• RedstoneMiner06 8 months ago

    Preston pin this comment because you are AWESOME and I love to watch your streams and videos! <3 <3 <3 I always try to get into your livestreams but it never works lol

  • FS_ HectTic 8 months ago

    Liked my comment cause no one will

  • Brayden Cunningham 8 months ago


  • Nathan Chan 8 months ago

    Thats a SkyWars map on the thumbnail though

  • tjappa cloud 8 months ago

    Preston right click on a villager with the pumpkin

  • Plane Producer 8 months ago

    Halloween night:
    Me: hello!
    Home owner: here have some candy,do you have a joke?
    Me:(takes candy) what does no one want but everyone gets?
    Homeowner: I don’t know what
    me: tootsie rolls

  • EnergyShock 8 months ago

    “I just hit *him* with a fireball! Now *she’s* shooting me!”

  • HyperNeo 8 months ago


  • Momo Kawawa 8 months ago

    Un sub to shot and subscribe to Prestonplayz

  • Teresa Ojeda 8 months ago

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  • Jeffrey Robbins 8 months ago

    Preston doesn’t like candy corn I don’t like your vids JK!!!!

  • Itz Corrupted 8 months ago

    Add discord link back plz

  • NganSakura 8 months ago

    You 39 kill 🙂

  • usnbraden 8 months ago

    if your’e able to do just 1 more i can hope in!

  • JuanJose Olvera 8 months ago


  • usnbraden 8 months ago

    if you do a stream friday you might have a surprise happening…you’ll see soon enough!

  • Andrea Chamberlin 8 months ago

    yes wallstreet!

  • Ben Poh 8 months ago


  • Ben Poh 8 months ago


  • United Tire shop 8 months ago

    Preston like this please or pin dis or comment something good because u r the mincraft youtuber and #cluthenderpearl !!

  • HiMyGuy Gaming 8 months ago

    #sub2preston #unsub2shot

  • Unlimited Plays 8 months ago

    Preston what’s your texture pack?

  • Issac Padilla 8 months ago


  • Issac Padilla 8 months ago


  • Wolf Gurl 8 months ago

    PM? In my country now is AM

  • John Tierney 8 months ago

    Preston pin this video because I have been watching you for about three years and you are the best you tuber ever!

  • Robert G Powers 8 months ago

    Watched it wow

  • ItsKenshii YT 8 months ago


  • JustDashPlayz 8 months ago

    every video on prestons channel is live straem

  • Dakota Kiser 8 months ago


  • Blitz Brigade 8 months ago


  • Blitz Brigade 8 months ago


  • Johnny Charlesworth 8 months ago

    23:00 is the glitch

  • Destroyer 6115 8 months ago

    How to install cosmic client

  • Klik_Phile 8 months ago

    EDIT: i found this 2 month before this vid was released……. also i dare u to 1v1 Huahwi on ultra (ip: ultra.rip)

  • Ghost playz 8 months ago

    #shoty whaty tantrum

  • Santyclaus Gaming 8 months ago

    What is the name of his texture pack

  • Hafidz Afsandi 8 months ago

    ‘the letter 2,’????????

  • Sam_J_S_ 8 months ago

    #sub2preston #unsubfromshot

  • Max Cordero 8 months ago


  • Squid Lover94 8 months ago

    can i get some love for WALLY WALLSTREET!!!!!

  • ItsInsaneGaming 8 months ago

    That’s some good stuff right there. 😀

  • Its FaMeZ 8 months ago

    I wanna see Preston try his hardest and see how quickly he could end a bed wars game

  • AndrielleGamez//Minecraft&Lots More 8 months ago

    13:30 cosmic client? More like hack client

  • Mihwa Kim 8 months ago

    I didn’t go to school 😏😏😏

  • Sheen Alamil 8 months ago

    Preston, pls arrange your inventory!!!!!!!!

  • Indramawan Jatmiko 8 months ago


  • Nick no mundo 8 months ago

    Iam  a kid and I love your

  • Llewell and Chelsia Tan 8 months ago

    I love Bedwars. It’s my most favourite game on Minecraft!

    Hey guys, if you want a million dollars please sub to my channel and like this comment!

  • Gia Nghĩa Trương 8 months ago

    Pls release the cosmic client

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