Today we troll people on my server!
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  • Elijahy56 10 months ago

    I wonder how many people are going to complain about the first game they trolled about the bedrock afk guy when (if they were paying attention) bean broke the bed

  • dearattorney 158 10 months ago

    26:20 someone said nice auto clicker

  • Chava Gaming 10 months ago

    you should use shape shift mod

  • lol 3k 10 months ago

    Best part is probably Dropsy in the staff chat xD

  • Lost Time 10 months ago

    They left bedrock on one guys bed in 1st game the other guy can’t win ^_^(^。^)

  • Gaming Kitten Katie 10 months ago

    Where’s the oh buddy beginning! 😭😭😭

  • Gaming Kitten Katie 10 months ago

    Loved this!

  • Beastman 10 months ago

    jerome i faced teamers in ur server but i forgot their names sorry

  • Samir Katakamsetty 10 months ago

    1:05 filter chat XD

  • April Wimmer 10 months ago


  • TwistedBear Diy's, minecraft & more 10 months ago

    Make a series of you trolling hackers on your server

  • BJdaily 10 months ago

    I wish I had account

  • minecraft doy 10 months ago


  • big fin frank 10 months ago

    Uh mojang can shut down your server. It’s against Monans server TOS to sell in game currency in exchange for real money. Might want to change that

  • mbbro 21 10 months ago

    well at min one his was not pg

  • Turtle_burger01 10 months ago

    Is this why my server said they were out dated

  • Karim jr Habassi 10 months ago


  • Karim jr Habassi 10 months ago


  • cj Golstraw 10 months ago

    Remember when Ben said he’s not going to be talking to Jerome and then goes around does the exact same thing Jeroen and blade were doing

  • Kohen Briggs 10 months ago


  • Reilly Schimmel 10 months ago

    Spawn the wither on somebody

  • The Emerald Minecart 10 months ago


  • Day Day Gaming 10 months ago


  • wch bang 10 months ago

    Do a colab with doni bobes

  • Keith Bourassa 10 months ago

    Everyone is talking about him trapping the guy in his bed… but did anyone notice the STAFF dropping the F* bomb at the beginning of the stream? Jerome tries so hard to keep his streams PG and right in the chat L0rgeN says paypal F*cked him

  • Ivy Fisher 10 months ago

    I never new that he grew a beard I have been gone for that long?!

  • Popular Gamers 10 months ago

    What is the port for your server?…😉

  • Laith Hobbs 10 months ago

    The next time you troll people instead of giving them tokens you can rank them.

  • Septicgoddess 10 months ago

    Jerome can i be Admin please so i can troll with you and ben

  • Zeek Zee 10 months ago

    Anyone else laughing that Jerome left one of the afk guys with a bedrock bed…

  • Seth Pennington 10 months ago

    Jerome, do a lucky block walls, but give yourself good items instead of opening blocks, with the occasional death by something so the others don’t get too suspicious of you.

  • Michael Gon 10 months ago

    What happend to lucky block party server?

  • Nicks 1808 10 months ago

    Jerome bring Ryan next time (i dont mean xrpmx) he is gonna break again, you know the laughing

  • jaydog wright21 10 months ago

    At 38:45 someone said teyvwould ban jerome from his own severbif he didn’t notice him anyone else see that

  • YouTube Red 10 months ago


  • Jiha Kim 10 months ago

    It says server outdated

  • Gadget Creator 10 months ago

    Who noticed the staff curse at the start

  • James Jaks123 10 months ago

    it is an outdated server jerome

  • Abdul Ahmed 10 months ago

    Find the difference


  • Zachary Clayton 10 months ago


  • Stephen Wutzl 10 months ago

    Next time spawn a wither

  • Kyotsu Ryutoki 10 months ago

    Did they leave bedrock on the AFK guy’s bed?

  • Shirley Kiser 10 months ago


  • Gabriel Montello 10 months ago

    I like how in the first game with the afk guys they forgot they left a bed covered in bedrock making it a perpetual stalmate

  • Jmoney 5511 10 months ago

    DDo you have to have Minecraft to play?

  • Jonathon Thoennes 10 months ago

    500 is not a lot you can get way more than that in one game

  • Wyatt Kratcha 10 months ago

    Do battle dome

  • Zoltz Hydro 10 months ago

    I sub

  • Jayden Nava 10 months ago

    Plz do more

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