Today we play a new gamemode called Troll Traps Lucky Block Race in


  • Ian Leyva 2 weeks ago

    More plz

  • cutie411ify 2 weeks ago

    I got great idea how about a wall of Pistons and pressure plates so they need to use blocks to get past

  • Undertale Lyfe 2 weeks ago

    Please can you guys do more of these types of things it warms my heart watching you guys have fun and I’m sure it warms others hearts too <3.

  • Seth Pennington 2 weeks ago

    Jerome, once they get used to your 7 second “maze” they’ll start doing it faster. I suggest putting unexpected traps and/or mobs in some of them to throw them off.

  • Lincoln Clark 2 weeks ago

    The stream ended 1 minute before I got back from lunch

  • Pelican Nation 2 weeks ago

    If I get 100 subscribers my mom is getting me a tortoise help me out please

  • Yijunseo1607 2 weeks ago

    i love your vids jerome keep up the good work

  • David Doan 2 weeks ago

    How about a game called Trolling Battlefield for minecraft. It’s a game where two teams get to design two different sides of a map. Each team builds their own bases and get to add traps. Then the two teams have to fight and kill each other using the battlefields each team designed.

  • jayjayken gaming 2 weeks ago

    Do it

  • Z God 2 weeks ago

    Do pixelmon island

  • Donaven brown 2 weeks ago


  • Mags fab G Santos 2 weeks ago

    I’m missed it a second ago

  • Mags fab G Santos 2 weeks ago

    Well not now

  • FyreFrost- Playz123 2 weeks ago

    I’m sad because I got put in timeout the entire stream for saying LATE 3 times and I wasn’t even spamming they were like 45 seconds apart… 😰

  • Hypershadic33 2 weeks ago

    So nasty

  • AMGtheGreat 2 weeks ago

  • argon848 spark 2 weeks ago

    Do more

  • Gaming H20 2 weeks ago

    Who likes my name??? By name I mean YouTube name

  • Hey ItzJess 2 weeks ago

    Lol I like ur last words Jerome 😂
    “Oh yep that’s the end of it….”

  • Sonya Rheingold 2 weeks ago


  • Ruby Galhon 2 weeks ago

    I thought they were doing trap parkour in the thumbnail, but they weren’t 😭😭😭

  • Daniel Martin 2 weeks ago

    Surround one astral lucky block with a few layers of normal lucky blocks

  • Giang Pham 2 weeks ago


  • loan bich 2 weeks ago

    make a water maze

  • Giang Pham 2 weeks ago

    You should put in the potion launcher arrow of levitation

  • TheBeast Ian 2 weeks ago


  • Giang Pham 2 weeks ago

    And slowness arrow at the swimming part

  • Under wolf 34 2 weeks ago


  • Jesusthelord 415 2 weeks ago

    Can’t you help sky he’s going throw some stuff

  • Marisa Simone 2 weeks ago

    I’m not as smart as Ben

  • Nancy Cornejo 2 weeks ago

    Keep doing this but in one episode

  • Master Of Gaming- Agario & More 2 weeks ago

    Make them unlucky blocks

  • Colby Matheson 2 weeks ago

    hey guys I’m shooting for 210 sit-ups so wish me luck please

  • blake wilson 2 weeks ago

    jerome please do monsters ind. again

  • Toby Freeland 2 weeks ago

    Jerome, if you read this message. When is TrollPack II coming out, XD? 😛

  • vasu kedia 2 weeks ago

    MoreTroll walls and troll lucky block parkour

  • Declyn-James Fourie 2 weeks ago

    You should have changed all the lucky blocks to very unlucky blocks

  • Bailey Simon 2 weeks ago

    Replace the floor with soul sand

  • Tam Htam 2 weeks ago

    Were is ARK ?

  • Liam Casserly '18 2 weeks ago

    Abismal amount of views

  • THE BoneCrusher 2 weeks ago

    Plzzz do more troll stuff

  • WACKYplayz 2 weeks ago


  • TheOfficialjerry Cherry 2 weeks ago

    I’m 14 I watched u 4 years ago just got lost in YouTube again and found your channel again lol I loved the hunger game vids

  • dhdjdkdj ddh 2 weeks ago

    More this withhhh bean bean beaaaan bean bean bean bean bean beeeeeaaaaaannnn

  • Peter Trainor 2 weeks ago

    Can yous do more stuf like this

  • TheCratingPack minecraftgaming 2 weeks ago

    Jerome just a suggestion do one episode where you do no traps and only scare them that there are traps like putting signs that says there is a trap literally her eor something like that . like so Jerome sees

  • Julia Scarff 2 weeks ago

    more more more

  • Aaryan Farooq 2 weeks ago

    Do more

  • jack butcher 2 weeks ago


  • Puppet X 2 weeks ago


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