• Meg the Wolf warrior Vlogs 1 month ago

    Chicken sent me

  • Jack Cooper 1 month ago

    Freddy you know this place is the old location

  • Jack Cooper 1 month ago

    Call freddys fazbear pizza

  • Joshua Rowlands 1 month ago

    I was 3rd viewer but I forgot to leave a comment so I am now and I’m liking my own comment to ☺

  • Jazzybee 007 1 month ago

    As always I loved the video u guys are great u really cheerd me up from all the rain In london

  • Joshua Rowlands 1 month ago

    Also yesterday I watched at least a good 30 videos


  • Carrie & Byron Barlow 1 month ago

    Can I join your channel

  • KERMIT DA FROG 1 month ago

    The evolution of fnaf

  • Dark Speed 1 month ago

    how normal people say it exit how freddy says it eggsit :3 also pls more foxy x lolbit action please I loved the date ok bye

  • rohida ahmad 1 month ago

    The golden is fredbear

  • Det var duks Petersen 1 month ago


  • Nathan's Gym 1 month ago


  • RubyGaming 1 month ago

    Wow hello

  • Cute Orange dog 1 month ago


  • Louiedc124 Xyz 1 month ago

    Yay three vids each day!!!Yay It came true three vids in each day!!!!!!!

  • commandeered4 1 month ago

    FOXY Freddy stole your channel

  • Swag Funtime Luna Funtime swag 1 month ago


  • BONIE EL MEJOR 1 month ago

    que bacan es el video

  • herobrine x 1 month ago

    Hi freddy i have something to say check out the new mod i made called herobrine’s powers

  • Adam Patton 1 month ago

    814 th like fazrick freadbear

  • Роси Стефанова 1 month ago

    ugh freddy why are you in foxy video chanel???

  • Freddy x chica fan Andrea 1 month ago

    Freddy got trapped in the old location nooo

  • Bradley Carpenter 1 month ago

    No i am

  • NGY: Mr. Me Vlogs 1 month ago

    Who misses the neigjbour

  • Deadpool 642 1 month ago

    What Happened To Garbage the Security Guard

  • foxy fnaf 1 month ago


  • Trudi Pippin 1 month ago

    the party when he says: is this ????? to be me?
    me:no it dabbing u

  • Wolfie The Wolf 1 month ago

    Freddy u need to pack chicken in your pocket on adventures

  • TristBull Games 1 month ago

    have lolbit visit daycare

  • KayDen Pitchford 1 month ago


  • sylvia larison 1 month ago

    Freddy when you went to Fazbear frit it scared me

  • LetsGoPlay Roblox 1 month ago

    Thats so good but why is foxy not doing it

  • Kai Coyle 1 month ago

    i wish they made a link to the map

  • Keoni Briones 1 month ago

    isent this foxys channel

  • Lara Fiorotti 1 month ago


  • MusicalCat Lps 1 month ago

    i wanna be in your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nightmare Foxy 1 month ago

    Freddy your amazing and cool

  • Laila Tanksley 1 month ago

    oh meh good when i first wathed these sister location and i heard the scooping room i was ike ICE CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM then now im like ice cream made with oil or blood ._.

  • Julius 1 month ago

    freddy you know the last one was the place frikshow baby lives.

  • Vic Manuel 1 month ago


  • Heather Leonard 1 month ago


  • Funtime Ocean the wolf 1 month ago

    Freddy, u posted this video on the wrong channel…

  • shaun Sons 1 month ago

    Theres a sand village behind Freddy at the start of the video

  • Kaitlyn Leon 1 month ago

    Do make foxy and bonbon fuse

  • Adnane Ben-Chaabane 1 month ago

    Funtime Freddy I dare you to kiss Chica :3

  • Maya Blain 1 month ago

    Why fred

  • Maya Blain 1 month ago

    It’s my Mommy’s birthday say happy birthday

  • Amy Kenny 1 month ago

    It says it’s supposed to be foxys vid

  • Trinity De Jonckheere 1 month ago

    A day in the life of freddy

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