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  • Adrian Lumbreras 1 month ago

    5:41 one of the guys said “Nice giraffe” on the before and those builds are horrible easy to build

  • Brayden Robinson 1 month ago

    Dogs whould win

  • Killerherobrine YT 1 month ago

    No one saw the bold spot on the angel? Like if you saw it.

  • zayvion finley 1 month ago

    Only food challenge

  • zayvion finley 1 month ago

    Get it to 10000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000

  • Jackson Playz 1 month ago


  • Gamer Sisters 1 month ago

    I’m a fan of you guys

  • Roland Khalafyan 1 month ago

    Hey can you guys do video game themed,??

  • karam isam 1 month ago

    only tiny builds challenge plz

  • the termanator/the inialator 1 month ago


  • Ramy Cuenca 1 month ago

    Do a wood only challenge like if you agree

  • AmadGamer HD 1 month ago

    Do something terrible
    If somebody gives you a legendary it’s because of your popularity
    If somebody gives you super poop they follow by the theme

  • Leilani Hidea 1 month ago

    can you do only treasure blocks challenge

  • Wendykyle Marzan 1 month ago

    Only shulker blocks challenge or only slabs challenge

  • The Diamond Golden Productions 1 month ago

    Subscribe this channel!

  • Xdragonfighter 1 month ago

    I rather to make a pixel art castle

  • Yves laurent Isidro 1 month ago

    jerry and harry you shouldd add black carpet in top of thee slime block so they will not seee the slime block and u ccan also bounce on it

  • Entity 303 1 month ago

    racist m0de one: 14:54

  • Aisha Plays MCPE 1 month ago


  • Talal Landon And Nash Vlogs 1 month ago


  • king of all videos 1 month ago

    subscribe in my channel

  • Ayesha Faye balagtas 1 month ago

    Do only youtubers challenge

  • terrorist homo 1 month ago

    Only scary challenge part 2 plz

  • 王俞晨 1 month ago

    Do random challenge challenge : )

  • Emerald Cherries 1 month ago


  • YELLOW ABHZEEI 1 month ago

    Who Jerry who harry

  • the challeger 1 month ago

    Challenge: only build square Challenge.

  • Bakr Babli 1 month ago

    Fake Herobrine *ALERT*

  • Danijela Danijela 1 month ago


  • Danijela Danijela 1 month ago


  • Success Mc 1 month ago

    5:55 no it’s Pluto from Mickey Mouse 😂

  • CatPeopleRule cats 1 month ago

    Dogs are not lame…

  • jealous_panda _girl 1 month ago


  • OkxySxigey 1 month ago

    I love it when their like ayeeee once they win a game lmao

  • Luzy Lareza 1 month ago

    5:55 it’s Pluto from Mickey Mouse clubhouse

  • Luke The MlgGamer2134 1 month ago


  • Afghansyah craft 1 month ago

    Jerry skin is Alex

  • Ramona Strachan 1 month ago

    1million = face reveal

  • THE AmazingGamer12 1 month ago

    Have you ever done an only wood challenge before

  • charra to kill 1 month ago


  • Cocoquizzy 1 month ago


  • Cocoquizzy 1 month ago

    you should have built a weeping angle from doctor who

  • Αναστασία Μαβιδη 1 month ago

    Only hardened clay challenge

  • ABDULLAH999900 A 1 month ago

    12:37 hahahahahaha

  • Jackson Willex 1 month ago

    Corgi also known as a big butt

    Leg no long but butt must big

  • ABDULLAH999900 A 1 month ago

    19:24 hahahahahahahahaha d__k

  • hanns tercio 1 month ago


  • Lloyd Ledama 1 month ago


  • GamertagYT 23 1 month ago


  • Help er 1 month ago

    Do You Mean A Massive D**k ?

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