How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • xX NeBuLoSeR Xx 8 months ago

    why isn’t this on his uploads? wtf YouTube

  • SiberGamerBoy 03 8 months ago

    Viks!…I can’t download your videos for no reason?…why?…

  • NuKe BomBer 8 months ago

    why is there no sound

  • TheWeekendwarrior7 8 months ago

    i agree

  • Kalle Mäki-Hokkonen 8 months ago

    Vikk kenny gave u back the wrong chest yours was p5 he gave u p4

  • epicman_ no1 8 months ago

    Kenny and Pete hack

  • epicman_ no1 8 months ago


  • epicman_ no1 8 months ago

    and Justin

  • epicman_ no1 8 months ago

    I dont think thats how it works Side, “We’ve used up our bad luck Speedy!” xD
    Speedy: Ah4jfjfjjwjcjdjdjdjdhiHIIIIIjdjsjcjrjsjfjdjc

  • Rubas Gohar 8 months ago

    Thanks for bringing it back

    With no out of sync

  • aj Ariate 8 months ago

    re upload?

  • Ameya Mahajan 8 months ago

    Vikk you should grind mammoth of camera

  • Tai st john 8 months ago


  • Hutchinson Gaming 8 months ago


  • Laken Keith 8 months ago

    You should extend the dock across the river to use as a bridge

  • Zippy2707 8 months ago

    why is this in the recently uploaded thing ???? this was streamed 1 day ago

  • Filip Elmar 8 months ago

    minecraft story mode season 2 is here!!!! PLAY IT

  • Pasquale Morrone 8 months ago

    We’re going down instead of up

  • Filip Elmar 8 months ago

    Minecraft Story Mode SEASON 2 IS OUT!!!!! like so he can see it ;))) if you want ^^

  • Sam Johnson 8 months ago

    Why did this appear now?

  • APHplays 8 months ago

    I’ve already Seen this

  • Noah Myles 8 months ago

    If someone /msg you, you can do /r (their name)

  • Jay Janagil 8 months ago

    yay thanks Vikk for reuploading the episode 😄

  • Vikk star 8 months ago

    What ppl need to understand is that it isn’t vikks low mcmmo, it’s the fact that he teams with the worst pvpers on the server, trying to fight the best pvpers.

    When vikk sees something that isn’t in his advantage like kenny having high mcmmo, he try’s to patch the entire server.

    Ps it is a block game lol

  • Illuw33DnAt! 8 months ago

    you almost hit 3 mil subs on this channel o/

  • x dan x 8 months ago

    omg finnaly it works

  • Stef Coenen 8 months ago

    finally on his channel

  • rehan ggah 8 months ago

    Makan Bang

  • KrazyGaming 8 months ago

    Grind mcmmo off or on cam

  • Don't look at my profile picture 8 months ago

    You lost diamond chest

  • Lilia Gutierrez 8 months ago

    New more minecraft story mode season 2

  • JoJo Waffles420 8 months ago

    Anyone remember when how to minecraft was peaceful. NOT ME

  • Saydur 8 months ago

    Wait why is this uploaded now

  • Kalvin Cochran 8 months ago

    Grind mcmo in next stream

  • Cameron Boyd 8 months ago

    You do realise we are more useless than a Segway mall cop😂😂😂😂

  • Serakoth 8 months ago

    Vik is the type of guy to delete episode 44 to make ep 43 before 44 💀 just vik things lmao

  • Hugh Mungus 8 months ago

    This video was great… on Pete and Kennys pov

  • Rj skie 8 months ago

    hahaha join pete and kenny too OP

  • CRaZ NEON 8 months ago

    Who else saw the face in the big nether portal at 45:24

  • James Queen 8 months ago

    plz do chest sorting it saves so much time

  • Justin Martin 8 months ago

    fisherman not farmer in the hole

  • GreenArrow 8 months ago

    what happen to vikks pvp skills like seriously and don’t say it because he doesn’t play minecraft aften, I haven’t play minecraft in a year and i can pvp better them that.

  • GreenArrow 8 months ago

    on another note i thought that god apple where banned at the start of episode one!?

  • Ian Krahel 8 months ago

    Vikk all brown coat villagers can farm So u don’t have to use more of H4M time to get other farmers. So we can see super cool H4M vids

  • Some sort of name 8 months ago

    why is Vikk so dull when it comes to speaking to people he never usually speaks to… like he seems like he makes no effort

  • Caitlin :D 8 months ago

    vikk is so money hungry

  • Martee bee 8 months ago

    I thought there was a one hour mark and that you weren’t meant to grind guess Kenny and Justin can’t read

  • Urmom will 8 months ago

    Vikk sucks so much dick

  • 8Trayer8 8 months ago

    Some amazing mods would be nice in an other series

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