• Bright&blue 1 month ago

    what recording software do u use Python?

  • Rjcraft 101 1 month ago

    Search for a dungeon and make a xp farm and if its a skeleton spawner then you can get bows with enchants and armor and BONES!!!!!!!!!!!! and if its a zombie spawner then you can trade rotten flesh with cleric and get more emeralds.

  • TREENON123 1 month ago

    You are strip mining way wrong. You should watch antvenoms video of how to strip mine so you can be way more efficient.

  • Bright&blue 1 month ago

    I watch u vids every day 🙂

  • EXTREMEfunnyvidshdc 1 month ago

    Can you make a neather city

  • beaverkicker12 1 month ago

    Are there any tips you can give us when it comes to building? Keep up the good work!!

  • Bek Jackson 1 month ago

    Hey Python, I’ve been enjoying this let’s play so much. I love ur videos. I think u can dye ur bed so it looks even better!

  • DR.SLZ 1 month ago

    Will this seed work on mcpe

  • Dakota R 1 month ago

    No worries python. Minecraft only dies if the community lets it die. I had run out of consistent minecraft survival singleplayer to enjoy and then you answered the prayer mate, thank you Python for the great videos

  • GhostyPlayzYT 1 month ago

    Project Idea,Blaze Grinder And Zombie Pigmen Grinder!

  • Fanalama 1 month ago

    Dang Python, looks like a thousand subs per episode! I’d suggest you don’t stop! Haha!

    Going to build myself those farms today!

  • Kian OMG 1 month ago

    Python, Are you ever going to invite anyone else to your world?

  • AIDAN ROBERTS 1 month ago

    keep it up. your doing a great job!!!

  • Nightassass1n476 1 month ago

    The problem from before is the window was covered by a slab / half block

  • Jack Bindman Cohen 1 month ago


  • Nightassass1n476 1 month ago

    Also you should live stream every 10 episodes

  • Ethan 1 month ago

    Python put the ender men in a boat so they don’t move around the place when killing them

  • ManUtd4Life 1 month ago

    Hey python love ur vids but can u make the episodes longer as in 30 to 40 mins

  • AwesomeGamingYT 1 month ago

    hi python when will you start a new terraria vanilla series

  • XjGamer ROBLOX 1 month ago


  • Jelly Ellie 1 month ago

    Python you should put pressure plates at your door to save time ,not that it takes much time to open a door but that was just a little idea I had 😃

  • Humayun Rashid 1 month ago

    u should make a doughnut farm for pigmen in the nether

  • Aditya Sreeram 1 month ago

    You completely forgot about rabbits! They are pretty useful – Rabbit hide and rabbits foot… And since they added fish, you can make a fish farm soon! Anyways, great videos! I really love daily episodes..

  • Fordboy 2005 1 month ago

    Once I got an inchant that silk touch, mending , and looting

  • Mira55X - NalzenaTalesOfHeroes 1 month ago

    I know I suggested this in the previous videos… but maybe you should build some kind of castle/fortress over at that plains biome as your central piece to your growing Python Empire! :3

  • Minecraft Short Film霜雷 1 month ago

    Python: Yayaya.

  • [SparkelyGamer] [] 1 month ago

    Dude your videos are Amazing!! Thank you….
    But Your running Minecraft 600 Fps why don’t you try a shader or a resource pack?? Srsly

  • Rohan Mishra 1 month ago

    Will you do a world tour in every 25 ep or till u have a not think about it

  • ann onn 1 month ago

    Your logo at the bottom-right always makes me think of the product-placement warnings on TV, so I keep expecting to see a PG Tips mug or something.

  • MadMack 1 month ago

    Python, you should do a build that is in the Nether with all of you quartz.

  • SidedGamerHQ 1 month ago

    python your the best if im sad you make me luagh and make more videos

  • Theo Binks 1 month ago

    Where’s hermitcraft gone you used to play that and upload it and this consecutively

  • Vincent Guy 1 month ago

    Are you going to make a mob grinder any time soon and if so will it be with a mob spawner

  • Brycer :D 1 month ago

    I just got back into Minecraft about a week ago and even though alot has changed I’ve been having fun. I also just stumbled across this series as the first episode was in my recommended last night. I started watching and before I knew it I was caught up to the newest one. Have a sub, I’m looking forward to more 🙂

  • Juventino Hernandez 1 month ago

    I just subscribed😄😄

  • GS flame 1 month ago

    Perfect finger

  • Luke Parkes 1 month ago

    Get pet fish pls

  • Jamie Munden 1 month ago

    I put a smash on sub thums up and bellllllll bes yutuber

  • Hanah K 1 month ago

    You are uploading so often! This is epic!

  • Camron Watkins 1 month ago

    Build a mob Crusher that only takes one hit when you go kill them

  • Ducky 237 1 month ago

    *Talks about cramming enough animals into a small space that they die* “It’s gonna be awesome guys!”

  • iamHanifuddin 1 month ago

    Many youtubers who make an survival series stop but you please don’t stop :). And by the way diamond ores satisfy us even in creative mode :p

  • Doomsday Justice 1 month ago

    are you going to make any kinds of builds in the sky or way underground, i think those could be a cool addition to the world. Also will you be doing any kind of automatic fishing farms (possible in 1.13) Also you should become a cop, inmates would be very intimidated by “you will get in there”

  • top ramen gaming 1 month ago

    I’ve been subbed for a little bit over a year love the vids keep it up

  • Symeon Jenkins 1 month ago

    Python how do you defeat the wither

  • Lynne Coma 1 month ago


  • Generrosity 1 month ago

    All of your things should be fine from a water physics perspective – it will only be newly placed blocks directly into water sources that will become “flooded”, or if you drop a bucket of water on them.

    Love it! Keep it up! Do you have any plans for statues or other larger decorative pieces, or intertwining something decorative in?

  • Caleb Biller 1 month ago

    You deserve it python!!! I’ve been here since 20,000 subs. I’ve seen how much you’ve grown. I can’t wait for every video that you release wether Minecraft or Terarria! And also for the comment question of the video what do you think of the new aquatic updates and snapshots?

  • Absolute 00X 1 month ago

    That pig had the second thoughts and suspiciousness of you😂

  • will u ever do a live stream on the survival lets play / plz do it python

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