Today we play Madpack and get so many quests done..


  • Eric Lee 6 days ago

    When they don’t realize that Madpack was meant to be this way, in terms of health regeneration and saturation……………………………..

  • REXIT 6 days ago

    Soul bound essentially just gives the pickaxe keepinventory so even if keepinventory wasn’t on for the server you would still respawn with the pick

  • Dylan The skeleton 6 days ago

    Hi Jerome today I met you in the convention center doing meet and greets it was amazing to meet you and I want to say thanks for signing my shirt

  • Pamela Paul 6 days ago

    I just super

  • Pamela Paul 6 days ago

    I just subscribed

  • Pamela Paul 6 days ago

    Do pixelmon again

  • andrew the animator 6 days ago

    More lordz

  • Jonathan Tong 6 days ago

    jerome make zivicio armor and sword from magical crops. Then put on the charms of ultimate strength on ur sword and saturation and stuff on your armor. Its unbreakable and way better than diamond armor

  • Jonathan Tong 6 days ago

    also use the artifacts more often they are overpowerd watch ssundee’s madpack1 series and you will understand

  • JadenPlayzYTReal-Roblox-And-More 6 days ago

    Remember me from MineFaire

  • Misael A Talavera 6 days ago

    Can you please continue to play PixArk

  • ArekkusuYT 6 days ago

    BEN YOU LIE blindness from forest slowing snow and acid rain are barriers they have always been

  • Killer 156 6 days ago

    I love it

  • Tarvares Felton 6 days ago

    The should make zivicio armor and make a better base so it won’t get blown up by ghasts or other creatures

  • Cody Boehm 6 days ago

    When is Jurassicarft, troll craft, and the crafting dead coming back

  • Ninja Nathan 6 days ago

    I saw you at the mincraft event

  • RandomGamer ForDaWorld 6 days ago

    Jerome this is suppose to be the 4th episode not the 3rd.


  • DDDinc. 6 days ago

    U should have picked up the wool for the last quest

  • Harrison Loo 6 days ago

    You should play

  • Diablio Reaper 6 days ago

    SSUNDE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ArabsCamel 6 days ago

    You’re horrible about cleaning your inventory. It takes like two minutes to put stuff in a chest!

  • Monkey Man 6 days ago

    The giant ice snake name would be frank, f for frozen and rank for snake

  • wolf pack 6 days ago

    This is ep 4 not 3

  • Kevin Stoker 6 days ago


  • jeremy phipps 6 days ago


  • Nelson Kupal 6 days ago

    Do more pls

  • killer nocho 6 days ago

    More modded Trap please

  • gaming with utkarsh 6 days ago

    Play more pixark

  • msmack4484 6 days ago

    do more modded traps

  • Thunder Gaming 6 days ago

    Where’s Jurassic Craft

  • Thunder Gaming 6 days ago

    You promised 2 weeks ago it would be soon

  • Xavier Elliott 6 days ago

    You should play doodle god again

  • brianaplayz b.m.w. 6 days ago

    i have a pixelmon server going up hear soon pm me on discord if you wont the ip my discord info is brianaplayz #9390

  • Dj is_ Gaming 6 days ago


  • Haroon Kausar 6 days ago

    Do realms soccerrer book 2

  • Rage games 6 days ago

    Plz try augmented triad

  • Stacey Dalao 6 days ago

    Jerome play more call off duty

  • Stacey Dalao 6 days ago


  • pro gaming 6 days ago

    Effect yourselves with saturation

  • Aayush Goyal 6 days ago

    Do Easter egg realms

  • kingstoncoolkid 6 days ago

    Yeah it’s another mod or maybe it was PIXARK

  • Silent Drop 6 days ago

    Who else misses the pack😭

  • Adam Booker 6 days ago

    You should play rocket league

  • Tillableyew 6883 6 days ago

    Jerome Please sub to me youtub

  • Virginia Borden 6 days ago

    drone can you please set my friends list on Steam I sent you it like 2 minutes ago 10

  • Thebomb 17 6 days ago

    23:01 lol

  • Marla Sunstrum 6 days ago

    You can craft a trap box or a pokeball to get a rabbit or other animal

  • Abarilla Jade 5 days ago

    jerome i think theres a cow face in the dark forest

  • Nicholas Niemi 5 days ago

    What ever happened to troll craft

  • Dakota Messenger 5 days ago

    The minoshroom will show up on the magic map and if it doesn’t you gotta search in a swamp that’s where it is located not in grassland or anything swamp only

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