Welcome to a whole new adventure here on the Minecraft: Skybounds


  • Ronnie Madelo 4 months ago

    Your an idiot mitch

  • bludrax 223 4 months ago

    I think nootch isn’t gonna be in some episodes

  • Alexi Cockerill 4 months ago

    the sheep wont grow fur because it needs grass

  • Saboor 2 4 months ago

    The sheep needs to eat grass to grow wool. Pls like so he can see

  • Vinb123 4 months ago

    sheep need grass to grow there wool noob

  • ArcticGamers 4 months ago


  • Daggerwin1 4 months ago

    Fk stream cheaters

  • #TERRARIA GAMING 4 months ago

    Watched the whole thing at 4:30 in the morning!

  • Sam Smith 4 months ago

    When he died I was about to stop watching the video because I am so mad. Idk why but this is almost as if I was playing

  • Taylor Rae 4 months ago

    sorry i missed the stream i was in the hospital 😞

  • huseyin sahbaz 4 months ago

    I think i saw one pumkkn on your left wing of the dragon

  • Ahmad uzumaci 4 months ago


  • Dave Carson 4 months ago

    I got ore seed box from miner

  • Amy Baker 4 months ago

    Where’s nohoc

  • Young Fly Guy 4 months ago

    You noob you should of left

  • GORILLA GAMING 4 months ago

    Had a long break from u and u haven’t changed one bit u da best bro😀

  • beast trix gamer 4 months ago

    13:54 this dude jacked my stuff….it is a jack-o-lantern after all

  • Black Widow 4 months ago

    What version of Minecraft do I have to be in?

  • Dio Gould 4 months ago

    Streem greed!

  • wizardofwar 04 4 months ago

    Mich can u plz make a skybounds server for mcpe plz

  • Important Person 4 months ago

    Rember the old days?bajan your prime is past it much past it.

  • ThatKidOmar 4 months ago

    get overpower stuff!!!!

  • Christian Hurm 4 months ago

    Place your skematics

  • Beverly Huston 4 months ago


  • Bradley Trapnell 4 months ago

    Hi Bajan Canadian I play on the monster world like you and I am doing the enchantment quest but the second part of the quest is to give up a diamond sword with fire aspect on it. how do you do it if you cant enchant anything until the quest is done.

  • Cody Riechers 4 months ago

    Hi mitch

  • Anjum Vahora 4 months ago

    Love u videos

  • Matthew Kennefick 4 months ago

    Cows and sheep need grass to grow and get fur!

  • Flurpledur 4 months ago

    Sheep won’t get their wool back if they don’t have grass. They eat the grass making it dirt and replenishing their wool

  • Sam Kane 4 months ago

    Watching these videos is so much fun, but he literally just wastes a whole video cause he refuses to use armor in the warzone and dies…

  • Robert Reid 4 months ago

    I kinda feel bad for those people just mining with no armor and then acid rain ☹️

  • MissGladiator 4 months ago

    I appreciate the organization! So much nicer!!

  • Jack Orgeman 4 months ago

    Could u set up ur spammers next episode thanks

  • Briangame's 4 months ago

    when are you going to place down more schamatics

  • Ivan Creasy 4 months ago

    i thought other players would bid on the arrows so i put them at a mill and i got them tho

  • Cakevision 4 months ago

    Noob with 15mil that makes sense

  • ShadowBoss2004 4 months ago

    bajan use scahmatics and do a shout out plz

  • ClimateYT 4 months ago

    I got a skeleton knight boss egg from the mob drop merchant!!

  • Isabella Ping 4 months ago

    love the vids your the best #its ny birthday

  • Elliot Reed 4 months ago

    Where you first get your skin

  • Elite SuperNoahHere Gamer 4 months ago

    143rd comment

  • Edgar Sosa 4 months ago

    I got blacklisted my sever name is Regardless24 plz white lost me I didn’t do amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • Ryan Lewis 4 months ago

    Hey Mitch its WenisPrime, I built that orange head at your IS and it seems someone broke it…

  • The Sport Pros 4 months ago

    I wanted to join the server but it said unable to connect to world any advice to get it working

  • TheNewbie Cat 4 months ago

    You do know u need grass for your sheep to eat to get wool

  • SafeCaesar gamer 4 months ago

    I love your songs in Minecraft the best song I like is hungry games song

  • Oliv3r Frost 4 months ago

    November 3rd is my birthday

  • Jose Cruz 4 months ago


  • Unicornflake ;-D 4 months ago

    37:06 Good job, Mitch.

  • SavageBoi 4 months ago

    Congrats on 6mil

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