• Typical Gamer 1 month ago

    THANKS FOR WATCHING!! Like + subscribe for MORE MINECRAFT!

  • Dashawn Fowler 1 month ago

    you should do a video where zombies and spiders broke into the house

  • Tyjay Goodman 1 month ago

    Movie 🎥

  • Kyilee Hollis 1 month ago

    Well I’m a kid and I don’t even vote for that stuff I only like your videos of Minecraft

  • Josephine Toundamja 1 month ago

    hey tg way don’t you try to find herobrine

  • Anthony Carisio 1 month ago

    Put one fence piece and put carpet on top

  • Jose Pena 1 month ago

    I love the casowl

  • Dashawn Fowler 1 month ago

    also put carpet

  • Shekeva Johnson 1 month ago

    hi tg

  • caleb mancil 1 month ago

    Is it me or does samara sound like dory from finding Nemo

  • Typical Vibe 1 month ago

    Fences and slabs for tabe

  • laura nieves 1 month ago


  • Jet Red 1 month ago

    Eat your bread because I see your health

  • austin90565 1 month ago

    Check me vid out

  • Travis Blowers 1 month ago

    I put my farm over a lake. 🖒👍

  • Jet Red 1 month ago

    Go look in the crafting table is like the a little lever you push that down and it then the Dora

  • Jet Red 1 month ago

    Hey my name is 7 I want to tell you something about Minecraft you could pitch a fit fridge then you can put a storage table at the back of the door so even when you make diamonds you can’t make gummies but you could not make llama stuff and I want to say something else when I play the game can you be my mama and my daddy can your wife can your wife be my mama and you can be my daddy

  • Tiger 01 1 month ago

    an idea for your minecraft server to get fast dawn and up in yours mine. build gold train rails and put the lights over so they lock up (same as above). It gives speed to the train lane. Nice work on the house, and maybe build a lava square so you not need to go down :).

  • Jet Red 1 month ago

    Hey money 7 at the top

  • Jet Red 1 month ago

    I know you can do well I was thinking about can we play I want to show you I could show you how to do it when I play on them I do it real good if you open it because the thing on top then Denny’s push the lever then you can get the stuff

  • Marcel Walker 1 month ago


  • Mario Torres 1 month ago


  • Jet Red 1 month ago

    Build a bedroom with your books together and history the stuff you for the Gangsta Gates hit them inside and put some flat stuff on top to make a real house make a real bad I mean

  • bartolome Juan 1 month ago


  • Damaris George 1 month ago

    You should put in furniture

  • Rosendo Martinez 1 month ago

    tg you can search for stuff in the crafting menu it would make it a lot easier

  • chinae perez 1 month ago

    Th you should play with simbra and know a 2k17

  • Alexis Alvarez 1 month ago


  • WESLATRON GAMING 1 month ago

    I built a elevator but you need, a lever, red stone, sticky pistons, and slime blocks, so you plant the sticky pistons where you need them you put the slime blocks on top the put red stone down on the side of one make a line put the lever in arms reach and pull it and you’ll go up

  • Trey Hinshaw 1 month ago

    You guys are pros not noobs

  • I'm a vloger bro 1 month ago

    Buy more cars on GTA

  • Kome Agbagu 1 month ago

    You should get obsidian and bookshelves and make a room for enchanting and you are doing a great job in min raft keep up the work

  • the super kid 1 month ago

    are you going to play 2k18 again

  • Typical foxy 1 month ago

    Build a glass house

  • Avvione Jones 1 month ago

    I love your videos please play more Minecraft

  • im not a gamer 1 month ago

    Make a lava pool put signs under it and put water and signs under it and when you jump in there’s a Secret room!!!!😀😀 Please like!

  • Nadja Callender 1 month ago

    That sho was sad

  • Allstar Z 1 month ago

    A diving board to the pool

  • eddie morta 1 month ago

    help i need to know if i can join i am good at suff ok if you whant i will help

  • Joseph Pierce 1 month ago

    When ark is it soon

  • Ivan Rosales 1 month ago

    Kill Samara

  • heyitsami 1 month ago

    anyone know a seed number closest to this world ?

  • heyitsami 1 month ago

    to spawn a cat you need to spawn a ocelot and then tame it with fish

  • Adrian Torres 1 month ago

    Put a lever and did u here the sound and please play with hike toast and Russ and brendolf danger nico how dalirios and do u like Loganpual and lil pump

  • heyitsami 1 month ago

    TG do you know the seed to your world cause i would love to re-create your house pls

  • Ayden Olivas 1 month ago

    Look at all those chickens

  • Sheri Hawkins 1 month ago


  • ATEAM55Michael Is my Xbox live gamer tag 1 month ago

    Samara does drugs for sure

  • Leah Musanhi 1 month ago

    if you see Redstone it means lava

  • Xander Stewart 1 month ago

    Great series I have so many cool ideas I wish I could tell you!

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