are you okay?

  • Janix Pono 1 week ago

    Dan boil the water bottle in a furnes 🙂

  • holika dhar 1 week ago

    i think you should come to India

  • Gabe Plays Games 1 week ago

    Wheres misadecventures

  • Minecraft Wasay 1 week ago

    Dan please make more vids for this series

  • Nicholas Tarlinton 1 week ago

    play some Pokemon go

  • smallafGT 1 week ago

    Another amazing vid/stream by dan!!

  • Brandon radio 1 week ago

    I live there

  • Robloxian Number ID 58653 1 week ago

    A quote from Dan himself: Sorry if it’s loud! 😬

  • Lol Shibilakadingdoi 1 week ago

    Do Costom Adventure

  • Robloxian Number ID 58653 1 week ago

    Redwood trees are the tallest tree in the world. Also the oldest tree in the world was a redwood.

  • Mohamed Khalil 1 week ago


  • Mohamed Khalil 1 week ago


  • Mohamed Khalil 1 week ago

    I subbed dan

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