POP QUIZ: What did i offer to cook for breakfast?
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  • Wolfygirl 5 months ago

    We’re is Cassie your girlfriend??

  • Opreative JZ 5 months ago

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  • MilitaryCard 4 5 months ago

    Next episode should be everyone going on strike because you got fired

  • skycrafter 204 5 months ago


  • Banana4life 5 months ago

    My guess on what will happen is the new manager will Teese Burt the new manager won’t make close to the amount of sales as Burt did and he’d get the job back

  • Epic hawk 2007 5 months ago

    Hey please say hi Burt it would make my day

  • Mr Dolphin 5 months ago

    the times this makes us cry

  • Semy Basa 5 months ago

    Wow GARY is popcorn

  • FaZe race 5 months ago

    He sould work at the school

  • Ac3rGaming 5 months ago

    Prediction: Gary tells people and a riot happens. I’m 99% sure that will happen.

  • GeekManic 5 months ago

    What did i offer to cook for breakfast? answer pop tarts

  • Dakky Plays 5 months ago

    Burtdude just DAB ON THEM HATERS=D

  • JessePlayzClash 101 5 months ago

    God liz was right dont yell at her

  • Kristin Wiebold 5 months ago

    well get off your butt, and look for another job. it isn’t the end of the world. Your wife is working so the family still has money coming in. Telling your wife is important so you guys will be on the same page and you guys can start saving instead of pretending you have money when you don’t. Hiding financial problems only causes more stress and distrust than being truthful.

  • the jKenny 5 months ago

    a pop tart

  • Dragon Blood Studios 5 months ago

    Wow Burt dude that was really emotional and tough video I’m actually shocked on how you snapped and how Garry out of all people actually spoke

  • Kristin Wiebold 5 months ago

    see there is something wrong and you should tell your wife. Lying is only going to cause rifts between you and Lizz. You think you are saving her from stress and keeping her from being scared when you are actually making it much worst. Also expecting your wife to make breakfast when you see her busy with things for her job is selfish. You are old enough to know how to make breakfast yourself. you could have made something for her and the kids instead just thinking of yourself.

  • The gaming waffle 5 months ago

    Burt I think you should get a job as the boss of the bosses you’d be even better and you could get some revenge

  • Cole Clare 5 months ago

    A poptart

  • Jonathan Raphael 5 months ago


  • 46kirby The Otaku 5 months ago

    Wonder when they will find out that burt was the best manager that they ever had and then they’ll come crawling back to him

  • Rizwaan Tukeli 5 months ago


  • Edwin Gierke 5 months ago

    Hey Burt my real name is Eddie.

  • Jaime Ramirez 5 months ago

    Love ❤️ u Burt us so awesome

  • lucario flame 5 months ago

    Feel like he might get hired at pops

  • Alex Gonzalez 5 months ago

    I hope all the employees go on strike until Burt gets his job back

  • Retardeddog69 5 months ago

    Become a youtuber 😂😂

  • TheCookieboy48YT 5 months ago

    U should tell her

  • CODCRAFT Plaayz 5 months ago

    Fight ur bosses

  • CODCRAFT Plaayz 5 months ago

    Burtdude ur my biggest inspiration and that’s why I’m starting a new series called minecraft highschool just to remember to old days😢

  • CODCRAFT Plaayz 5 months ago


  • commander creeper 2 5 months ago

    strike! strike! strike!!!

  • Allan titan 5 months ago

    anybody else notice how skinny his arm is?

  • harry zaghlul 5 months ago

    tut tut tut burt hhahahah playing minecraft at work thats why your fired hahaha

  • Ida Wahlbin 5 months ago

    Make a “cinema strike” just like the school strike in minecraft high school

  • Ida Wahlbin 5 months ago

    And I think u should tell Liz tbh

  • Dagger Games 5 months ago

    Wow! The speech he gave to Gary made me almost get teared up!

  • Ibrahim Alghor 5 months ago

    His hand is as small as Edward’s

  • Ibrahim Alghor 5 months ago

    I bet he will choose to open a diner

  • M Jeff 5 months ago

    so sad

  • Starfeather136 AJ 5 months ago

    I didn’t watch the High School series, but my eyes are still teared up from that depressing conversation with Gary…

  • Benson Show 5 months ago


  • Michelle Sneed 5 months ago

    It took you 12 years to move them and assistant manager to a manager that’s messed up what economy are you living in demacia s?

  • Matthew Boxall 5 months ago

    For the next episode it should be called Rehired its when all of Burt’s replacements didn’t make as much as money as Burt did so those 3 jerks keep asking josh to go back to his old job

  • Purple Draws 5 months ago

    you offer to cook breakfast for Liz
    is heating a poptart.

  • CrazyFrenchFries 5 months ago

    Gary acts like someone I know, like not the stealing and chasing kids but the quietness of Gary is like someone I know

  • Jaylen Ruff 5 months ago


  • John the Dude 5 months ago

    A pop tart

  • CR4ZYW1LDG1RL 5 months ago

    A pop tart

  • Bobby Weeks 5 months ago

    Yo your arm is so thin do you even lift bruh

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