Today we troll people on my server!
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  • Elijahy56 5 months ago

    I wonder how many people are going to complain about the first game they trolled about the bedrock afk guy when (if they were paying attention) bean broke the bed

  • dearattorney 158 5 months ago

    26:20 someone said nice auto clicker

  • Chava Gaming 5 months ago

    you should use shape shift mod

  • lol 3k 5 months ago

    Best part is probably Dropsy in the staff chat xD

  • Lost Time 5 months ago

    They left bedrock on one guys bed in 1st game the other guy can’t win ^_^(^。^)

  • Gaming Kitten Katie 5 months ago

    Where’s the oh buddy beginning! 😭😭😭

  • Gaming Kitten Katie 5 months ago

    Loved this!

  • Beastman 5 months ago

    jerome i faced teamers in ur server but i forgot their names sorry

  • Samir Katakamsetty 5 months ago

    1:05 filter chat XD

  • April Wimmer 5 months ago


  • TwistedBear Diy's, minecraft & more 5 months ago

    Make a series of you trolling hackers on your server

  • BJdaily 5 months ago

    I wish I had account

  • minecraft doy 5 months ago


  • big fin frank 5 months ago

    Uh mojang can shut down your server. It’s against Monans server TOS to sell in game currency in exchange for real money. Might want to change that

  • mbbro 21 5 months ago

    well at min one his was not pg

  • Turtle_burger01 5 months ago

    Is this why my server said they were out dated

  • Karim jr Habassi 5 months ago


  • Karim jr Habassi 5 months ago


  • cj Golstraw 5 months ago

    Remember when Ben said he’s not going to be talking to Jerome and then goes around does the exact same thing Jeroen and blade were doing

  • Kohen Briggs 5 months ago


  • Reilly Schimmel 5 months ago

    Spawn the wither on somebody

  • The Emerald Minecart 5 months ago


  • Day Day Gaming 5 months ago


  • wch bang 5 months ago

    Do a colab with doni bobes

  • Keith Bourassa 5 months ago

    Everyone is talking about him trapping the guy in his bed… but did anyone notice the STAFF dropping the F* bomb at the beginning of the stream? Jerome tries so hard to keep his streams PG and right in the chat L0rgeN says paypal F*cked him

  • Ivy Fisher 5 months ago

    I never new that he grew a beard I have been gone for that long?!

  • Popular Gamers 5 months ago

    What is the port for your server?…😉

  • Laith Hobbs 5 months ago

    The next time you troll people instead of giving them tokens you can rank them.

  • Septicgoddess 5 months ago

    Jerome can i be Admin please so i can troll with you and ben

  • Zeek Zee 5 months ago

    Anyone else laughing that Jerome left one of the afk guys with a bedrock bed…

  • Seth Pennington 5 months ago

    Jerome, do a lucky block walls, but give yourself good items instead of opening blocks, with the occasional death by something so the others don’t get too suspicious of you.

  • Michael Gon 5 months ago

    What happend to lucky block party server?

  • Nicks 1808 5 months ago

    Jerome bring Ryan next time (i dont mean xrpmx) he is gonna break again, you know the laughing

  • jaydog wright21 5 months ago

    At 38:45 someone said teyvwould ban jerome from his own severbif he didn’t notice him anyone else see that

  • YouTube Red 5 months ago


  • Jiha Kim 5 months ago

    It says server outdated

  • Gadget Creator 5 months ago

    Who noticed the staff curse at the start

  • James Jaks123 5 months ago

    it is an outdated server jerome

  • Abdul Ahmed 5 months ago

    Find the difference


  • Zachary Clayton 5 months ago


  • Stephen Wutzl 5 months ago

    Next time spawn a wither

  • Kyotsu Ryutoki 5 months ago

    Did they leave bedrock on the AFK guy’s bed?

  • Shirley Kiser 5 months ago


  • Gabriel Montello 5 months ago

    I like how in the first game with the afk guys they forgot they left a bed covered in bedrock making it a perpetual stalmate

  • Jmoney 5511 5 months ago

    DDo you have to have Minecraft to play?

  • Jonathon Thoennes 5 months ago

    500 is not a lot you can get way more than that in one game

  • Wyatt Kratcha 5 months ago

    Do battle dome

  • Zoltz Hydro 5 months ago

    I sub

  • Jayden Nava 5 months ago

    Plz do more

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