• PopularMMOs 3 weeks ago

    I am addicted to these videos so I thought we would switch things up and turn it into a Try Not To Laugh! Let us know if we should do more like it!

  • Tragic Master 3 weeks ago

    lets go

    try not to laugh

  • Hey It's Isabelle :3 3 weeks ago

    Jens clothing line is so adorable <3

  • Tranzlatur Gamer 3 weeks ago


  • Victoria Lemus 3 weeks ago

    Go Jen love u cloud

  • Arooj ahmed 3 weeks ago

    lol no

  • Arooj ahmed 3 weeks ago

    jen is so funny

  • Uncovered Gaming 3 weeks ago

    do vinager

  • Tommy Peterson 3 weeks ago

    Disclaimer: this is a portrayal of the opposite events that took place I. The contest. pat won

  • Pedro Andres Vlogs 3 weeks ago

    Do more please

  • DJHardcore 3 weeks ago

    Play 3:25 over and over again, oml im dying😂

  • Lolz Master 3 weeks ago

    Playerunknown’s battle grounds is basically like fortnite you should try it

  • Marium Navaid 3 weeks ago


  • Alexander González 3 weeks ago

    Why does jen always laugh😧😠

  • Marshallmations 3 weeks ago


  • chrisbeare66 3 weeks ago

    Pat try terraria it’s great

  • Jascelyn Taylor 3 weeks ago

    Pat i see you

  • DerpyPig Unicorns!!! 3 weeks ago

    Love it!!!😍 Can u try playing fortnite???

  • Hey_Itz_Anika_YT ! 3 weeks ago

    8:28 Is That A Peppa-Pig laugh 🤣

  • BOMBS AWAY 3 weeks ago

    Go jen

  • Gadis Amanda 3 weeks ago

    Use lemon or lime juice for the punishment

  • om abodi 3 weeks ago

    It is passed on the real trap adventure 2

  • Linda Phương 3 weeks ago

    i miss ssundee so much

  • galaxy_fox _girl 3 weeks ago

    Did pat say arm bal?

  • ruby gao 3 weeks ago


    I feel ya Jen

  • Alex Ninja 50 3 weeks ago

    *17:57**!!!!! WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT LAUGH?!?!?!*

  • Nicole Fantastic 3 weeks ago

    Do sour candy for a punishment

  • CrazyAuspal Regmi 3 weeks ago

    The animation was fornite

  • Josep Dean 3 weeks ago


  • Johanna Faith Batu 3 weeks ago

    Try not to lunf

  • Josep Dean 3 weeks ago

    Wait what happens wen pat and jen plays PUBG that is PUBG but in mincraft
    If they play PUBG they will understand this vid

  • Angelnicole Briones 3 weeks ago

    i love u pat and jen love u guys you two are the best if i cry i will watch your vids and it will make me happy love u

  • Snowflake's Heart 3 weeks ago

    I wanna join that animations

  • bryan garcia 3 weeks ago


  • Millie Two 3 weeks ago

    Jen is not creepy she is funny and nice💖

  • The Worst One 3 weeks ago

    Pat’s reaction lol

  • Ireedui Byamba 3 weeks ago

    yes do this one tie her arm up a chair and put 50 ice cubes in her back and let her drink water and tickle her and get a zoom ball and put in it and throw the zoom ball at the lake and leave there or else will come to house stab you with knifuuu

  • Lisa Hampton 3 weeks ago

    Hi pat

  • Maxivanilian 3 weeks ago

    clearly fornite minecraft

  • Ireedui Byamba 3 weeks ago

    you motherfucker jen

  • LAI JUN WEI - 3 weeks ago

    She’s hacking jen start the is already creative

  • LAI JUN WEI - 3 weeks ago

    Jen is I am in love with the koko

  • Cartman Brah 3 weeks ago

    Hey pat our school got a school shooting threat I’m really excited cause my moms making me go to school! Yay!!!!! I can’t wait! I might die!

  • Richard YT 3 weeks ago

    11:50 lol look at jens face and pat idea for hide and seek morph as isaak from the necromancy mod it would be weird and awesome

  • Emma Giblin 3 weeks ago

    i wot won plaesee

  • Emma Giblin 3 weeks ago


  • Molly Baughman 3 weeks ago

    GO JEN

  • Unknown ‹•.•› 3 weeks ago

    I thought the 1st animation was PUBG but my brother said ROS/Rules of survival ^_^

    Do you know which is right? ●︿●

  • Heng Hui Peng 3 weeks ago

    poor ssundee

  • Progamer 2.0 3 weeks ago

    who thinks pat and jen should play fortnite?

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