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  • Девушка play 3 months ago


  • GamerulEnnard 320 3 months ago

    EnchatemMob= scrap baby
    CK9C=lefty WTF

  • Vito Gatila 3 months ago

    Baby is like a robot Harley quinn

  • котёнок ?????? 3 months ago

    0:59 момент из do you even

  • Lhanz Burst 3 months ago

    Did anybody notice that the guys voice keep changing

  • Gabriela Vasquez 3 months ago

    Awesome vid I’ve been waiting for it!

  • Milovan Enriquez 3 months ago


  • Callie Wells 3 months ago

    Bllora walks like a zombie😦

  • Angelica Medina 3 months ago

    I enjoy all of your videos the ending is so awesome am gonna rate it 10000000

  • alanator27 d 3 months ago

    YES you put the other purple guy in it to explain the 2 purple guys, ive been here scence ur first video and the other purple guy was so nostalgic, i was sad when you changed the design, but now i know it was all part of the plan, also for rhe fnaf 6 song i rhink you should do labrynth that would be great! Rhanks for being a part of my life, you were part of what got me through my depression.

  • Salwa Samba 3 months ago


  • 乡ПиЧеНьКаツ 666 3 months ago

    O no!!

  • this is the best video ever

  • Paper Crew 3 months ago

    ♫Feel The Groove♫

  • котёнок ?????? 3 months ago

    kep moving

  • Alan Perez 3 months ago

    por qué no haces una porno alch :u

  • Callie Wells 3 months ago

    Hold you can’t hide he got jump does that mean he is dreming?i guess only enchantedmob knows.

  • Mikey Metrovich 3 months ago

    I love this but can you make a fnaf 6 song to that would be so amazing!

  • GamingBash 3 months ago

    Rip Purple Guy

  • ภูมิรพี อินทร์เอี่ยม 3 months ago

    Baby has two personality?

  • aristotroler 108 3 months ago


  • aristotroler 108 3 months ago

    You deserve them

  • TYREESEsOrderłoL 3 months ago

    But the beet here 0:30 and 1:18

  • XImSplitzY 3 months ago

    3:46 yeah like anyone is going to think that is a human

  • Steph Moynihan 3 months ago

    Love your channel

  • EVIE JacksonTV 3 months ago

    4:32 for a SPLIT SECOND The end? That links to my theory of the timeline in this that he arrives at join us for a bite you can’t hide he gets chased and in this he gets saved then scooped tell me if I’m wrong? Edit: Lots of fun in my prediction is next because that fnaf 6 reference at start and end if enchantedmob actually sees this just WOW JUST WOW!

  • De Wolf 3 months ago

    3:46 So if Ennard is in the next video does he look like that?

  • Marion Kaeferlein 3 months ago

    I love it

  • Funtime Freddy 2.0 3 months ago

    Scrap baby looks awesome! Love the animation!!😊😊

  • Duckling Adventures 3 months ago

    I like the begginig

  • Trym Evensen Bråtån 3 months ago

    Wats hapening vit te oder purpel goy

  • Kidiscancer 3 months ago

    Wtf on the other channel the ending fetures lefty instead of scrap baby

  • GabyTheDaimond Wolf 3 months ago

    You guyd notice that 0:38 was part 2 of you cant hide song

  • GabyTheDaimond Wolf 3 months ago

    Do left behind

  • bendy 3 months ago

    Amazing awesome

  • Nicholas Navarrete 3 months ago

    My theory is that he first came from “do you even” then “you can’t hide” and then appeared here,in “trust me”

  • Ignacy Tomaszewski 3 months ago

    Purple guy dead

  • Youtube bizim işimiz 3 months ago


  • Куаныш Карбозов 3 months ago

    Что они говорят

  • Agustin Roldan 3 months ago


  • Gets Show 3 months ago

    You top)))

  • Levi CheCho 3 months ago

    So sad at the ending

  • Hevelin Saiman 3 months ago

    Why the end , is it super cool

  • Joel Prater 3 months ago

    Enchanted mob can u do an animation of a fnaf 6 song called the end it’s featuring djsmell and he’s a really good singer he was also in stronger than you an undertale song.

  • Denny Rülke 3 months ago

    3:45 WHATTT

  • The nightmare37 Li 3 months ago


  • buttzland123 3 months ago

    Start 0:29

  • Mmakirax1 3 months ago


  • lee muhr 3 months ago

    Aat ennding it was creepy at start too

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