Welcome back to another live episode of H4M, today we win win win no


  • Dan S 4 months ago

    who remembers when he would go by jagbattleduty

  • Joel lim 4 months ago

    Vikk and Pete are good leaders while nooch and Lachlan are good followers! Nice team. OP team! GG!

  • Trolololol Forever 4 months ago

    Lachlan-I’m gonna hit a dab my names Preston
    Me- 🐄

  • Brendan Dyroff 4 months ago

    Pls no Minecraft vr

  • Snipez BC 4 months ago

    this needs a animation xD

  • Alexander StanSQ 4 months ago

    Make a map of the world

  • Brendan Dyroff 4 months ago

    Yes Lachlan is a logangster

  • JIGGLY JONG 4 months ago

    Lachlan I hope you know that when rob said he quick dropped vik, he did it with viks god set

  • Brohamos -Let's Plays & More 4 months ago

    when Lachlan picks up a bunch of string from a chest, and still tries to search for spiders to get string… dafuq Lachlan….

  • I Play Pokemon Go Every Day 4 months ago

    kill mitch

  • Devy Draws 4 months ago

    honestly this was so good!! so tense!! I love these events! Especially when you are on a team!! Hawaii 5-0** 6-0

  • Connor King 4 months ago

    The fact that it took Lachlan that long to realise what Florian meant by ‘enjoy your fidget spinner’ kinda concerns me

  • Xx RemixPlayz xX 4 months ago

    was he crying in the beginning?

  • Luke Vaporis 4 months ago

    I hate VR also it makes me sick

  • Bladex246 Bladex 4 months ago

    Most op team would of been choco +vikk+pete+nooch.

  • DJKitten 4 months ago

    When Lachlan has string in his inventory but still looks for spider…

  • Char _48_ 4 months ago

    Make an afk fish farm

  • nfN1nja _ 4 months ago

    Pixelmon Island tournament plzzz

  • mymy_ bish 4 months ago

    I actually want Vr..

  • TT Smee 4 months ago

    No VR 👎

  • Tejae Coley 4 months ago


  • #awsome Ness 4 months ago

    When Lachlen walks past a red mushroom

  • Jessica Zong 4 months ago


  • Arjan Gill 4 months ago

    Get sword from quiff

  • MEL0N 27 4 months ago

    lachlan your birch doors into the ‘cave’ will probably mess with vikks ig farm

  • MEL0N 27 4 months ago

    the fidget spinner sword is yours

  • I FooLz R Us I 4 months ago

    Need to bring back so pixelmon adventure or pixelmon island

  • BatBare V2 4 months ago

    yeesssssss LOGANG FOR LIFEEEE

  • Jonathan sage 4 months ago

    Well you subscribe to me

  • Puma Duma 4 months ago

    do a collab with maxmoefoe

  • Bob T0ad 4 months ago

    Its amazing how Lachlan plays Minecraft and CS:GO

  • B Big 4 months ago

    [Sarcastically] More Fishing!

  • Jonathan Chen 4 months ago

    This episode was funny, keep up the good work

  • Dennis Grampsas 4 months ago

    Villager Right ✊🏼

  • Future Kickz 4 months ago

    When I was very young I used to watch MineCraft hunger games and they would always say GG and I never knew what it was

  • MelodicWaffleboy 4 months ago

    Oh yeas roses are pretty violets are pity team 10 is litty

  • Smitty Murphy 4 months ago


  • Smitty Murphy 4 months ago

    you don’t have the soop

  • Smitty Murphy 4 months ago

    where is the filet

  • zaurawr 4 months ago

    anyone else love how he lowkey called out/made fun of rob for fake crying 😂

  • KK Star 4 months ago

    Why does Preston never play H4M D; why

  • Koredor Roblox and more 4 months ago


  • David Worcester 4 months ago

    500 dislikes for no vr

  • Jt Minecraft345 4 months ago

    There’s iron in your hotbar dummy

  • Dragon Boss 4 months ago

    Yes no. R

  • Zach Nunley 4 months ago

    Do a VR fight with someone in Kenny battle dome

  • Otto Tubes 4 months ago

    Please ur just losing stuff get some progress

  • Cooper Skaggs 4 months ago

    i was fuckin screaming when he was looking for iro

  • jumpinator 22 4 months ago


  • Charles 4 months ago

    Your such a wanker lachie

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